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Residential Timber Buildings

Residential Timber Buildings


Are you planning to purchase a residential timber building? Do you need planning?

These questions we are asked so many times a day, I just thought I would write a quick blog to help those that don’t know.

If you are looking to put a cabin in your back garden to live in, or rent out, you will need planning, if you are looking to use the cabin, timber frame room, as a bedroom for your mother to live in, then that’s fine, as long as it’s under all other development rules, i.e under 30 sq metres, and under 2.5m tall if beside the boundary fence, wall.

No we have been told by numerous people that if you have just a shower room with toilet, the council will not jump on you, but if you add a toilet and a kitchen, they will.

We have been told its either one of other.

It’s always better to ask before you purchase a cabin and be told somewhere down the road you need planning, and to take down the cabin immediately.

You will need to have planning for anything over 30 sq meters which you intend to live in.

Full building regulations are needed for any dwelling.

There are so many people that try and get around this rule, and yes most council are greedy for cash and will charge you large sums of money for absolutely nothing, and most of the time they reject the project.

What’s the answer to this, vote in a council that will be more understanding to the government’s overcrowding policies and actually allow you to build.

Denmark and Sweden are far more understanding with its population, and understand that when you allow 3 to 4 million extra people into your living room, you need to open up the patio doors and start using the garden.

Our Micro Houses are actually a very cheap, and solid way to put some of the housing crisis to sleep, in Denmark, Sweden, Micro houses are now given dwelling status, and also have their own street address and number. And as a starter home make perfect sense.

Micro Housing or some kind of glulam structure which can offer solid foundation, great thermal values-properties and build qualities.

If you are looking for an amazing residential building , large or small, bespoke or a standard model, that really is top notch, please do not hesitate and give us a call or please send us an email.

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Timber Frame Buildings-Passive Residential Units

passive park homes

passive timber frame holiday units

Timber Frame Buildings from Log Cabins LV

Timber Buildings from log cabins lv are without some of the best timber frame buildings in the UK.

Time and Time again we win the contract.

We are chosen over so many other manufacturers-design houses in the UK as our  manufacturing, specification and assemble, on  (passive) timber frame holiday chalets are so much better..

Well, simple, quality, workmanship, price and above all else customer service.

Time and time again logcabinslv win tenders on the largest projects.

Because we understand that quality and price must run hand in hand.

We are not a bulk log cabin superstore type set up, with 1000’s of buildings manufactured monthly, where quality is not the name of the game, but profit rules.

We are the company that serious parks come to and ask for exceptional quality, and exceptional pricing.

This substantial Timber Frame Building is one of 250 which will go to this amazing lakeshore holiday site in Northern UK, Clad in Northern Siberian Larch.

Our very eco friendly lodges will be fully passive and will be passed with the famous Passive House Institute certificate.

What makes these buildings different than 99.9% different than others.

Our timber buildings will not just retain their value, they will increase,.

How? because they have not been manufactured to the dreaded BS3632.


Everything about our timber frame units is seriously substantial,

Prices to trade on timber frame buildings are normally 40% less than quoted by UK firms.

If you’re looking for a high quality non superstore type timber frame building.

Ours Timber Frame tick all the boxes, and will last the test of time, then please give us a call.


If you would like to visit this site and have a look at these marvelous timber frame buildings please do not hesitate and give us a call.


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Residential Log Cabins 2017

Designing The Future

Residential Modern Park Homes 20171

Residential Modern Park Homes 2017

If you are looking, to purchase a log cabin from a company that is utterly nuts about design, quality and price then log cabins LV and its partners across the UK and Europe should be your first port of call.


We are absolutely passionate about designing the future, when you browse around the web and you look from log cabin websites to log cabin website, and no doubt you will notice they all offer the same cabins, their ranges are mostly identical.


Any company offering a clock house or a twin skin log cabin is offering a LV design, sadly most of the time their efforts are normally cheap and below par, but I must smile at how brazen most companies are! Its like companies that proclaim to sell us, and don’t, its flattering!

I can not say any more because we have so many people using our content and brand illegally to only purchase from a website with the LV Brand, so what I will say is call us and we will tell you who is nearest to you and who you can purchase a true LV building from.


Its important for peace of mind when purchasing a log cabin to ask to see any accreditations they proclaim to have, if a company says it has Residential Windows and Doors, and they are CE certified, ask to see the certification. Normally its just all waffle, and once you have given them a deposit, they are then looking for the next victim.


Log Cabins LV designed the first ever clockhouse and sent it to manufacturing, and not forgetting we were the first to design and bring to manufacture the very successful twin skin log cabin system.


So when you browse from site to site, you are actually looking at our hard work and copies of most of our LV designs.


It takes a dedicated team of highly enthusiastic cabin designers to really want to change the face of gardens and offer quality, and still keep pricing at an affordable level but never letting go of our principle ethos of quality first, and profit second.


Sadly! And I mean this, when we first started designing cabins and putting our designs into manufacture, we really enjoyed offering something unique and different, over the years we have seen this industry change, and sadly not for the better, there are too many bulk cabins on the market, there are 6 companies in the UK that manufacture absolute bulk crap!


It’s easy to spot these companies, and! What you may think is a bonus, is actually a ploy to help off load truckloads of bulk-manufactured cabins.


First Ploy…They can offer you the plans of the buildings that day! No deposit, No charge, be happy!


When you purchase a house, the architect does not do plans for free, and I can hear some of you saying these cabins are not houses, but I will come back and say, they need to be safe, and fit for purpose! And if you are looking for a quality log cabin, then an LV is worth the investment, plus 70% of our cabins are bespoke, and it’s important for us to make sure that what we sell is 100%.


Next Ploy! 30-25-20% deposit, They will always offer you a low deposit to pull you in!! Companies that do this are actually saying, hey! Stupid people, buy from us! We have lots of bulk cabins for sale! If the mills you buy from a busy all year, they never have time for making stock, so anyone with stock, id not busy, of they have extremely high speed machines, which again equals bulk.. If any of you out there know anything about manufacturing, you will know, a window made quickly is a window that will leak, and a door made quickly is a door that will twist!

Just Beware, nothing is free and a man who offers the moon is normally offering only rocks or dust!


Our Timber Frame fully Insulated Buildings and Log Cabins and our designs seem to very much dominate this industry from Sussex to Kent, Folkestone to Lands End, from London to Manchester, across from Blackpool to Middlesbrough, from Cumbria to Newcastle upon Tyne, if you are looking for a quality bespoke building and you really want it from people that understand cabins, timber frame, breath and live timber structures, then we are the company to speak to.

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Residential log cabins UK

If you are looking for a quality residential log cabin, or timber frame residential log cabin, then please contact us today.

All our timber buildings are manufactured to full building regulations, and are all fitted with certified windows and doors, residential quality, and sprayed to your choice of colour.

We are able to offer a full turn key solution.

If you are looking for a quality log cabin, which is fitted with the best quality of windows and doors in the industry then please fill out the contact form and we will help you find the nearest dealer to you.

Thank you very much for reading our blog!!!

Deluxe Log Cabin from Log Cabins LV

Deluxe Log Cabins from Log Cabins LV

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Residential Log Cabins 27/4/16

Residential Log Cabins  832Tonight I want to write about what is a residential log cabin, and what is not!

Every Day I get phone calls from public asking my opinion on what is and what is not a residential log cabin, and if a log cabin manufactured from 44mm , 66mm , 70mm and 90mm will meet building regulations, and if this kind of cabin is suitable to live in all year round.

Residential Log Cabins  833

I have written countless blogs regarding Twin Skin 44mm-70mm Log Cabins, and how they will not meet building regulations, yet sadly the public daily are bombarded with websites which state that their wares are Residential Quality, and with rock bottom prices that lure in the unsuspecting public, who then part with their hard earned money, and end up with a glorified shed.


When you surf the internet looking for a residential type building to live in, there are many questions you can ask to find out if the cabins on offer on which ever website is as stated residential or not!


We are able to offer a full turn key solution.


Firstly, and this is fact, 44mm, 66mm 70mm and 90mm solid log cabins will not every pass building regulations, they are not suitable for dwelling homes, and the logs have little or no insulation values.

Residential Log Cabins  834

So whatever some sweet voiced, over confident sales staff say, they are liars, and they are only after your money!


So what really does make a residential log cabin, well its quite simple, its called structural calculations, it’s called plans that are drawn up by qualified architects and it’s called quality manufacturing.


If you really are looking for a quality residential log cabin, that truly is of a residential quality, that meets structural and building regulations, then please give us a call.



residential log cabins

residential log cabins

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Residential Log Cabins

Residential log cabins 762What really makes a Residential Log Cabin a residential?

If you have noticed, there are loads of bulk manufacturing log cabin manufacturers trying desperately to get into the residential cabin market, but sadly their cabins are not residential, they are not even slightly residential, and to many people are falling foul of this!

I have decided to write a lengthy blog regarding this as it really is a gray area in this industry!

Firstly, a 44mm x 44mm Twin Skin Log Cabin will never meet building regulations, EVERResidential log cabins 763!

The structural calculations for this type of wall is insufficient for weight bearing loads. It will never meet the U values required, and lastly, its not a residential log, it’s a garden building log!

We were the first to ever offer twin skin garden log cabins about 10 years ago, way before any of these bulk manufacturing mills were even in business, and we decided then that the twin skin in 44mm x 44mm was great for a 5m x 5m insulated garden office, nothing more.

However, as always there are stupid people in this cabin industry who believe it’s all right to con the public and add the word residential to a large cabin.


Regardless how much insulation you add to the walls, the 44mm x 44m twin skin cabin will never meet building regulations, this thickness of logs will not even meet the pathetic park home, caravan lower build regulation which is the BS3632.

Residential log cabins 764

I have so many times over many years told people this, but sadly, Mr. and Mrs. Smith are not well versed, and they just look at the price and buy, believing whatever they are told is the truth.


Yes you guessed what comes next, the very next day they are told to take it down, or it fails the inspection or it leaks, etc, and they lose their savings.


What I find hard to believe is why people are so stupid and do not ask the right questions?

Residential log cabins 765

Here is a fine example, a 65 sq meter cabin in 44 mm x 44mm and costs £22.000, installation costs £3500, and if you want awful PVC windows and doors the cost for these are £2000.

So for a garden cabin that does not come to any building regulation, the cost for this is 35.000 Euros. And because they use the word (RESIDENTIAL) the public think they are getting a quality home and bob’s your uncle they get a large garden cabin that is not fit for purpose.


A Residential Building, be it Brick, Log or Timber Frame, must be built to a high standard to get the nametag, Residential.

There is no short cuts, or cheap ways around it!


Too many Bulk Manufacturing Mills manufacture today, and go out of business tomorrow! Your guarantee is useless, and 99.9% of the time so is the cabin you bought!


To get a cabin to a residential spec, and U values you must firstly start with a structural log, and most quality mills start with a certified Glulam log in 80mm x 200mm and then using a dove tail joint they join to the two walls together, however by using the dove tailing method the cold bridging is kept to a bare minimum and also allows the walls to move independently. Which means weight bearing rafters can sit on the internal wall, not external, keeping the roof in sync with the movement of the building.


OK Next, roof on 44 mm x 44mm twin skins are not real roofs, they are actually garden cabin roofs, which have been changed slightly to accommodate insulation.


Manufacturing a real roof for a real Residential Cabin, is not just purlins, some roof boards, a 50mm insulation stiff board and that’s it

But a real residential roof has purlins, rafters and structural calculations attached.

Plus the insulation would normally be about 300mm minimum, not 50mm.


In addition, the floor would not just be 50mm of insulation under 28mm T&G floor.

Residential log cabins 766

Insulation on a residential would be minimum 200mm under the floor.

Residential log cabins 767

And lastly, the windows and doors, must be certified, CE and BM Trada if they offer them. When windows and doors are certified they act differently in fire, they do not twist, or bend, PVC windows melt.

But handmade glulam windows and doors do not, and they work well in an emergency! There are so many factors to take into consideration when choosing a Residential log cabin, I know that price for many of you is the main key factor of purchase, but it’s better to buy the best, than to have your building condemned by building control and the factory, or reseller, telling you that it is not their fault and putting the phone down.

Residential log cabins 768

Remember the saying, buy cheap buy twice!


If you really want a residential log cabin and you really want to have the best of the best, and

know that what you have bought is fit for purpose, please speak to us. We can offer honest advice and help you move in the right direction.

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Twin Skin Residential Log Cabins


Residential Log Cabins

Residential Log Cabins


Over the years we have explained to our dealers about what is a residential log cabin and what is not, some of our dealers listen and others do not.


This email is to put you the public straight about what is considered a residential log cabin and what is not!


Residential Log Cabins 2016 9962Firstly, a twin skin 44mm x 44m log cabin is not a residential build, it was designed by us at the very beginning to be a 5m x 5m insulated garden office, we offered these garden offices with residential type windows and doors, and this log cabin was the bench mark for quality in insulated garden buildings.


But! Sadly this is where it all goes tits up, dealers started to offer our garden buildings as residential buildings, now we do not as a company offer any of our cabins as residential unless the dealer gives us a full set of architect drawings and structural calculations, which comply with local building regulations, we then cut to that.


This means if the architect had approved it as a twin skin it would be minimum 80mm x 80mm glulam logs, with a 150mm insulation, vapor barrier and the internal skin is dovetailed into the outer shell, this then keeps down on cold bridging and allows the two walls to move freely from one another, the heating of this would be under floor heating, the walls would be pegged on each and every layer, and metal bars would be used to tie the structure down, this is the only way a twinskin log cabin would pass building regulations.

Residential Log Cabins 2016 9963

Sadly too many companies use the word residential and do not know what the F— they are talking about. Its really annoying, but more than that its criminal.


As a company, we will sack our dealers and have done when they mislead the public, and most of the time this is done because of complete greed.

Residential Log Cabins 2016 9964

Any company that’s offering in the UK, Scotland, Northern or Southern Ireland a 44mm x 44mm twin skin as a residential or even the next best thing, to a residential log cabin, well they are lying!!!

Its impossible to get a 44mm x 44mm to residential specs.


OK….. The walls move too much, they are too thin, you cannot use thick steel rods to tie the buildings down, you cannot peg the walls and they will not pass structural calculations.

Our honest thoughts are that timber frame buildings are the perfect build type for residential cabins. They pass all structural calculations with ease, and as a build type they are quick and easy to assemble.

This is why we have such a huge range available. All our timber frame residential buildings are manufactured to building regulations and are fitted with certified windows and doors.

So if you are looking to purchase a quality residential log cabin, and really want to purchase it from the leading light in the industry then please give us a call.

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Residential Log Cabins or Not?


residential log cabins, log cabins to live it, residential timber frame

residential timber frame buildings, residential log cabins

Today’s Blog is about residential cabins and what is a residential and what is not.

What I am going to do is refer this as Mrs. X and her problems with company Y.

Mrs. X bought what she thought was a Residential Log Cabin and handed over a substantial amount of money.


Before I begin this awful factual story, I must say at the off set, that I am deeply displeased with this kind of behavior, and this is why we need in this industry a governmental body who is responsible to check substandard and dangerous buildings being sold by mass producers who are endangering life and are without doubt just profiteering from the public but more from elderly pensioners who sadly put their trust in rather dodgy back street, ex bankrupt companies!


So Mrs. X bought what she thought was a residential cabin, she paid for the so called residential cabin, also she paid for a base and the assembly of this cabin.


Now the most critical part of the build is obviously the base, because if the base is off only mm the whole cabin is in jeopardy from that moment on, if you have a base which has been made badly the cabin is going to lean all different directions the walls will not marry up and the roof will twist, this is fact. And eventually the cabin will leak and the cabin will fall apart.


So regardless, of how good the cabin is, or is not, if the base is wrong, it’s going to be a disaster from the first laid log!

I know you can all guess what I am going to say, yes sadly, her base was off not just few mm out of sink, but many cm’s off and the cabin is a complete and utter disaster. Windows and doors were not residential which she was promised, the roof collapsed and the walls separated. it was a 44mm x 44mm massed produced pile of crap to be honest, which Cost Mrs.X 40,000.


Now a lot of good companies would have apologized profusely and gone back and fixed the cabin, making sure Mrs.X was a satisfied customer.

Sadly Mrs.X had picked one of the worst cabin companies in the land, and company Y decided it was better to go bankrupt then to pay Mrs.X, or fix the building.

Mrs.X then wrote blogs, and went to her lawyer, but by then the company had filed for bankruptcy and Mrs.X lost all her money!


So the motto of this awful story is that when you think about buying a residential log cabin, think twice and find out as much about the company as possible, Google them, really look into whom you are giving your money to.

Do not buy any residential buildings from a massed producer of log cabins, they are always substandard and not fit for purpose.


Residential cabins to live in should not be fitted with garden type windows and doors, they should always be residential quality with certification. If you see any company saying that windows and doors are residential quality, ask them to prove they are offering certified windows and doors, they must be certified by BM Trada, or CE, ask to see the certificate.

Also, ask them to prove that their so-called residential log cabins meet building regulations for wherever you are. It’s quite easy to ask and if they say yes, get it on paper.So when the building inspector comes round and condemns the building you have the company by the balls! Also check on the web to see how much the company is worth.

The moral of the story is this, most log cabin companies are crooks, sadly, and there is only a handful that can actually deliver what they promise, so be careful.

We check all our dealers, we do not manufacture bulk and our windows and doors are certified residential quality, plus we are the only company in the UK that assess our dealers yearly and if they do not come up to scratch, we ask them to leave the group.

We are not looking for mass dealership members, we are looking for the best dealers, who offer the best service, who have the best fitting teams, who have experience and know their stuff!


Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Residential Log Cabins, Not Residential Log Cabins

Warning to all those thinking they are purchasing a Residential log cabin, 99.9% of the stuff sold on the internet by most cabin companies is Not Residential.. Please read this blog!

residential log cabins  lv   2residential log cabins  lv   3residential log cabins  lv   4

The word residential is used by most cabin companies that are based abroad, and do not really understand the word residential cabin!

A residential cabin must be built either to the BS3632 or to full building regulations with full structural calculations. If the cabin has neither and is built to neither then it is just a common garden cabin, no more no less! It may have cost a huge amount more because the word residential was attached which makes you think!! Arrr Dwelling!!!

Too many companies from the Baltic’s, and Scandinavia use the terminology Residential Log Cabin to proclaim that their flimsy 44mm log cabins are fit for human  habitation, they are not!

These cabins are not structurally sound and are not fit for purpose.

So when purchasing a Residential Log Cabin, be it glulam, or solid, timber frame, or hand made Norwegian log, make sure that what you are purchasing is truly a building fit for purpose, and that it is manufactured to either the BS3632 of full build regs.

There is no gray area here, it either is, or is not!!! THAT’S IT!

Secondly, a word of warning to the Public.

If you purchase a Log Cabin that looks like most dreadful caravans, and you think the planners will allow you to keep it, as its within the guidelines of size and shape, then take note, they won’t.

The BS3632 is quite stringent (even though it is the worst British Standard ever dreamt up) about ventilation, how the roof is assembled, pitch, and the way the body is assembled, and and and!

So if you are thinking of purchasing a Residential Log Cabin talk to the people that really know what’s what, and also who offer realistic pricing.

As we say in the industry, it’s easy to buy cheap, but you buy twice if you do!

We are able to help you with planning, build regs and other issues.

So do not get tempted to buy a cabin from the web with the word residential attached, as 99.9% are nothing but glorified garden cabins. And most a terribly built, awful designed, and last 3 years.

And lastly, if you do try and get away with buying a cheap cabin that looks like an awful static caravan, in the hope that your local building inspector might give you a squeeze and let you keep it up, and he does not! Then do not go crying foul to the credit card company about the log cabin company misleading you!

All our dealers from LV will tell you a log cabin , garden cabin is only a garden cabin, nothing more or less, what ever size, until you put it through planning, and all the structural elements are adjusted to meet said requirements! do not settle for less!

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Residential Log Cabins

log cabins to live in

residential logcabins


Residential Log Cabins, what is a residential Log Cabin?

Your Budget determines, if you can afford a real residential log cabin, or just a standard garden log cabin with insulation, and up market residential windows and doors.

Residential Log Cabin manufacturer

Residential Log Cabins to live in UK

If you have been searching the web for residential log cabins, you will noticed immediately that there are not many companies actually offering them, what you will find is garden log cabin manufacturers, trying in vain to sell large garden type cabins as residential log cabins, or you will find shed manufacturers trying to earn some extra monies by offering to build you a residential log cabin, but again it’s a large garden log cabin, insulated and passed off as a residential log cabin.

Our residential log cabins are residential, which means they are purpose built for that and that reason solely.

residential log cabins

Quality Residential cabins have 6 manufacturing plants, each plant does a specific job!

Plant 1 manufactures garden log cabins.

Plant  2 Residential Log Cabins

Plant 3 Residential Glulam Log cabins, Glulam Residential Buildings. All things Laminated-Glulam. Church roofs, equestrian centers, sports halls, shopping centers etc.

Plant 4 Timber frame Residential Buildings, Domestic Housing. Work Shops etc.

Plant 5 Hand Made Scandinavian- Norwegian Log Cabins.

Plant 6 Camping Pods.

UK Residential Log Cabin supplier

Residential Log Cabins UK


We are the only company with this amount of different products in our repertoire.

We have over 450 skilled workers in all the above-mentioned plants.


Our mission statement, is to provide, quality, design and ex work prices, that are 50% normally to that which can be bought from out lets in UK or Europe.

We work directly with Holiday Companies, offering first class full turn key solutions, with a skilled work force to erect. We also are able to offer design concepts!

Residential Logcabins UK

Residential Cabins UK


We have been operating in this business longer than any other company in the UK.

We understand what is quality, and we know who sells the rubbish! If you need expert advice, then we are the only company that will tell you if you should or should not purchase a log cabin, we do this regularly, and we have no problem in telling the client, brick is needed, not log!


Residential Cabins are not just logs, sold, and assembled, there is a lot more, when designing a log cabin for the garden, it normally needs to be a box, good windows and doors and a roof that will take snow load, and won’t leak! That’s about it!

But a residential, you must think about services, snow loads, condensation, usage, fire, dimensions, kn values, u values and so on, and also offering a full bespoke lay out each and every time.

Residential Buildings UK

Residential Log Cabins


Our residential Log Cabins are not just the best in the UK, they are the cheapest, if you look at the high specification we offer and price, and there is not one company that can match our prices.


Our windows and doors are not just amazing, they are fabulous, and with our skilled labor, your residential log cabin, be it one storey, or 2 will last the test of time and keep its residual value way after others companies log cabins would rot and fall down.


Quality Park Homes UK

Residential Park Homes UK

If you want a residential log cabin, manufactured from the best timber in Europe, Russia, and you are fed up with high prices being quoted by middle men, that know nothing at all about residential buildings.Then give us a call., checking the pulse on timber prices, work ethics, quality control and customer service. the smart choice!

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Timber frame and Log Cabins

This Blog today is just to speak quickly about timber frame buildings and log cabins, and how they are greatly different.

There are quite a few agents/dealers in the UK- Europe that will offer you a log cabin, and call it a residential building. But the difference between the two is night and day.

A residential building, timber frame, is designed to be a 12-month a year dwelling. A single skin log cabin is not.

In certain countries where rainfall is minimal and the season is hot then very cold, then a single skin 220mm Scandinavian log cabin is great, but in some parts of Europe-UK where the weather is very damp, this kind of structure has its limitations due to rainfall.

When a company offers you a single skin log cabin say in 70mm solid timber and offers to clad the building inside, this still does not get around the moisture issue.

This year we have had hundreds of people call us and ask us if our twin skin log cabins (solid timber) will meet building regulations, and sat tests, etc, and the honest answer is yes, but we need to redesign the whole cabin. And we 9 times out of 10 ask them to look at the timber frame selection, which we have over one hundred designs in our gallery.

Timber frame is truly the only way to go if you are on a budget, and you are looking for super insulted building, which will also last the test of time.

Below are some photos of Timber Frame buildings we have manufactured and built.

If you are looking for a mobile home, Park Home, or a Quality Retreat, please give us a call. the number one company on the web for designs, price, and quality!

timber frame housing- log cabins- cabins-

timber frame housing- log cabins- cabins-

Timber Frame Housing- Log Cabins  03 Timber Frame Housing- Log Cabins  05 Timber Frame Housing- Log Cabins  07 Timber Frame Housing- Log Cabins  09 Timber Frame Housing- Log Cabins  11 Timber Frame Housing- Log Cabins  13 Timber Frame Housing- Log Cabins  15 Timber Frame Housing- Log Cabins  17 Timber Frame Housing- Log Cabins  19 Timber Frame Housing- Log Cabins  21 Timber Frame Housing- Log Cabins  23 Timber Frame Housing- Log Cabins  25


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Fully Insulated Residential Park Homes

When purchasing your Fully Insulated Residential Park Home, you must as we always say, ask for all the information, from floor to ceiling, and walls to windows and doors, not just what the company you are thinking of purchasing your residential park home supply. If the wording winterized comes up in their advertising, question this vigorously, also about timber thicknesses, and timber grades. This can be an awful task, but by asking all the right questions, you’ll get the Residential Building- Park Home of your dreams, as most park homes in the UK and Europe are constructed with a build code or similar to the dreaded BS 3632, this is a sink hole build code, which reminds us of time share! Pay a lot and get very, very little in return.

Our quality starts from the very fiber of the timber, which is the highest grade available, which is selected for your residential building, Park Home. We only use the best, and then we go even further by over sizing out timbers, insulation values and so much more! The only surprise you’ll get from our quality timber frame buildings is that you get your investment is safe.

Our new range of residential park homes will be way above building code, the euro 5 build code is very adequate in some ways, but it does not go far enough, so we have decided to beef that code up, by applying further insulation and triple glazed windows and doors, our aim is to make our residential park home timber frame units way, way above any code that may come into effect with in the next 10 years, this being the case, your investment is safe, as the building will need no further work carried out if thermal values change. Which are one-reason park homes loose their value so quickly.

Plus our ex works price to the customer will be a jaw dropping experience for all concerned in the industry and public, as many question will be asked why is a building 6.7m x 18.0 m costing 80 to 100.000 pounds when our price is half, and in Euros, and to a building specification that almost triples what is available on the market at present! So please watch this space…Please Send us an email or give us a call.

residential log cabins

Park Homes by

park home

park homes

park homes uk

timber frame park homes

timber frame park homes

quality residential buildings

park homes larch clad

quality insulated panels for park homes

3 bed cabins

3 bed residential park home



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Glulam 80mm Log Cabins to live In – by

More and more people are looking to put a log cabin up in the garden and live in it! So they take to the Internet and trawl the web looking for suitable cabins, but sadly 99% of people have no idea really what they are looking for, and are fooled by what the top ranking log cabin Internet sites tell them. Triple thermal walls, insulated this and best that, which most of the time is just blar, blar, blar.

44mm log cabins are fantastic for a multiple of purposes, but they are not residential, and no matter what you put as insulation, they are not designed to be lived in!

Engineered Glulam log cabins are the future for the garden, as prices come down, more and more people understand that wasting their money on cheap mass produced cabins, is a waste.

When looking for a cabin to live in there is many factors to take into account, more than just insulation.

So if you are looking for that garden log cabin to live in, please give us a call, or send us an email, and we can put you on the right path.

Log Cabins LV has the largest range of quality residential glulam log cabins on the market.

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log cabins to live in

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