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Log Cabins Ki Range

Design and longevity is a feature all our buildings have manufactured into them from the onset. We are very proud at being the main leader in the log cabin industry and all other manufactures the followers.

Imagination and determination is inherent, and this is why has and always will be the leader in Quality Garden Buildings, be them log, or timber frame, or hand crafted Norwegian rustic log cabins.

Our pedigree is seen on all other manufacturers web sites, our twin skin designs copied by all, our office designs copied by all, our clock house designs again copied by all, and so on!

We see this as a form of flattery, and it shows us that the market is full of sheep following the Sheppard!

The reason we are mentioning this, is that in the very near future (3 weeks) we will be show casing a brand new range of garden buildings that are totally distinctive, unique and manufactured with the LV brand of quality.

What we have noticed is that our unique cabins are copied, year in and year out, which sadly confuses the public, what we have found is that our dealers are receiving many calls from customers telling them they have seen our log cabins on another site, and the price is cheaper. Its not that the price is cheaper, its that it’s a knock off design, with rubbish windows and doors, cheap floor, cheap hardware, and missing parts!

One member of the public called us the other day and asked us if we could supply 8 clock house windows and a set of double doors, because the clock house she had bought from another manufacture, the windows and doors had basically as she put it, “Fell Apart” the company had cease trading! Surprise, Surprise! No her name was not Cilla. Sadly, the wall logs were a unregulated size and our windows and doors were to big to fit the wall profile.

If you are looking to purchase a quality log cabin, don’t think cheap, don’t think quick, think quality, think 4 weeks! You want your log cabin to stand up and be the best it can be, none of us want to throw our money down the drain, yet daily, there are people purchasing bulk manufactured log cabins, which is as good as throwing your money away!

If you come across a company bragging that they sell 1500 buildings a month, this is the equivalent to 150 trucks, which is impossible!

However, if they were doing such quantities, you can be sure their production is 100% Crap!

Our goal is not quantity, but manufacturing quality! We do not manufacture sitting stock, as we want you to have the best building possible, freshly cut, hand made, to your bespoke design! Plus we have the largest range in the world, and it would be impossible for us to have each and every building in stock, and then offer a bespoke servie on that design.

Please look out for the Ki New Range of log cabins.

Do not settle for less!

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Camping Pods

camping pods- pods for camping

camping pods- camping pod village

If you are looking for a quality camping site that boasts the best camping pods in the UK then St Ives, then St Ives Bay Holiday Park has not just bespoke camping pods, their camping pods are unique to all other camping pods on sale in the UK.

Our Camping Pods, be they from our standard range or bespoke to our customers design and needs.

Log Cabins LV manufactures not just the most amazing log cabins; we also make the best camping pods on the market.

Our Camping Pods, are manufactured by skilled craftsman, we only use FSE timber, CE, C24, outside cladding Northern Siberian Larch, hand made quality double glazed windows and doors, craftsmanship that is beyond reproach.

We find that many up market camping sites come to us as they are looking for exceptional quality, and above all else sensible pricing.

There are many Pod manufactures in the UK- Europe, however we are the only manufacture to actually build complete villages, with timber frame fully insulated shower blocks, Drying Rooms, Staff rooms etc.

If you are looking to purchase a quality camping pod, then please give us a call.

Do not settle for less!

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Log Cabins LV

log cabins


Lets look at some of the uses people have for some of our Log Cabins.

A DF Log Cabin 4m x 3m Wellington is great place store your garden tools, your lawn mover, tables and chairs, a BBQ kit, hose pipes, ladders, boxes.

This amazing little cabin comes available in bespoke designs, so you could add a solid door, and then this little cabin in 44mm is a strong little storage unit.

Our DF Log Cabin Biddulph 3.5m x 3.0m is a fantastic cabin in 44mm log.

We designed this cabin to be incredibly aesthetic, with plenty of light, with enough room to sit, drink a beer in the evening, and even watch the box with your feet up!

If you are looking for a fantastic cabin, this is definitely a cabin to be looked at if you are short of space and want a marvelous little log cabin in your garden!

Our 80mm Murcia Twin Skin Glulam Log Cabin can be used for residential use, or have an amazing office space. Glulam log cabins are the future when it comes to log cabins in general. Glulam is incredibly strong, will out last solid timber 5 years to 1.

Our Log Cabin Garages are designed for beside the house, at the back and in the front, we can offer all garages in 7 different log built types, also we are able to offer all our garage designs in insulated timber frame. Our Log Cabins garages also have tool sheds attached, and handyman rooms.

We do not just design fantastic log cabins (which are copied by all), we also manufacture incredible buildings, which sadly is not plagiarized by all.

We find that if 99.9% of people research log cabins before they purchase, they will only purchase their cabin from one our dealer network. Our log cabins cost only pennies more than the cheap mass produced cabins.

Which are now awash in mass in the UK and Europe, these cabins are poorly manufactured, poorly packed and sold at excessively high prices.

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Log Cabins

log cabins

log cabins

What is the difference between a quality log cabin, and a massed produced log cabin?

Yep! Price.

They say, you get what you pay for, and this is very true where log cabins are concerned.


Firstly, if a company is boasting of being the largest log cabin seller in the UK- Europe and claims of selling 15.000 log cabins – timber buildings a year and so on, then you can be sure that their timber is not hand picked, but bought in bulk. Log Cabins should be manufactured from slow grown spruce or pine, its important to hand pick logs, and make sure that each plank is perfect for the job at hand, this can not be done on a bulk basis.

Also it is important to pick the logs for each structural part of the cabin, some logs are suitable for floor boards, 28mm, other logs are suitable for wall logs, and others are suitable for floor bearers, and so on!


Massed produced cabins come with massed produced windows and doors, which as we all know, will fall apart as quickly as they were manufactured.


When purchasing your log cabin you should make sure that your cabin comes with quality windows and doors, as quality windows and doors are imperative to having a dry, secure cabin.


Price should not be the reason for purchasing any log cabin, as a cheap cabin comes with all manner of dangerous issues.


Problems that occur with cheap cabins.


They always come with ultra thin purlins. If a heavy roof is applied, the roof could collapse.

They always come with thin floorboards. Adding heavy loads could break the floor.

They come with cheap window and doors. These can fall off. Break and fail.

They always have missing parts in the packs. Frustration.

They are made from fast grown timber. Leaking and splits.

The companies normally have awful customer service. More Frustration,

The hardware with windows and doors is normally cheap and breaks easily.


If you are looking for a quality log cabin, has the largest range available in the world. We are also able to bespoke all cabins to fit your needs.


Our Windows and doors are hand made, slowly, precisely and we are able to offer as standard in our 44mm log cabins and above tilt and turn windows and a solid double glazed double or single doors, all our tilt and turn windows come as standard with a 24mm argon, filled pane/s.


Our Range of solid timber log cabins are with out doubt the best on the market, and even if they cost a few pounds more, you get hundreds free in quality! the number one in Log Cabins.


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Timber Frame Park Homes

timber frame park homes

timber frame park homes

Europe has been gripped by winter, heating costs sore, utility companies smile and our wallets, purses empty rapidly.


If you are thinking of a Timber Frame Park Home  self-build or would like a full turnkey solution, Log Cabins LV can offer exceptional quality at amazing prices.

Log Cabins LV can offer highly insulated timber frame Park Homes that are designed to stand up to mother nature, keep your running costs to a minimum but still keeping esthetics and purity of design in the forefront of usability.

Our Timber Frame Park Homes are with out doubt the best to be had on the market for quality, design and Price!

We are able to offer a full-bespoke service and manufacture from your architects plans.

Timber Frame Residential Housing- Or a timber frame Park Home is now the chosen choice of build type, due to price, speed and superb insulation qualities.

Please give us a call today. the number one for price and service.

We are able to offer.

Timber Frame Park Homes directly to site, Park Home Operators are able to purchace at Ex Work Prices.


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Passive Park Homes 2015

to buy passive park homes

passive park homes uk

passive park homes 03 passive park homes 05 passive park homes 07 passive park homes 09 passive park homes 11 passive park homes 13 passive park homes 15 passive park homes 17

The Observer wrote a very hard-hitting report in 2013 regarding the bullying and unscrupulous sales techniques used by park home operators.

This is not synonymous to all Park Home Operators, however the way that the actual mobile units, park homes are sold is rather brutish and imposing on the vulnerable pensioners, elderly who are conned into believing that releasing equity from their property and purchasing a retirement home a Park Home is a life time investment. It is either their way (Park Operators) or the highway!

This is why champion the new style of park homes operators that now want a better building on site, offer freehold, allow individualism, and shun any building that even remotely is built under the dreaded BS3632 (2005).

Residential Homes, be them Park Living, or domestic Caravan Parks, should stop firstly pollution the planet with the hunger for new mobile/ park home units-caravans yearly!

Most caravans, mobile units, park homes manufactured under the BS 3632 (2005), are worthless after 20 years, park home owners want to attract new investment, also part of their profit yearly comes from the sale of new homes. It is a win, win for the Park Operators, and loose, loose for our retiring population.

If you see, a building that has been manufactured to the BS3632 with the wording “compliant”, with a 10 year Gold Shield structural guarantee, you need to question this build quality aggressively. You need to understand exactly what you are purchasing!


I am often told that the BS3632 is a cheap mans build, but I must say that if you are purchasing a Mobile-Park Home-or a Unique Lodge for £60.000 to £125.000 and up to £250.000, where is the cheap in these prices?

Logcabins.LV believe that all mobile units, static park homes, park living dwellings, static caravans should be built to last, and that every unit should be subjected to building regulation, and to that we also mean structural calculations.

To manufacture a unit that conforms to building regulations and that is moveable is clearly an art in its self, but we think it should go even further, we believe that all park homes, should have more green credentials, we also think that Park Homes should last a minimum 60 years.

This obviously would increase the price of the park homes, as the manufactures would have to not just up their game, they would have to start manufacturing honestly, responsibly, reliably, and green.

Yet, when we looked at our sums, and calculated a U value of 0.1, with triple glazing under floor heating, full structural calculations. we saw that for all of this a price increase was not necessary.

Also our new panel, which is clad in Northern Siberian Larch, and has a heap of different insulation, which does not just conform to build regulations, but jumps through that 3 times over, giving our version of what a Park Home should be, and is still under the price range 2015 of the dreaded BS 3632.

We have been working extremely hard over the last year to design a park home that does not just say hay look at me, it quite clearly says to the industry, your time is up!

Our passion and dedication to this project has brought to light quite clearly the incredible greed of all concerned who at present supply these ridiculously over priced BS 3632 units to the market.….Do not settle for less!!

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Residential Timber Frame Park Home

timber frame buildings

Park Home Timber Frame Parks

At we are famous in the housing market for manufacturing public dwellings that really do stand up to mother nature! Our production mainly is for the Norwegian market, where build standards, and quality are necessary for the harsh winters.


Are you looking for a High Quality Residential Timber Frame Park Home ?

Is planning a concern?

Are you looking for a company to hold your hand and help you through the quagmire of planning issues?

Are you looking for a Highly Insulated High Quality Residential Timber Frame Park Home?

Are you looking for a High Quality Residential Timber Frame Park Home that is manufactured by a highly skilled work force that on a daily basis manufactures and erects residential housing units for the Norwegian Market which are built to an incredibly high standard?

Do you want better than the dreaded statutory BS 3632 build standard (2005).

Are you looking for triple glazing as standard?

Are you looking for a High Quality Residential Timber Frame Park Home that actually is an investment?

Would you like your Residential Timber Frame Park Home to meet and exceed full UK building regulations?

Would you like a fully bespoke service?

Are you looking for a High Quality Residential Timber Frame Park Home that is truly a cut above the rest?

And lastly do you want to purchase all this for the same price you can buy a BS 3632 Park Home?

If the answer is yes!

Please send us an email. Log cabins LV do not settle for less!

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Log Cabins Glulam

glulam logcabins

log cabins glulam

log cabins glulam  4 log cabins glulam  5 log cabins glulam  6 log cabins glulam  7

If you are looking for a quality Glulam Log Cabin then we are truly the only choice.

There are about 6 decent mills in Europe that supply quality glulam timber, but we are the only manufacture to actually manufacture the logs and to then manufacture the cabin on our own machinery, most companies who offer glulam log cabins, buy in the timber, which is why we habve the most competitive pricing of all glulam log cabin manufactures in Europe.

Our Glulam cabins are manufactured from our engineered glulam timber, and the quality of this timber is with out doubt the best to be had anywhere in Europe (world).

If you want to purchase a log cabin, but the conditions of the environment around you is such that a normal log will not do, then please give us a call and ask if our glulam cabins are up for the task!

Glulam is a products that is environmentally friendly, and last 3 times longer than a normal log. It is known as the ever-lasting log!

We are able to offer the log with a few different external profiles. D log, or Rustic, or planed smooth, also we are able to offer quality windows and doors, in Larch, Oak and Pine. Please give us a call today or send us an email.

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Log Cabins Windows and Doors



logcabins doors

logcabins windows

Log Cabins windows and doors 13 Log Cabins windows and doors 25 Log Cabins windows and doors 37 Log Cabins windows and doors 49 Log Cabins windows and doors 61At Log Cabins LV we are able to supply with all our log cabins quality windows and doors, if you are looking for residential type windows and door that are CE approved, triple glazed, and come with a 5 year guarantee then please let our sales guys know!

Our Standard windows and doors for all our cabins 44mm and over come with quality tilt and turn double glazed windows and double glazed doors. has the best windows and doors in the industry and for the price of our log cabins we defiantly have the best cabins per sq meter cost in the industry!

If you are looking for a quality log cabin, a bespoke log cabin, a quality log cabin please feel free to give us a call or send us an email.


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Home Cinema

Quality Home Cinemas

Home Garden Cinema

Home Cinema  068 Home Cinema  073 Home Cinema  078 Home Cinema  083 Home Cinema  088 Home Cinema  093 Home Cinema  098 Home Cinema  103 Home Cinema  108 Home Cinema  113 Home Cinema  118 Home Cinema  123

We are always thinking outside the box!

Our iconic designs are meant to stir the imagination and show the public that glulam beams, glass and insulated timber frame can be as sexy as steel!

Our new home cinema pod is with out doubt challenging on so many levels.

My idea was to offer an amazing space that allows an individual to be surrounded in a frame that would firstly mesmerize, and secondly encase, but with out adding the feeling of claustrophobia, engineered glulam beams signify strength, and the glass allows outside in!

With over 7 billion people on this tiny planet, it is not often we are able to experience an emotion alone, and our New Galaxias Pod allows a sole individual to have an experience that we believe they will not want to share!

If you would like to know the spec of the Galaxias Pod and costing please contact a dealer today!


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The New 2015 Multi Media Cinema Pod


Multi Media Cinema Pod



multi media pods

cinema pod

Cinema Pod   38 Cinema Pod   43

Our New for 2015 Multi Media Cinema Pod is a single occupancy experience.

There are so many boys’ toys on offer, and most of them lose value or just become a forgotten item, this home cinema is not just an experience, it’s an investment into art!

Iconic buildings such as this truly turn a space in the garden and change that space, turn that space into another dimension, where the consistent earths noise, and fuss disappear.

Our Multi Media Cinema Pod allows you to reflect on life , also immerse yourself into your films or music, and forget about the troubles of the day!

There is absolutely nothing like this on offer any where in the world.

Prices start at $60.000

For more info, please send us an email.


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New Forest Lodge Glulam Log Cabin proudly present our New Forest Lodge!

Our New Forest Lodge is crafted from Glulam Engineered Logs and is offering a generous 128.8 sq meters of floor space.

Our engineered Glulam Log Cabins are built to very high standards, and will last the test of time. has on offer the largest range of Glulam log cabins on the Internet, so if you are looking for the best of the best then please follow this link!

Glulam Log Cabins 1588

Glulam Cabins size  – 14.0m x 9.2m

Glulam LogCabins with Veranda size – 17.1m x 9.2m

Door size  – 1x 83cm x 193cm (outside)

Door size  – 7x 83cm x 193cm (inside)

Window size – 2x 50cm x 50cm

Window size – 5x 131cm x 113cm

Window size – 7x 80cm x 170cm

Window size – 2x 80cm x 80cm

Window size – 2x 80cm x 155cm

Master Bedroom   – 4.0m x 3.5m

Master Bathroom  – 2.1m x 1.8m

Bedroom          – 3.1m x 3.5m

Bedroom          – 3.1m x 3.5m

Bathroom         – 2.4m x 1.8m

Cloaks           – 2.4m x 1.8m

Kitchen          – 3.5m x 4.0m

Lounge           – 6.9m x 7.4m

Ridge height – 5.5m

Wall height  – 3.3m

glulam log cabins

The New Forest Lodge glulam log cabins

The New Forest Lodge  2015 08 The New Forest Lodge  2015 13 The New Forest Lodge  2015 18 The New Forest Lodge  2015 23 The New Forest Lodge  2015 28 The New Forest Lodge  2015 33 The New Forest Lodge  2015 38


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Passive Show Home Coming To Dorset-Cornwall

As always, we are always pushing the boundaries.

LogCabins.LV has over the last two years designed a new thermal performance park Home, and Now Highly Thermal Residential Timber Framed Home.

Setting standards and pushing ahead is our main brief!

Quality is our main concern as is low pricing, we are please to announce that our new “500” Passive show home will be ready to receive visitors in 10 weeks in Poole!



Highly Insulated Timber Frame Housing  2015 06 Highly Insulated Timber Frame Housing  2015 11 Highly Insulated Timber Frame Housing  2015 16


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Camping Pods 2015

Quality Camping Pods

Camping Pods 2015

Why are our camping pods outselling the competition ten to one???

Why do 5 star hotels, holiday camps and fishing lakes. Camping grounds, purchase ours before all the others?

Well! its quite simple actually, our camping pods are better priced, better made, last longer and are the only camping pods built by a certified house manufacturer.

Camping pods have been on the market now for many years, the original camping pod came from the Toda People, there are too many people claiming fame to this design, sadly there are liars everywhere, so lets get the truth out there, the first Pod, was designed in the 18th century in India!

What we think was that someone went on a hippie trip, saw one and decided to con the world into thinking they had designed a fantastic camping unit!!! Sorry “ wrong”!!!

The Toda Hut had a front entrance at the end of the tube, so as always LV took that design and bettered it, by adding a residential standard, tilt and turn double glazed window on the end, of each end of the tube, and putting a quality double glazed insulated door in the middle!

We thought it would be far more efficient, for light, space, comfort and design.

However, we as always were paying strict attention to design and costing.

As a company we are passionate about design, quality and offering realistic pricing, we also care about value.

Too many companies who manufacture camping pods are not looking at over all residual value, which is why we are the most sought after manufacture of camping pods!

Quality Camping Pods

Camping Pods

Camping Pods2 Camping Pods3 Camping Pods4 Camping Pods5 Camping Pods6 Camping Pods7 Camping Pods8


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Glulam Log Cabins

glulam purlins

glulam timber

log cabins lv - glulam timber  2015  2 log cabins lv - glulam timber  2015  3 log cabins lv - glulam timber  2015  4 log cabins lv - glulam timber  2015  5 log cabins lv - glulam timber  2015  6 log cabins lv - glulam timber  2015  7 log cabins lv - glulam timber  2015  8 log cabins lv - glulam timber  2015  9 are not just the number one for log cabins, timber buildings, camping pods, Scandinavian log cabins, Timber Frame Sectional Buildings, Residential Passive Housing, we are also very much into everything Glulam. We are able to offer engineered laminated glulam beams, post, purlins, glued, laminated, laminates, timber, wood, truss, trusses, arch, column, portal, composite timber, engineered timber, timber structures, decking, softwood, hardwood, fire resistance, relevant Standards, energy efficient, renewal resource, preservation, durability, strength to weight ratio, domes, bridge, beams, structural beams, cambered beams, curved beams, structural timber, structural members.

Please feel free to give us a call or send us an email.


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Becoming a Log Cabin Dealer

Becoming a log cabin dealer UKLog Cabin Dealer

We have many phone calls on a daily basis with people enquiring to become a log cabin dealer, yet when they find out we are based in the Baltic’s, they seem to have a heart attack and immediately speak to us as if we are second rate citizens, and that purchasing a building from here (Abroad) means dealing with Criminal Organizations.

Firstly, the Baltic’s, especially the Lithuanian timber business community has a very low opinion on any company, director or owner going bankrupt!  Plus our laws are especially tough on these issues.

Our timber here in the Baltic’s is some of the best in the world, which on a daily basis is shipped to all the corners of the globe, our manufacturing plants are the best to be found in Europe, also our labour force is highly skilled.

It is not just rude, but it also shows the arrogance of some in our European community on how they judge Lithuania or the Baltic’s in general. Judge not others till you judge yourself!

As a True Blue English Guy, living and working here in the Baltics, I can honestly say, its a safer, more honest environment to live in than 99.9% of Europe! Also we get the best pick of all the timber in Europe.

The UK for instance, has no forests to speak of, which means import is a great necessity , the UK imports millions of cubic meters of Baltic Pine for shed manufacturing, house cladding, flooring, windows and doors, house building, shuttering, sleepers, fencing etc, the list in endless a year.

Love thy neighbor should now be extended to across borders and respect should be shown to the Baltic’s, as the UK needs the Baltic’s to move forward on a daily basis.

Also I would like to add that it is only Google that has the foresight and understanding of the word community, which is why they rank a .LV url! We could all learn from this!

Please to any further companies wanting to be a log cabin dealer, before you phone, please check your manners, and understand Lithuania is a vibrant, healthy, honest, hard working, clean, understanding, tolerant country, with 99.9% less internal issues than 99.9% of other European countries.. Thanks…BR Kevin..

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Garden Offices

quality garden offices

garden office

Our Garden Log Cabins have many, many uses.

Today we would like to offer some useful links to Garden Offices.

There are many different types of Garden Office designs available on our website, starting from 44mm with our tilt and turn windows and quality 28mm flooring, all the way up to our amazing fully insulated timber frame larch clad offices fitted out with residential windows and doors.

If price is factor, we can offer a 34mm garden office with budget double glazed windows and doors.

Please click on the links below,


There are many, many ranges on our enormous website. Please feel free to surf our website.

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