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Residential Engineered Glulam Log Cabins

residential engineered log cabins 1

residential engineered log cabins 1

We are asked time and time again if it is possible to get a log cabin through the UK strict building regulations.

The problem with getting a Timber Building, if it is of log construction, through the building regulations is that sadly 99.9% of architects, and structural engineers have not been taught in which ever university they were in to work with log cabins or in a log environment.

Nearly 100% of Residential Log Cabins are manufactured from solid timber, and to the one’s that have done their homework, you will know that solid timber is affected by the seasons, as a solid log will expand and contract depending if it is wet or sun baked.

This then is a problem for the structural engineers as they find it almost impossible to calculated a structure that is manufactured from solid logs.
A solid log has too many variables.

The only way around this is to manufacture the cabin from engineered timber logs, which some people call Glulam, and others call laminated, depends how read up you are.

Engineered Glulam timber should not be confused to that of finger jointed laminated logs.

Many manufacturers will try and confuse the customer by using the word Laminated logs, which is correct, as when you stick 2 boards of equal thickness together it is a laminating process, that is the correct terminology, so as far as trading standards go, they can not be held liable.

But actually what they are doing most of the time is just sticking two boards together, normally in increments of either 28mm or 30mm boards, of ungraded material, they will use the word KD, CE, laminated timber, but sadly it’s still off cuts which is finger jointed, and not an engineered timber log.

Engineered Glulam is exactly that, an engineered log that starts its life as C24, which is one of the highest visual grades available, and then the C24 is re-graded and given a new class, depending on which species of timber the architects or structural engineer has requested.
To re-grade all the knots and imperfections are removed. The board length for laminating is never less than 4m.

Grading is as follows.

In Spruce
GL24c / GL24h / GL28c / GL28h / GL32c
In Pine
GL24c / GL24h / GL28c / GL28h / GL32c
In Northern Siberian Larch
GL24c / GL24h

These grades are used to determine weight, strength, length etc. (Engineered Grading)

So as you can see, glulam laminated engineered logs are not just little bits of off cut timber stuck together, our glulam is incredibly strong, does not crack, or twist and can come in unbelievable long lengths, starting from 2m to 84m in length, which obviously gives great aesthetic look, and the ideal product to manufacture a residential log cabin.
Yes, engineered timber costs more, but if you’re looking to invest £60.000 or £180.000, on a 1/2/3/4/5-bed residential log cabin, then having it manufactured from laminated engineered glualm is the sensible choice.

The machine used to process the raw graded timber and turn it into engineered laminated logs cost a staggering £10.000.000,, and it’s easy to see as the logs themselves are absolutely amazing. And as true in perfection and quality as any quality engineered logs could be.

And all of this is known by the structural engineers, which is why so many couples that have gone down the chosen route of wanting a residential log cabin, are recommended by their structural engineered to manufacture/build their desired cabin in our engineered logs.

In addition, the engineer is able to give a structural engineers report to the planning authority!
Moreover, in every case we have structural calculations submitted the planning authority is overwhelmed at how eco, durable, and to the mark our engineered log laminated houses- residential log cabins really are!

So, if you want a residential cabin, and want all the boxes ticked, please give us a call.

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