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Glulam Deluxe Log Cabins

The biggest problem with garden log cabins is the span you are able to accomplish with solid log walls. When the foresters go into the woods with their transport to fell the trees, they are restricted to a maximum of 6m in length, once they have trimmed the logs down, you are then left normally with timber length of 5.9m.


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So if you wanted a single room log cabin with was say 8m x 8m then you would have to have a but end, to but end, and a false wall.

Many people, who are looking to turn their log cabins into snooker rooms, find this false wall a nuisance, as it hinders play.

In addition, if you are looking for an aerobic hall, or just a play area, then these false walls do cause problems.

Also this problem of log locking really does cause a serious headaches in large garages, where cars like Range Rovers, etc are concerned.

So, what is the solution?

Engineered Glulam Logs are the answer, as it’s possible to manufacture these logs to 13m.

We are able to offer a 72mm Glulam log, which means spans of 8m are easily achievable.

Which comes standard with our New Trada Certified double glazed windows and doors, CE accredited.

If you really want that Perfect Log Cabin, or a timber garage, then really the only people you want to talk to is us.

We manufacture not the best log cabins in the business; we have the largest range in the industry!

We have for many years tried our hardest to bring to market a range of log cabins that does not just put every manufacturer to shame in quality level and price, but also in design.

We now have without doubt the best log cabins on the web!

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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