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Timber Frame Insulated Workshop-Office

When Mike Sharp called us from Pronto Logo, he was looking for a Timber Frame Work Shop for his garden so he could work from home and save thousands each year on renting a premises.

Mike gave us a plan of what he was looking for, and over a couple of weeks we helped him refine his needs, we then put his Siberian Larch Clad insulted timber frame office/workshop into production.

Mike has told us that its so well insulated you can not hear the machinery from outside, also he has had no reason to heat it!

Mikes words to describe his Larch Timber Frame work shop is … “” I am tickled Pink”” with it!!…

As we always tell people, quality does not cost a lot, its just finding the right manufacturer, builder and waiting a few months for delivery. Mike is extremely happy, and has sent these photos of his beautiful fully insulted larch clad office/workshop for us to show you all!

Insulated Garden Workshop

Insulated Garden Office

Timber frame garden Work Shop  02

Timber frame Garden OfficeTimber frame garden Work Shop  03Timber frame garden Work Shop  04Timber frame garden Work Shop  05Timber frame garden Work Shop  06Timber frame garden Work Shop  07Timber frame garden Work Shop  08Timber frame garden Work Shop  09Timber frame garden Work Shop  10Timber frame garden Work Shop  11

Timber Frame Garden Offices by

What should your Fully Insulated ( Passive) Timber Framed Garden Office offer you?

What is your Timber Frame Garden Office manufactured from?

Is your Timber Frame Office designed by qualified Architects?

How structurally sound is your Timber Frame Garden Office?

Is the roof able to withstand 60 kilos per sq meter of extra weight? What kind of roof structure are you being offered? What thickness are the purlings?, Rafters? Roofing boards? And what kind of other type of materials do they use in the roof to keep it water tight and highly insulated?

Is the roof able to withstand high winds?

Are the windows and doors triple-glazed, with toughened glass? CE certified?

If the company is claiming there Timber Frame Building is eco passive, under which building regulations are they working from to get these calculations? Can they supply a full set of structural calculations?

Or is it just humbug! Most of the time it is!

There are hundreds of different questions, which you should ask your supplier when purchasing your timber Frame Garden Office.

Does your Timber frame building conform to building regulations, and which ones?

Do these comply with the new Euro Code 5?

How high are the U values, are the windows and doors designed to allow you to vacate quickly if there is a fire?

What is the burn time of your Garden Office?

Can you walk on the roof?

Is the floor highly insulated?

Where was the timber sourced from to build your Timber Frame Office?

Was it exposed to rain and wind while sitting in the whole sellers, is it all Trada graded C24?

Are the panels pre-made in a Factory by skilled House Manufacturers, or are they offering to build from scratch your timber frame garden office in your garden? or is it made in a shed by 3 guys and a dog?

Questions, and more questions.

Sadly so many companies now are trying there hardest to get into the garden market! Offering all kinds of deals and bargains.

Even pallet manufacturers are now beginning to knock together timber frame buildings, as they see the pound signs floating above each and every garden.

But is this really who you would want to spend 10.000 to 50.000 pounds with, or would you rather a professional house manufacturer deliver, and erect your Timber Frame Garden Office, with guarantees.

The obvious answer is that you purchase your Garden Timber frame office from an Qualified Experienced Timber Building Manufacturer.

Over the years we have seen so many companies come and go, leaving the customer with worthless guarantees, shoddy buildings and headaches!


Please view below the kind of frame work that only we can offer at amazing prices, please do not hesitate to give us a call, or e-mail us!

Timber Frame Buildings  01 Timber Frame Buildings  02 Timber Frame Buildings  03 Timber Frame Buildings  04 Timber Frame Buildings  05 Timber Frame Buildings  06 Timber Frame Buildings  07 Timber Frame Buildings  08 Timber Frame Buildings  09 Timber Frame Buildings  10 Timber Frame Buildings  11 Timber Frame Buildings  12 Timber Frame Buildings  13 Timber Frame Buildings  14 Timber Frame Buildings  15 Timber Frame Buildings  16 Timber Frame Buildings  17 Timber Frame Buildings  18 Timber Frame Buildings  19

Timber Frame Buildin

Timber Frame Garden Studios

Timber Buildings 2 Timber Buildings 3 Timber Buildings 4 Timber Buildings 5 Timber Buildings 6

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Quality Log Cabins by

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Insulated Laminated Log Cabins by

 There are many kinds of interlocking joints, so we thought we would show you today a new joint from our Insulated Laminated Log Cabin Range. This joint is with out doubt aesthetically pleasing, and incredibly insulated. If you are looking for that different look, fed up with the same old same old, and really want to have a cabin that say’s unique, please send us an email today! 

Insulated Laminated Log Cabins 2 Insulated Laminated Log Cabins 4 Insulated Laminated Log Cabins 6 Insulated Laminated Log Cabins 7

Camping Pods 5 Star!!

A lot of customers have asked us what kind of Camping Pods we manufacture, and over the last few months we have had to keep our mouths firmly shut due to the Grand Opening of the Snow Hotel In Norway.

Here you will find a new kind of Luxury Camping Pod, that truly makes all other Camping Pods pale in comparison. So what is unique, Everything, from the build process to the fitting out, insulation values, and materials.

Our New Snow Pod can only be bought through our partners in Switzerland

Our New Camping Pod is with out doubt the 5 Star experience you have always wanted when camping in the wilderness. Handmade Beds, Toilets, Shower, Kitchen, etc. Fitted out with top end appliances and as always a design that will leave you speechless.

These camping pods offer a 2m x 2m observation window, 350mm of thermal quilt insulation, and 500mm of foil back insulation in the floor, under floor heating, recuperation systems, and so much more.

There is not a Pod ( Camping Unit) in production anywhere in the world that even comes close to this kind of quality.

If your looking for a camping pod of quality, bought by customers who only want the very best, then please give us a call. +370 6889 3563

We are able to bespoke you camping ideas, and turn your designs into future iconic outstanding, quality, fully insulated holiday units, which will and can stand you out from the crowd!

The Snow Pod can only be purchased from

Camping Pods

Camping Pods

Camping Pods 5 star   by   2 Camping Pods 5 star   by   5 Camping Pods 5 star   by   6


Timber Frame Siberian Larch Garages

New for 2014 we will be offering our New Timber Frame Garages. These unique designs, are available in Timber Frame and also Engineered Laminated Logs. In timber frame they are available fully insulated and up to all building codes with in the EU. If you are looking for quality, great pricing and amazing designs, please do not hesitate to give us a call on +370 6889 3563 or +44 208 133 5164 and we will direct you to the best possible dealer nearest to you. offers Design, Quality, Price.

Do not settle for Less!


Timber Frame Siberian Larch Garages   1 Timber Frame Siberian Larch Garages   2 Timber Frame Siberian Larch Garages   3 Timber Frame Siberian Larch Garages   4

Log cabins ( Gluelam) Laminated!

Once again brings to the market a new era of cabin design. Our Large highly sophisticated laminated Mill is able to produce a plethora of different gluelam products. We hope you enjoy the photos.

logcabins gluelam

Laminated log cabins

Gluelam Log Cabins 02

Quality Log Cabins by logcabinslvGluelam Log Cabins 03

Timber Buildings by logcabinslvGluelam Log Cabins 04

Laminated Purlins by logcabinslvGluelam Log Cabins 05

Laminated Beams by logcabinslvGluelam Log Cabins 06

Gluelam Log Cabins 07 Gluelam Log Cabins 08 Gluelam Log Cabins 09 Gluelam Log Cabins 10 Gluelam Log Cabins 11 Gluelam Log Cabins 12 Gluelam Log Cabins 13 Gluelam Log Cabins 14 Gluelam Log Cabins 15 Gluelam Log Cabins 16 Gluelam Log Cabins 17 Gluelam Log Cabins 18 Gluelam Log Cabins 19 Gluelam Log Cabins 20 Gluelam Log Cabins 21 Gluelam Log Cabins 22 Gluelam Log Cabins 23 Gluelam Log Cabins 24 Gluelam Log Cabins 25 Gluelam Log Cabins 26 Gluelam Log Cabins 27 Gluelam Log Cabins 28 Gluelam Log Cabins 29

Camping Pods 2014

Yep! 2014 is here and our log cabin production is once again starting to get busy, but what else is happening on the front?

As you all are aware we have the largest range of Log cabins, Cabins, Timber Buildings than any other manufacturer in the World, and as our partner base increases daily, monthly yearly the demand for our products increases also.

Our Camping Pod is with out doubt the most recognised design of them all, incorporating Siberian Larch and as we are one of the most recognised house builders in Europe for timber frame construction our standard of build is second to none.

If you want a camping pod for your camping site, or fishery, maybe for a spare room in the garden and you have access, then please give us a call. the number one for camping pods in the World!



Camping Pods 2014  02 Camping Pods 2014  03 Camping Pods 2014  04 Camping Pods 2014  05 Camping Pods 2014  06 Camping Pods 2014  07 Camping Pods 2014  08 Camping Pods 2014  09 Camping Pods 2014  10 Camping Pods 2014  12


Laminated Log Cabins 2014

I thought today I would just upload loads of photos of laminated timber, beams and logs, rather than write tons of words, as I truly believe these photos speak for themselves.

Laminated logs

Laminated log cabins


Laminated log cabinslv

Laminated logcabinslv

Laminated logcabinslv

Laminated logcabinslv

Laminated logcabinslv

Laminated logcabinslv

Laminated logcabinslv

Laminated logcabinslv

Laminated logcabins 50mm

Laminated logcabins 50mm

Laminated logcabinslv

Laminated logcabinslv

Laminated logcabinslv

Laminated logcabinslv

Laminated Log Cabins

Laminated Log Cabins

Laminated Log Cabins

Laminated Log Cabins

Laminated Log Cabins

Laminated Log Cabins-Beams



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Interlocking Sheds by

  Interlocking Sheds from

The Number one in the World for quality log cabins – timber frame buildings and now Interlocking sheds! New for 2014…

We have more partners world wide selling our unique log cabin brand than any other manufacturer.

Very soon, we have a very wide but incredibly  interesting range of new Interlocking Sheds ( only from All our designs are a heritage example of UK sheds through 100 years, manufactured from 28mm interlocking  water tight T&G timber, ALSO available in solid 40mm.

Over the years we have offered thousands of different designed cabins, but we feel it is very important to start offering traditional shed like buildings, logcabin sheds to the market.

We will have on Offer, Pent roof interlocking sheds, Apex roof styles and many more.

If you are looking for a quality little shed, and are fed up with buying the same old cheap nasty shed from down the road that last just 2 years and leaks every time there is a drizzle, then please consider looking at our new range of Interlocking Sheds for 2014., the number one in shed ( log cabin) designs!


Quality, Design, Price….Do not settle for less!

interlocking shed

Interlocking buildings from log cabins lv

Interlocking sheds log cabins lv 3

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