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Summer Cottages

logcabins- summer cottages

Summer Cottage -log cabins

Through out Finland there are a staggering 152.000 lakes, around these pristine lakes are situated many thousands of sauna summer cottages.

Sauna in Finland is seen as the ideal way of rejuvenating the skin, getting rid of toxins and relaxing after a hard days work. Baths are not a common place in Finnish houses or apartments.

Therefore, when the Fin’s travel to their summer cottages at the weekends, or on their annual leave, sauna is a huge part of that vacation experience.

Incorporating a sauna into a summer cottage needs to be thought out well, as the whole family will participate, which means their could be as many as 10 to 20 people enjoying an evening in the woods, having BBQ a few beers, Sauna and midnight swim.

Around the summer, cottages could be many small interlocking log cabins to accommodate friends and family, so interlocking log cabins, or timber frame cabins are very popular in Finland.

Most summer cottages are fully insulated, and some can be as large as 250 sq meters, depending on the plot size! Triple Glazing and strong roofs are necessary due to snowfall, below temperatures, and the occasional bear waking up and foraging, and the most popular route into a cottage by bears is through the roof!

It is very important that when manufacturing a summer cottage one begins to think about what kind of timber to use, in the old days it would have been solid logs, round, hand sawn and quite a crude structure. More refined summer cottage cabins came to fruition in the 60’s and 70’s, and then in the 80’s quality interlocking structures were popping up all over the lakeshores. These are manufactured from quality pine logs and from then until now nothing much has changed in design or quality.

We have looked at traditional summer cottages and believe that by using an Engineered 220mm x 200mm Glulam log, this will be sufficient to keep the cold out, will stand the test of time with the scorching summers and extremely cold winters.

We have taken some time in redesigning a few of the most popular designed summer cottages, and giving them a make over….

At the beginning of February, we will be offering the Finnish public a New log cabin website. On offer will be the whole LV range, including our new Summer Cottage Range.

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What makes so different than all the other online logcabin dealers, simple, they are dealers, they are resellers of resellers, they mostly have the same boring designs, and most of the cabins are in truth, crap! This is not harsh, its the truth. If you would like some free advice on any thing regarding log cabins, please feel free and give us a call.

When you look for a logcabin online, you should take great care in who you spend your money with. At we take pride in selling our customers a quality log cabin, we take pride in the quality of the cabin, the doors, windows, floors, roof, packing, delivery and we take pride in having the number one dealers in the UK – Europe offering our products.

Over the years we have designed some cracking log cabins, The Clock House Log Cabin was our first and over the years we have refined this building in to being with out question the best Clock House Log Cabin on the market.( beware of dangerous copies).

We then brought to market a new concept, our Twin Skin Garden Office, which gave the public a quality insulated option for a fully insulated building at a ridiculously low price.  Once again we pushed the garden-cabin market to offer something different, we set standards.

We now have the best Glulam log cabins on line, and this is something that can not be copied, ( unless they have a 10.5 million euro nest egg to buy the machinery) which we very much doubt!

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cabins online uk

logcabins online uk


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