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Quality Log Cabins – Windows and Doors 2001-2016

amazing windows and doors in log cabins, log cabins LV

Quality Windows and Doors for the best log cabins in the world

The best windows and doors

garden log cabins-Old Windows and Doors – log cabins lv the number one for windows and doors.

New Year comes but once a year, and on Jan 1 / 2016 Log Cabins LV will offer the market a Fantastic, New and the most comprehensive range of log cabins ever to adorn any Log Cabins Website.

Our New Range of Deluxe Log Cabins are not just manufactured by skilled carpenters and machine operators, or that we manufacture using the finest of all lumber, and the only CE certified tilt and turn argon filled windows and doors, or that our double and single doors comes with an insulated plate, and that you get to choose your personal choice of colour, which is sprayed on, yes! sprayed on to the doors and windows free of charge! (yes for free)..

In this industry of ours, nothing comes free, not advice, quality or for that matter the wrapping that covers your log cabins when it’s delivered.

Why??? Some say its business! I am sure Lord Sugar would say that it is all about making money! Profit!

So how are we able to offer not just the best quality windows and doors ever offered as standard in any log cabin range by any manufacturer at such low costs?

How are we able to offer so much quality for so less!

Well! Its quality simple…. We look at every option, we look at how to manufacture a Quality Log Cabin so its structurally sound, we are manufacturers of Norwegian Log Cabins, Timber Frame Houses, Glulam Buildings, The most sought after Camping Pods , we have our own Truss Manufacturing Plant, and we also manufacturer our own Residential Windows and Doors, which are built under BM Trada and CE Certification.

Quite Simply Log Cabins LV stands for the high end of log cabins and we are the only one-stop shop, but more than that, we offer incredible quality and sincere honesty!

99.9.9% of log cabin manufacturers are only just that, log cabin manufacturers, they might dabble in thin and very under par timber frame buildings, which will not last the test of time, and are 100% not built to any kind of building regulation.

We build our timber frame buildings under TEK 15, which is the Norwegian build standard, which absolutely kills UK building regs for everything and more.

Our New Deluxe Range of Garden Log Cabins are not just the most superb ever-manufactured Log cabins, they are simply the best of the best!

Please have a Look at the photos attached, please notice that the quality of 2001 is the same quality offered by 99.9% of cabin companies today!

Please have a look at 2016, this is what our New Deluxe Range of Log Cabins come standard with!

Quality Windows and Doors are with out doubt the most important part of your cabin, if they are rubbish, cheap and poorly made, that tells you a lot about the entire cabin!

No one has bothered to change their windows and door quality, they do not design new products because why fix what is still selling, the public do not know the difference, and the public do not care, well! The public does care, and the public wants a fair price for a good product!

So when deciding to purchase any log cabin, timber frame building, camping pod, glulam log cabin, please ask for close us photos of exactly what you are getting. If it is cheap, then be prepared to pay twice.

Manufacturing quality windows and doors is not the only thing you need to look for.

Please ask the company you are thinking of purchasing from what else they manufacturer, or is it just garden cabins, no doubt they will all tell you they build houses etc. Ask for references.

We are the only company that actually has a show house on display in Poole in Dorset that is Passive, our ability to provide the customer with exactly what he wants makes us the only company in the UK that can actually provide everything under one heading, and that heading is log cabins LV.


In addition, what has come to our attention is that there are companies offering structural calculations with residential log cabins and timber buildings, if there is not a signature of a certified UK/Irish structural engineer (with his phone number , address and accreditations after his name) on the structural calculation sheet then it is a fraud, please be aware of this!


Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!!!

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