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Our Clock House Log Cabin at Christmas 2021

After designing this beautiful amazing building so many years ago, I so Love it when a member of the Public, Ian, calls me up and tells me he wants to buy one direct, and then he spends a small fortune to make my design look the best it could ever look.

We started our company here in Lithuania some 20 years ago, then when the UK decided it was to leave the EU so did we, and now we trade direct as a UK LTD company to the same audience but giving our customers something unique, and that is this, we have the largest collection of our own designed log cabins and timber buildings, and now we can sell them to you direct from our Factory, and you can pay us by credit card, and unlike everyone else, your getting your building direct from source, no greedy middle fingers, no one going bust on you or running away, as far as i am concerned you would be mad going anywhere else, unless your looking for cheap rubbish, then yes, we are not the company to speak to, and again from us manufacturing your log cabin in record time, and your getting a building that is freshly manufactured, its not from a pile of old mass produced cabins manufactured in 2019, our prices are great, your not purchasing your log cabin from a reseller who goes bust and runs off when he spends profit first and then can’t afford to pay us for his cabin bill, this happens far too often, and please check out our windows and doors.

Day and Night our Clock Houses looks amazing, thank you Ian for the photos, this Clock House is in Windsor, and fits amazingly beside a beautiful house, as this is the top of the line, Log Cabin. Factory Cabins is known for quality, please check out our windows and doors.

Ian your house does our design justice, or is it the other way around, not sure, but side by side, Perfect………..

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New 2015 Daisy Clock House 5.5m x 4m

Welcome to our Blog.

Over the years we have designed some very iconic log cabins and timber buildings. Our Unique Clock House log cabin is possibly the best selling log cabin for its size and price in Europe. Our Quality is second to none!

The Original Clock House Log Cabin was designed, manufactured and brought to market firstly by us, we are very proud of this little building, and as you can see by our large gallery of different versions of the clock house we have tried to accommodate bespoke versions of this cabin for a multitude of customers.

Our Newest design, Our Daisy Clock House 5.5m x 4m is with out question the most attractive of all clock houses, it can be bought in 44mm pine, or 80mm glulam logs.

Our thoughts on this cabin are that the semi enclosed balcony keeps the rain from entering the cabin, or on a sun day gives plenty of shade.

The New Daisy Clock House Log cabin 55.m x 4m is quite simply a quality little building.

If you are looking for a log cabin, and would like something slightly different, then ask our agents, dealers to give you a price on our New Clock House, or on one of our 4000 other designs.

Our New Daisy Clock House Log Cabins is available in 44mm , 70mm, 80mm glulam, 120mm glulam, 160mm glulam and 200mm glulam. All our cabins are available also in Twin Skin Solid 34mm x 34mm, 44mm x 44mm and Glulam twinskin.

This New Daisy Clock House design is only available from dealerships. Beware cheap imitations that will surly enter the market shortly! If it does not have the LV trade mark on the photo/image and you are unsure, please send us an email. Cheap imitations can be life threatening.Do not settle for less.

New Daisy Clock House 5.5m X 4m

New Daisy Clock House 5.5m X 4m

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New Daisy Clock House 5.5m X 4m

New Daisy Clock House 5.5m X 4m

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