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Quality Log Cabins LV 2016

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So today, we are going to talk about purlins and the reason why the positioning of them is so incredibly important in the apex.

So what is good purlin set up, and what is a bad set up?


The first question you must ask yourself is why so many companies manufactures the roofs wrongly.

This is sadly the case to at least 70% of all log cabins sold on the internet for garden use.

The roof purlins are designed to carry the weight of your roof, and to basically stop the roof from sagging and caving in.

Most log cabin manufacturers do not run under any kind of building regulations when it comes to manufacturing garden cabins, so it’s down to them to manufacturer them correctly, and sadly this is not seen as a must, so a cabin that is say 5m x 6m would have a roof area of around 36 sq meters taking in the pitch, and once you add the roof boards and waterproof membrane and shingles, you could be possibly looking at a roof which weighs in at 200 kilos, possible more, which is enough to seriously hurt, if not kill someone if it were to collapse.

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I am not being dramatic in any way, as purlins should be notched into the apex, most are not, and purlins should sit in the apex at 90 degrees, most are not!

And because the government has to yet put any kind of building regulation into this industry apart from the fact that they are not allowed to be any larger than 30 sq meters, and no higher than 4m tall if 2 meters from the boundary, this problem will exists until there is a fatal injury!

But some of us already manufacturer correctly, and some of us have done from day one.

You see the reason why bulk manufacturers manufacturer their purlins this way is because of speed, price and also laziness, as by placing the purlin into the apex at 90 degree you must chamfer the top of each purlin to be flush with the roof boards, and this takes time, and costs, so its easier to just cut them in at 45 degree and then the roof board sits flush with the purlin.

But this means your cabin roof is only held up by 50% of the purlin thickness as Mr. Gravity cuts it in half because it is sat at 45 degrees.

So if you are looking for a log cabin that is manufactured correctly, by a company that cares about quality, then please pick

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