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Over many, many Years Domestic type Park Homes, Caravans, Mobile Units Holiday Lodges have changed very little; sadly, they are still manufactured to a specification that is quite honestly laughable, and can deprecate as much as £7.500 a year!

When looking to purchase a Park Home, or a Holiday Home, maybe a Mobile Home or a holiday Lodge to put on your farm, or free hold, you need to think twice before purchasing anything that is built- manufactured to the BS3632 – 2005.

What is almost criminal is the way that these units are sold, the word Home is used too frequently in sales material of companies who sell these inadequate piles of garbage. They are not a home from home, your house increases in value, your Park Home built under the BS 3632 does not.

Structural Timbers is another word used a lot in their sales material. Yet, any mention of what graded material is used in the manufacturing is missing from their literature!

In addition, the sentence, We will Build your Dreams, should be replaced with, we will fleece you for everything you have and more!

 Your Park Home should be an investment, it should be your Home, and there is no law that states your Park Home cannot be manufactured to the UK building regulations. The only reason why they don’t is profit!

So why do companies that manufacture park homes use chipboard, plywood, and PVCu windows and door? Why is the unit build quality so bad!

Its quite simple really, they want repeat business, so they manufacture absolute garbage that lasts 10 years and then needs replacing.

I know many companies will refute this, but it’s so simple to find the truth on value of second hand Park Homes, its called ebay!

We searched and noticed that at least 99.9% of park homes loose the value of 80% of their worth in the first 7-9 years!

A quality long lasting park home – lodge needs the ingredients of quality timber, quality insulation, built by a skilled workforce that manufactures not just park homes but houses, hotels, schools and all manner of other type timber constructions.

And what materials you use in the process of the build is so incredibly important.

The UK has a shortage of timber, most forests have long gone, and the UK imports nearly 87% of all its timber from abroad! This means that after the timber has been delivered to the Park Home manufactures based in the UK. It’s costly and normally the grade is not just below par, its awful, and expensive, compared to what LogCabins.LV use.

C24 graded FSC 45m x 195m timber frame work (stud work) in the UK is near on impossible to find, also graded 45m x 145m graded timber also is very hard to find, as most companies use in the Park Home industry 73mm x 36mm frame work, stud work! Which is half of what should be used to give the Park Home strength and longevity.

Also there are many types of insulation, because every Park Home-Mobile Home- Holiday Lodge from is in reality a bespoke, we look at your budget and our full time architects will give you the best specification to meet your budget.

Below is a normal specification for our Park Homes, Holiday Lodges. This specification is way past anything on offer in the UK. All timber is graded, C24.



Exterior walls:

  • Horizontal spruce panel 20x140mm – undercoated once and painted twice – already made panels;
  • Vertical battens 20x45mm c/c600 for air gap – already made panels;
  • Gypsum plate 9.5mm as wind barrier – already made panels;
  • Anti-wind film – already made panels;
  • Segments of wooden framework 45x195mm c/c600 – already made panels;
  • KNAUF insulation 200mm – in free lengths;
  • Plastic film 0.2mm – in free lengths;
  • Battens 45x45mm c/c600 for cables and pipes – in free lengths;
  • KNAUF insulation 50mm – in free lengths;
  • 5mm gypsum plate – in free lengths.


Inside walls:

  • 5mm gypsum plate – in free lengths;
  • Segments of wooden framework 45x95mm c/c600 and for bearing walls 45x145mm c/c600 – already made panels;
  • KNAUF insulation 100/150mm – in free lengths;
  • 5mm gypsum plate – in free lengths.


Ceiling between second floor and cold loft:

  • Horizontal stringers 45x195mm c/c600 – in free lengths;
  • KNAUF insulation 300 mm – in free lengths;
  • Plastic film 0.2mm – in free lengths;
  • Battens 45x45mm c/c400 for pipes and cables – in free lengths;
  • KNAUF insulation 50mm – in free lengths;
  • 5mm gypsum plate – in free lengths.






  • Final roof cover – not included, supplied by the Client;
  • Battens 45x45mm c/c600 across rafters for final roof cover – in free lengths;
  • Battens 45x45mm c/c600 along roof rafters for air gap – in free lengths;
  • Diffusion film Tyvec Pro – in rolls;
  • Roof trusses c/c600 – in free lengths;



Windows and doors:

  • Windows : wooden frame windows with triple glass package, Scandinavian-type (opening outside, with handles or hooks), painted white.
  • Outside doors : simple wooden entrance doors with insulated plate (glass package window can be included) with 3-plug locks and handles, impregnated, primed and painted white.
  • Wooden inside doors: made glued pinewood with impregnated MDF fillings, with simple locks (without handles), primed and painted white.
  • Inside inlets for the windows (Furinger): made of impregnated MDF, painted white.

Do not settle for less!

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Residential Holiday homes.


Residential Holiday Park Homes and Mobile Holiday Units have been manufactured for too long using the historically bad build code BS3632.

I know that we harp on about this nearly every week, and we hope a few people who are looking to purchase a Holiday Home, Mobile, and Park Home Unit will read this article and understand the pit falls that are associated with the BS3632.

Firstly, 99.9% of all Park Homes, Mobile Units that are built with-in the code 3632 are not an investment. They will depreciate like a car, be it 1000, to 4000 a year, depending on make and model. EBay is a great website to check on manufacturer, model, and look at depreciation.

In the coming months and a trusted UK partner, will be unveiling a new range of park homes that will with out doubt upset the park home manufactures to the core!

It is time that this part of our industry was slapped firmly on the butt, and told off for selling crap to our pensioners, and for them to pull their socks up and start offering the public what they deserve for the kind of money being spent.

For too long the pensioners of the UK have been paying copious amounts of money for Park Homes Units and Mobile Holiday Homes that are worth 1/8 of their real value!

How this has been allowed to go on for so long is beyond us! UVPC windows, walls so thin that when you shut the pathetically ultra thin none residential doors the whole wall moves, useless in winter, and a resalable value of almost zero after 20 years.

Our New and Exciting Park Home Passive Buildings are not built to the BS 3632, or the pathetic building codes central government has chosen to tell us all are amazing, we have gone passed all of this (Double), we have the first ever Passive panel, with full structural calculations, build regulations attached to it, Plus… our panel is priced the same as something made to the dreaded BS3632.

What we have been working to achieve is offer a park home, that is in reality a very modern home, that have all the benefits of being a highly insulated graded timber frame unit, but built to a standard that will not just be worth the price tag, but will be so far advanced for its years, it will increase in value, and this is unheard of in the industry.

NO more C16, the UK builders love using this grade, its cheap, its nasty and it is used in abundance.

We only use CE C24 FSC. This high grade is important to ensure long life!

Next we have not gone with the conventional panel thickness used in the UK starting from about 170mm thick to 190mm (in total) our panel (your external walls) will be over 300mm thick, with lashings of quality insulation (kingspan) and built in our huge factory, nothing is built in your garden, on your land, or in your holiday park, we deliver all panels pre made. Our new residential park home fully insulated unit will be state of the art and will feature many firsts.

For more information and to book a viewing for next February/March of the latest most modern Park Home-Mobile Unit in the UK please send us an email.


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