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Log Cabins from LV 2017


Log Cabins LV 201702

Firstly, a massive shout out to James, thanks for the photos, and thanks for putting your heart and soul into selling our deluxe log cabins, believing in them, and giving your customers great customer service.

Log Cabins LV 201703

What is incredibly important is that James only sells LV, he believes in the brand, the quality, the service and the smiles from the office girls!

Log Cabins LV 201706

To us what is incredibly important is that our dealers offer their customers a full quality service, starting from the order, to the delivery and assembly.


Most Bulk Cabin Superstores offer off the shelf, massed produced rubbish, which sadly has as much feeling, aesthetics, panache as a 8ft x 8f shiplap shed made from old pallets.

Log Cabins LV 201707I know this sounds harsh, but please look at the photos of the log cabin on today’s blog (supplied by Jame) and look at what other companies are offering and we are clearly miles ahead in quality, price and or course quality of assembly.

Log Cabins LV 201709

Our Deluxe Range is now years ahead of all superstore cabins and years ahead in certification and quality of build, so if you are looking for a quality log cabin, that’s not a bulk, manufactured pile of bonfire kindling, then please give us a shout!

Log Cabins LV 201710

Why do people pick Log Cabins LV.

We design the best.

We have the best dealer network in UK for log cabins.

Our timber is only from winter cut; we offer certified windows and doors, which are professionally spray-painted.



SO……If you are looking for a quality log cabin that really is a cut above the rest, that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, and will last the test of time, then please send us an email or please give us a call.


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Why buying a bulk log cabin is rather stupid!

These are the blogs log cabin bulk resellers, hate!

quality timber buildings

residential log cabins and timber frame buildings

Are you looking for a log cabin, or timber frame building that does not come from an online super store, that is designed and manufactured, then assembled by professionals?


If the answer is yes, then Log Cabins LV and its partners are the answer to all your prayers.


There are way too many companies out there selling what we call in the industry bulk rubbish, its easy to spot, they all sell the same ranges, they all have near enough the same pricing, and the cabins, buildings look like clones, and this is because they are manufactured in high numbers, each cabin that rolls of the production line is not seen as a true master piece of work, its seen as another 1% in the profit margin for that day!


At Log Cabins LV our designs, are unique to us, and yes we have more designs, than all of them cabin design houses put together x 3, its true quite a lot of the other manufacturers have copied our best sellers, as its easier to copy ours than actually sit down and for them to think for themselves.

We are not a superstore, we manufacture each and every building to order taking great pains to make sure it as perfect as possible, and as we never get the same cabins ordered weekly, never mind hourly, which is due to the fact that our ability lies in bespoke manufacturing we do not have stock.


This also means that you cabin was not under 8 other cabins, the problems with bulk manufactured cabins is this.

They are packed on an assembly line, so if one bit is missing in one cabin, then you can bet your last pound (euro) that it is missing in all of that high-speed production cycle.

And normally they will make 50 cabins per timber thickness and log cabin size.


Most manufactures do not like to do bespoke (anything), they say they will do a bespoke design if you asked and they like to advertise this as it’s good for their SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but when you actually look at the prices they will offer you for a bespoke, and the pressure you get from the sales staff you will see they would rather you purchase a stock cabin, and make it fit than to actually bespoke a cabin for you.

Over the years, we have seen so many companies push bulk-manufactured Log Cabins into the market place, hoping that the public will only look at price and not quality level.

I am thankful that 2008 saw a lot of the working class start to really look at what they were buying and now this section of the public are actually more read up and now spend wisely, and the bulk manufacturing sector of log cabins are now feeling the pinch!

Log Cabins LV has been in this industry longer than anyone, we have seen the superstores of bulk manufactured log cabins come, and now vanish, the public want quality for their hard earned money, and if you really want an exceptional quality log cabin then we have the best dealer network now in the UK-Europe.



If a company jumps up and down and says 2 week delivery, then it is a log cabins from stock, or they are so bad no one wants what they are selling.. Whichever the case, beware!

Its better to have a freshly made cabin, that smells of the forest, than one that smells of mould because it’s been stacked with hundreds of others in a damp dark shed in the middle of a field!


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Log Cabins Dutch Barn LV

dutch barn log cabins

log cabins lv

The reason why we are the number one in the industry for designing quality garden buildings maybe because we are just amazingly good at it!

Today we are offering our thoughts on a Dutch Barn Office/sleep over/Chill Out Pad Design.

All things come from the initial thought, (the spark-idea- ) and then putting that design on paper, or in our case a three D image, we then put all our hard work to our internal architects; this is where the structure is tested and structural elements added, so we make sure the building is fit for purpose, It’s quite easy to do this as we have more history designing cabins and bringing new and exciting designs to market than ANYONE!

Designing log cabins for more than 15 years can and does sometimes make designing daily a challenge, as most of you know we have the largest selection of log cabins and timber buildings possibly on the web! But! that does not stop us offering more and designing more!

I know a Dutch Barn Roof design is not everyone’s taste, but I find the design concept of the roof rather aesthetic internally.

The Superstores who sell log cabins offer designs that are so 2001, and as we all know all superstore log cabins are cheap and nasty! Buy cheap buy twice.

If you are looking for a bespoke design cabin, or a timber frame residential building, or maybe a Glulam Log Cabin classroom, or you would like to visit our passive park home, then logcabinslv can offer the highest of quality, at very competitive pricing. Please speak to the professionals.



Log Cabins LV, putting our customers first!

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Quality Deluxe Log Cabins


deluxe log cabins 2016 59


( Thanks John for the Photos)

Seriously where are you going to find any log cabins which is fitted out as standard with windows and doors such as these.

I can answer that for you, ((No Where!))

Quality log cabins in the UK are as rare as Rocking Horse Pooh, and 99.9% who say that their cabins are the best value in the market, etc, are deluded.

LV has been designing log cabins and offering them to the public longer than anyone at present in the UK, we have seen so many companies come and go, and most of the time, the customers are the ones that suffer.

We have also over the years sacked our own dealers for either over charging, or just no offering the customers a quality service.

Sadly this industry has zero in the way of governance, and as a self regulating claims of quality are never actually confirmed, so we thought last year to design a range that is not just good, we would manufacture the best, of the best, Garden Cabins and offer them at sensible pricing!!

We hold the gauntlet out to any manufacture in the business to offer the same as us, to the same quality , with certified windows and doors, sprayed, and all the add on’s we offer at our pricing level, and we know they can’t and won’t!

If you are looking for a superb quality log cabin, please send us an email, or give us a call…

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Log Cabins VS Timber Frame

granny flats, timber frame garden buildings, quality log cabins

granny flats, log cabins, cabins, cabin, timber frame cabins


Timber Frame Cabins VS Log Cabins, what are the pros and cons.

So many people ask us what is the difference between timber frames and Log Cabins, and which build type is best for a garden granny flat to name one structure we are asked about very frequently.

Log Cabins VS Timber Frame 2016   809

The answer to this is quite simple, one is quite easy to put through building control and the other is not!

Log Cabins VS Timber Frame 2016   810

If you are looking for a granny flat in your back garden, most of the time price is the arguing factor, so most people look for log cabins, and then try their best at insulating them and turning them into some kind of residential unit, when sadly they are not even close to getting them to residential specification,.

Log Cabins VS Timber Frame 2016   811

This is really a no, no, as most log cabins sold to the public are designed for garden use, which means that the windows and doors are not residential quality, also the thermal value of a log cabin be it a single skin 70mm or a 90mm is not suitable for a cabin to live in full time.

Log Cabins VS Timber Frame 2016   813

Also trying to insulate this kind of single skin solid timber structure is quite difficult.

Actually, it’s near on impossible to do correctly as the timber walls, roof etc moves too much!

Log Cabins VS Timber Frame 2016   814

Twinskin log cabins made from solid timber, are also not a great idea to turn into a residential dwelling, in fact we tell all our dealers, or customers who enquire about twinskins that a solid 44mm x 44mm is not a residential unit, neither is a 70mm x 70mm.


The only kind of twin skin log cabin that we would put a thumbs up would be a glulam twinskin log cabin 80mm x 80mm and then only if inner wall is dove tailed to the outer wall, keeping cold bridging down to a minimum.

Log Cabins VS Timber Frame 2016   815

Glulam Twin Skins are not what we would call a cheap solution, aesthetically they are beautiful, they are incredibly robust and sturdy, and they will last for almost ever.

Log Cabins VS Timber Frame 2016   816

However, twinskin log cabins require quite a bit of work to get them to a full building regs and to get the certification of a residential full time dwelling.


Now timber frame buildings are on the other hand a piece of cake to get through planning.

Also unlike a brick house, they are easy to highly insulate and I mean highly insulate and make them low energy, low impact, housing.

I love timber frame buildings, as they are the future and they will become increasingly more sought after and common in the years to come.


Log Cabins VS Timber Frame 2016   817

If your have land, or a large garden, and you want to build a granny flat for less than 40.000 pounds, then a granny flat, flat pack unit in timber frame construction is the way to go, forget about putting your mother in a hodge podge building, give your mum-dad a building they will feel comfortable in.

A building that is fit for purpose and a building you could actually resell!

Log Cabins VS Timber Frame 2016   818

Yes I am sure some of you saw that resale word, well! Unlike logs or brick, and even sip panels, Timber frame is an easy one to take apart.

It can be manufactured from the off set to be taken apart.

And this means this new government tax on granny flats, just flew out the window.

Rather than knock them down, just take them apart, flat pack it, and sell it on!

Log Cabins VS Timber Frame 2016   819

I love our government; they are always trying to find a way of making dying a more miserable experience for those left behind.


OK..I must not get all political, I am told off enough at saying the country is full up, it is though!


Granny flats and timber frame go hand in hand. Now this is why Log Cabins LV are the company to choose to purchase your granny flat from.

Log Cabins VS Timber Frame 2016   820

We source the very best of the best timber, which you would never see in the UK, it would never be allowed to leave the Baltic’s, and the reason is, yes,,, you are going to be surprised at this…. we want the best first, and the rubbish can be sold to others. You see here in the Baltic’s, our forester’s look after the local companies, we do not sell our timber to the highest buyer; we make sure the local businesses get the first pick.

This is called looking after your economy; OK I will not talk about steel! This is also called making sure home produced products are better than anyone else. which of course means we get the edge in the market.

Log Cabins VS Timber Frame 2016   821Also this is the draw dropper, our prices are half that of the UK if you go by specifications. As C24 KD CE timber is only used in our timber frame, also we only fit our timber frame with Certified residential triple glazed windows and doors.

Not forgetting also our hand made certified windows and doors on all our buildings are BM Trada certified CE certified and come with triple glazed units as standard.

Moreover, timber frame  is as cheap as Glulam-Laminated twin skins per sq meter.


Log Cabins VS Timber Frame 2016   822

Our timber frame buildings come fully finished, they can be erected as quick as a log cabin, and they are so eco friendly, greenpeace members will give your house a hug daily!

I do not jest about the green credentials these building have they are so good for the environment, as all the timber is CE certified, forget about the profit making FSC culture, you need CE timber that comes from managed government forests, I hate any company that wants to add money to timber for profit! Only governments replant, not businesses.


As I live in a massive forest, and venture into them daily, take my word on that!


So if you are looking for a quality, low priced, eco alternative to a brick and block, or a log cabin granny flat, or maybe you have a bespoke design you would like us to look at, or you are interested in a house, or even garden office, then please give us a call and let us show you why Log Cabins LV is a great choice.


Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Log Cabins LV 2016

quality log cabins

quality log cabins

log cabins

log cabins



Today is a short blog about quality interlocking logs and crap!

I cannot for legal reasons tell you the company who’s video I took this from, but what I will say is that they are one of the largest in the UK.

As I always do I look through peoples advertising material, be it written or videos and see what lies they are telling the public and exposé it, for what it is, deceitfulness!

Sadly too many companies out there in internet land, believe that you the public are too thick to understand what quality is, so Mr Log Cabins LV is going to help you notice how to spot the bulk rubbish that sadly litters our market and gardens.


Here is a list of what makes a great garden log cabin.


Slow manufacturing production.

Skilled work force.

Winter cut slow grown Russian timber.(this is absolutely vital for longevity for a garden cabin).

Certified double glazed windows and doors.

Skilled machinists, sharp blades, and a quality finish.

Quality windows and door hardware.

Professionally spray painted windows and doors.

Oak thresholds on doors.

Metal tie rods for the walls.

And so much more.


And this should all be standard with every cabin.

Or it is with ours.


So today’s blog… I want to show two photos of a badly cut interlocking notch and a good one, one of them comes from a company in the UK that claims to be the best, and is actually selling rubbish.

And the other photo is how it should look.

Interlocking notches should be tight, and you should not be able see into the lock. We all make mistakes in this industry we are only human, but!! This is not a mistake it’s bad workmanship where profit rules, sadly not quality!


Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Twin Skin Residential Log Cabins


Residential Log Cabins

Residential Log Cabins


Over the years we have explained to our dealers about what is a residential log cabin and what is not, some of our dealers listen and others do not.


This email is to put you the public straight about what is considered a residential log cabin and what is not!


Residential Log Cabins 2016 9962Firstly, a twin skin 44mm x 44m log cabin is not a residential build, it was designed by us at the very beginning to be a 5m x 5m insulated garden office, we offered these garden offices with residential type windows and doors, and this log cabin was the bench mark for quality in insulated garden buildings.


But! Sadly this is where it all goes tits up, dealers started to offer our garden buildings as residential buildings, now we do not as a company offer any of our cabins as residential unless the dealer gives us a full set of architect drawings and structural calculations, which comply with local building regulations, we then cut to that.


This means if the architect had approved it as a twin skin it would be minimum 80mm x 80mm glulam logs, with a 150mm insulation, vapor barrier and the internal skin is dovetailed into the outer shell, this then keeps down on cold bridging and allows the two walls to move freely from one another, the heating of this would be under floor heating, the walls would be pegged on each and every layer, and metal bars would be used to tie the structure down, this is the only way a twinskin log cabin would pass building regulations.

Residential Log Cabins 2016 9963

Sadly too many companies use the word residential and do not know what the F— they are talking about. Its really annoying, but more than that its criminal.


As a company, we will sack our dealers and have done when they mislead the public, and most of the time this is done because of complete greed.

Residential Log Cabins 2016 9964

Any company that’s offering in the UK, Scotland, Northern or Southern Ireland a 44mm x 44mm twin skin as a residential or even the next best thing, to a residential log cabin, well they are lying!!!

Its impossible to get a 44mm x 44mm to residential specs.


OK….. The walls move too much, they are too thin, you cannot use thick steel rods to tie the buildings down, you cannot peg the walls and they will not pass structural calculations.

Our honest thoughts are that timber frame buildings are the perfect build type for residential cabins. They pass all structural calculations with ease, and as a build type they are quick and easy to assemble.

This is why we have such a huge range available. All our timber frame residential buildings are manufactured to building regulations and are fitted with certified windows and doors.

So if you are looking to purchase a quality residential log cabin, and really want to purchase it from the leading light in the industry then please give us a call.

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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DF Deluxe Log Cabins 2016

DF Deluxe Log Cabins

deluxe log cabins

deluxe log cabins

Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9988 Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9989 Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9990 Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9991 Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9992 Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9993 Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9994

Are you fed up with trawling the web and finding nothing but the same cheap mass-produced log cabins?

Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9996

Are you looking for a log cabin that is simply a cut above the rest and is manufactured better than anything else on the Internet?

Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9995

Well! We at log cabins LV now offer truly amazing log cabins that put everything else to shame!

Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9997

Our New Deluxe Range of Log Cabins is quite simply the best garden log cabins for sale anywhere on the globe.

Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9998

The standard of build the quality of the workmanship and the windows and doors are the talk of the industry.

Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9999

If you are looking for the best, then please call Log Cabins LV

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Simply The Best Log Cabins in Europe!


Where are you going to find better windows and doors as standard in any cabin range or from any other company in the UK-Europe!

precision windows and doors log cabins  10001

You’re Not!


Log Cabins LV has been for years trying to make the industry step up and stop cutting corners and actually offer the public a range of buildings that actually are worth the money!

precision windows and doors log cabins  10002

Our Standard Range of Log Cabins are superb, but our Deluxe Range of Log Cabins are even better than the best of the best!, they are actually the best standard range of Deluxe Garden buildings on offer anywhere.

precision windows and doors log cabins  10003

So why is it other mills will not go to this length to offer better for less? Well! It’s quite simple, greed and profit!

precision windows and doors log cabins  10004

Please go to any of the bulk manufacturers and just click on all the up grades, or try to get their buildings to our standard quality on our Deluxe Range and you will see that their pricing will be not just a little higher, but significantly more, some by many 1000’s.

precision windows and doors log cabins  10005

precision windows and doors log cabins  10006

To be fair not all mills-manufacturers have the investment to purchase a quality CNC window and door line, and there are none that can offer a certified BM Trada-CE- Window and Door set as standard with their cabins, that’s why our Deluxe Log Cabins are simply the best!


Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Quality Bi Folding Doors For Log Cabins

Log Cabins LV Bi Folding Doors  1

Quality Bi Folding Doors are almost impossible to find in this industry and the reason for this is that most mills sadly do not have the manufacturing know how or the skill of staff to be able to offer a quality log cabin with high quality bi folding doors that actually are fit for purpose.

Log Cabins LV Bi Folding Doors  2As the only company in the industry that offers certified BM Trada windows and doors as standard with our new deluxe range of cabins, you can be assured of not just quality, but fair pricing and as always our partners will help you from the order to the last day of the build!

Our dealers/partners are with out doubt the best of the best in the industry; also our dealers are the only ones that are able to offer you a 3m x 3m in 34mm up to a passive house.

Log Cabins LV Bi Folding Doors  3We have the largest skill set of dealerships in Europe, and because of this, we are able to offer so many different products with utter confidence that the LV dealer will be able to provide you with help from the beginning until the end!

Log Cabins LV Bi Folding Doors  4So if you are thinking of purchasing a log cabin for a garden office, or just a small one bed log cabin to live in, and you are looking for a company that can offer high quality log cabins with bi folding doors, then please choose us to speak to first.

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Log Cabins LV Youtube Channel


log cabins lv

log cabins lv

Please visit our Youtube Channel!

If you are looking for Glulam log cabins, bespoke hand made Norwegian Log Cabins, high-end super amazing log cabins, then log cabins LV is the company you should consider.

Our aim is to produce and supply top quality log cabins each and every time, we care about our customers, we care about quality, we care about price but more than that we care about high standards and on time delivery!

Our aim is not to just produce the best log cabins in the industry but to offer quality that is never offered as standard.

Our New Deluxe Range of Log Cabins are without doubt the best the industry has to offer.

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Quality Log Cabins LV 2016

cabins, log cabins, cabin timber buildings

log cabins, log cabin, cabins

So today, we are going to talk about purlins and the reason why the positioning of them is so incredibly important in the apex.

So what is good purlin set up, and what is a bad set up?


The first question you must ask yourself is why so many companies manufactures the roofs wrongly.

This is sadly the case to at least 70% of all log cabins sold on the internet for garden use.

The roof purlins are designed to carry the weight of your roof, and to basically stop the roof from sagging and caving in.

Most log cabin manufacturers do not run under any kind of building regulations when it comes to manufacturing garden cabins, so it’s down to them to manufacturer them correctly, and sadly this is not seen as a must, so a cabin that is say 5m x 6m would have a roof area of around 36 sq meters taking in the pitch, and once you add the roof boards and waterproof membrane and shingles, you could be possibly looking at a roof which weighs in at 200 kilos, possible more, which is enough to seriously hurt, if not kill someone if it were to collapse.

quality Log Cabins

Log Cabins- Cabins- cabin- timber buildings

I am not being dramatic in any way, as purlins should be notched into the apex, most are not, and purlins should sit in the apex at 90 degrees, most are not!

And because the government has to yet put any kind of building regulation into this industry apart from the fact that they are not allowed to be any larger than 30 sq meters, and no higher than 4m tall if 2 meters from the boundary, this problem will exists until there is a fatal injury!

But some of us already manufacturer correctly, and some of us have done from day one.

You see the reason why bulk manufacturers manufacturer their purlins this way is because of speed, price and also laziness, as by placing the purlin into the apex at 90 degree you must chamfer the top of each purlin to be flush with the roof boards, and this takes time, and costs, so its easier to just cut them in at 45 degree and then the roof board sits flush with the purlin.

But this means your cabin roof is only held up by 50% of the purlin thickness as Mr. Gravity cuts it in half because it is sat at 45 degrees.

So if you are looking for a log cabin that is manufactured correctly, by a company that cares about quality, then please pick

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Log Cabins in Ireland 2016


log cabins lv



Its really funny when I read a blog on facebook from a ex-bankrupt log cabin dealer in Ireland telling customers how he is going to bring the price of supply only off the self log cabins down!


Is this the same dealer who ran away from a customer last year, went bankrupt rather than sort out the problems, and left a poor woman with a log cabin not fit for purpose! If anyone would like to know who she is, please just ask me for her number!


This industry is truly full of nasty, evil, crooked scum that sees a trick and a flaw and capitalizes on it!

Who run away from problems and would rather bankrupt their company and start afresh than pay-fix problems which were caused by their shoddy workmanship.

Actually, I blame the government for allowing this kind of disgusting behavior. However, if you pay your taxes, well! They look the other way!


The moral of this story is always check up on Google about companies, the simple way is just put into search.. Bad review of__________ company.

Also ask if the company has ever been bankrupt.


What tends to happen in Ireland is that they open a company in the south, and if it all goes Pete Tong, they bankrupt the company and then open up one in the North.

We have dealers in Ireland that are family run companies, have been operating for years, and have a great reputation.


I am pleased to announce also that we have 2 new dealers coming on board with us from the north and the south this year. So Ireland is going to have a new range of amazing buildings, with superb quality, and at amazing prices.


I hate pushing the point, as really it’s up to the customer to do the homework, but there are a few companies in Ireland, that are dangerous to say the least to give money to. Never pay fully for a building if it’s costing you 50,000 Euros, keep the fitting work money back till the job is done, then go to each and every wall, door, window, roof etc and make sure it’s all done correctly, also make sure the foundations are correct, then pay!

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Standard Deluxe Range 2016


Log Cabins LV Standard Deluxe Log Cabin Range

log cabins, log cabins, cabins

Log Cabins LV 2016 the best logcabins windows and doors in the industry

There comes along a log cabin that really does make me smile, its difficult having a favorite as we have so many amazing log cabin designs on our website, yet year by year a log cabin pops up in the right size, right specification that just is the perfect size and shape!

amazing double glazed windows and doors for our deluxe range of log cabins

Amazing windows and doors, from , trada certified windows and doors.


Maybe I am bias, as we were the first to design, manufacture the clock house, which is as I always say copied by all, but mastered by none, also we were the first to come to market with the Twin Skin Log Cabin System, this has also been copied by all, and a few do a great job!

timber buildings, log cabins, cabins, cabin, logcabin

The best log cabin doors in the business, logcabinslv is the number one in log cabins and timber buildings

Overall, we are the leading light in designs when it comes to quality log cabins, and as you will notice so many before and I guess all will copy us in the future!

So here is one of my favorites which I think is the right size and actually right price.

Our 4.5m x 4.0 Deluxe DF log cabin is fitted with the best windows and doors in the industry!

I get so fed up reading claims from companies, especially in Ireland, where they proclaim that their 44m x 4mm twin skins are residential quality, as is the windows and doors!

log cabins, deluxe log cabins, cabins, cabin, logcabin

amazing hardware and fantastic windows and doors all available from log cabins lv


If you live in Ireland, and you see any company proclaiming this, ask them also to show you a 5-leaf clover!

I was wading through a website yesterday, and I must admit I need to report them, as the windows and doors were absolute (rubbish) and the way this company proclaims a 44m x 4mm twin skin stands up to building regs, I just wonder why the local authority is not arresting for fraud.

Remember this, when purchasing a residential log cabin, its not about the quality of the timber, or how much insulation they pack into the walls, its about so much more.

quality deluxe log cabins

4.5m x 4.0m deluxe log cabin, deluxe log cabins from


Firstly, double glazed residential windows and doors, that sounds amazing yes!

Well! its only part of the U value, the frame work of the windows and doors should also have a u value and be certified, not just the double glazed pane!

This is where it’s a con, as a certified window is designed for fire, and that’s all about the frame and mechanism. 99.9% of companies that sell log cabins sell crap! And that the truth.

Did I just put the Cat among the Pigeons?

log cabins- log cabin- cabins- cabin

quality windows and doors, trada certified windows and doors

Too many customers get caught out here, and this is why our blog upsets everyone!

I have a feeling tonight-there will be a few companies that will be changing their claims on windows and doors.

Trading standards should do a better job to be honest!


Our Deluxe Range of Log Cabins come standard with amazing quality certified windows and doors, we do not just slot our windows into the cabin and that’s that.

deluxe log cabins- cabins- log cabins

Standard Range of Deluxe Log Cabins from logcabinslv

If you buy cheap you buy twice, and if you buy cheap you might as well forget about wasting good timber, and purchase a log lap shed rather than purchase a log cabin and waste precious timber resources.


OK.. Getting back to one of my favorite cabins, this amazing little cabin has quality double glazed windows, which are tilt and turn, and not forgetting are certified, plus the hardware, the door handles, and tilt and turn mechanism are top quality, certified and fit for use.


The frame work on these are not just bits of old timber stuck together, as most mills will use off cuts to manufacturer their windows and doors, we don’t, we use only joinery glulam redwood, this stops the windows and doors from twisting and also give unimaginable strength!


Our Windows and doors are not just the best in the business; they come standard in our new Deluxe Range.

Our Log Cabins from our standard Deluxe Range of Log Cabins are not just fitted with amazing quality windows and doors, they are also out fitted with over sized purlins, they come standard with metal rods to tighten down the cabin, they also come with 20mm roofing boards and 28mm floor boards.

The Deluxe Range comes with so many extras which other companies charge as extra’s..

Log Cabins LV is the leading light in design, quality and price…

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Glulam Deluxe Log Cabins

The biggest problem with garden log cabins is the span you are able to accomplish with solid log walls. When the foresters go into the woods with their transport to fell the trees, they are restricted to a maximum of 6m in length, once they have trimmed the logs down, you are then left normally with timber length of 5.9m.


Quality Log Cabins

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Deluxe Glulam Log Cabins 2016 4 Deluxe Glulam Log Cabins 2016 5 Deluxe Glulam Log Cabins 2016 6 Deluxe Glulam Log Cabins 2016 7

So if you wanted a single room log cabin with was say 8m x 8m then you would have to have a but end, to but end, and a false wall.

Many people, who are looking to turn their log cabins into snooker rooms, find this false wall a nuisance, as it hinders play.

In addition, if you are looking for an aerobic hall, or just a play area, then these false walls do cause problems.

Also this problem of log locking really does cause a serious headaches in large garages, where cars like Range Rovers, etc are concerned.

So, what is the solution?

Engineered Glulam Logs are the answer, as it’s possible to manufacture these logs to 13m.

We are able to offer a 72mm Glulam log, which means spans of 8m are easily achievable.

Which comes standard with our New Trada Certified double glazed windows and doors, CE accredited.

If you really want that Perfect Log Cabin, or a timber garage, then really the only people you want to talk to is us.

We manufacture not the best log cabins in the business; we have the largest range in the industry!

We have for many years tried our hardest to bring to market a range of log cabins that does not just put every manufacturer to shame in quality level and price, but also in design.

We now have without doubt the best log cabins on the web!

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Log Cabin Man Cave!

quality log cabins man caves

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How many of you out there want to own that log cabin man cave at the bottom of the garden, to get away from screaming children, maybe the wife, to have your friends round and have a game of pool, or just sit at your own bar, smoke a cigar and watch the TV in peace?

Man caves over the last few years have become quite the rage, but when you look back at the first man caves offered in log form, you will start to notice that the doors and windows are falling apart, and the windows get steamed up every time the footballs on!

Last month I had a guy call me and send me a photo of his man cave, and trust me when I say this, the cabin was a mess, not just a mess, it was without joking sadly awful. He told me that he wanted to add an extension, and I told him honestly that it was only fit for a bonfire.

Now the reason I am writing this blog today, is not to laugh at his dilemma, but to make a point about log cabins and what is fit for purpose and what is not!

If you want to own a man cave then there are a few things you must take into account before you decide to purchase a cheap bulk manufactured cabin.

Cheap nasty cabins come with cheap nasty doors, these doors normally are manufactured with cheap pine, and cheap pine will twist eventually, plus cheap pine windows will also twist but more than that, they will leak.

Windows and doors are actually more than 70% of the overall quality of a log cabin, and when purchasing a cabin one must take notice what kind of windows and doors you’re getting.

Most manufacturers will show you a picture of a window or door, which normally is an upgraded window, which you can purchase if you pay more money, because if they showed you their standard windows you would run a mile!

There are lots of tricks on the internet to get you fooled into thinking your getting X when you really are getting Y, and if you see a quality window or door on a website, your mind believes this is really what you are purchasing.

Too many companies put upgrades on the homepage into tricking you into thinking this is a standard window or door set with their ranges.


Log Cabin Man Caves normally have a quite few electrical devices installed, and this causes heat, so ventilation is needed.

Sadly, if you have a cheap set of windows and doors in your cabin, the heat also escapes through these, and that’s when mould takes hold and your windows and doors rot away quickly. Plus they look awful.

So what do you do?

Quite simple actually, don’t buy a cheap nasty bulk log cabin, look for something with a Residential Window and Door set that is Trada certified and is manufactured using glulam joinery timber, which are water tight, and fit for purpose.

Moreover, you want to purchase a door with an insulated plate and not that’s fitted with planks of 19mm T&G.

You may be thinking these are going to cost a lot, well your wrong. Log Cabins LV has a range of buildings that are superbly better than anything else on the web and are competitively priced.

Please have a look at our New Deluxe Standard range of Log Cabins.

All our Log Cabins are available in many different sizes,  and thicknesses bespoke sizes welcomed  also.


For more information please call us or send us an email.

Log cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Log Cabins and Guttering!

log cabins guttering

When purchasing any log cabin there are many things to take into account.

The Base.

Before beginning any work, you must be extremely positive that you are able to complete this type of work. As corrections can be immensely pricey! When laying the concrete base please keep in mind the time it will take for the concrete to set.

Do not expect to erect your building on a newly laid concrete pad.

There are a few amazing companies offering screw foundations, these are extremely fast, and costs less than a concrete pad. Email me if you would like a lead! For most buildings, a concrete thickness of 100mm is fine; on some of the bigger buildings and depending on the use it is better to increase, this to 150mm on top of compacted hardcore. If you are thinking of under floor heating this is a great time to lay pipes.

Once you have erected your LV building, timber frame, Log Cabin its then incredibly important to do the Following….




How many people pay thousands of pounds for Log Cabins, and not add guttering, well the amount is staggering! Most if not all companies that sell log cabins, have in their terms and conditions normally quite stringent rules on fitting guttering immediately, however so many people just don’t.

What I find hard to understand is why? Personally my choice of stain for any log cabin should be yacht-decking varnish, as decking varnish has elasticity, is impervious to ultraviolet light, and seals a log cabin wall log nice and tight, from water penetration, bugs, rot etc.

Making your cabin almost water proof. Yacht Varnish is extremely expensive, however so is replacing the cabin after 5 years!

Sadly, most people stain their cabin with some  cheap stain that costs X from S and Q and think that’s that, and forget to put the all-important guttering.

Log Cabins are manufactured from timber,NOT PLASTIC,  they are designed to be a garden office, that extra room in the garden, play area, etc, but for it to last the test of time, you need to take the rain water as far away from the cabin as possible.

Log Cabins are not bullet proof, and for that matter water proof, and the way to keep mother nature out of the inside of the cabins is to seal it up good and tight, and to prevent the rain running down the walls, which will cause serious damage, and prevents the cabin serving you for years, you must fit guttering that feeds into a good drain away.

Our Log Cabins are fitted with amazing quality double glazed residential certified windows and doors. If you are looking for quality and price, LV is the only choice!


For more information please call us or send us an email.

Log cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Micro Deluxe Twin Skin Log Cabins

micro log cabins deluxe quality

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Holiday Accommodation. Micro Housing,

Holiday Micro Cabins

Micro Deluxe Log Cabins 4.0m x 5.7m  2 Micro Deluxe Log Cabins 4.0m x 5.7m  3 Micro Deluxe Log Cabins 4.0m x 5.7m  4 Micro Deluxe Log Cabins 4.0m x 5.7m  5  Micro Deluxe Log Cabins 4.0m x 5.7m  7


As the Holiday sector becomes a booming industry in the UK, more and more holiday companies, parks, resorts, look for accommodation that makes viable sense.

Timber Frame Companies are now over burdened with orders, and as demand grows, so does pricing.

Regardless of under supply and higher prices, we still believe in offering Quality Timber Frame or Log type structures at competitive pricing.

At LV we believe in manufacturing the highest quality buildings be them timber frame or log construction that are truly a cut above the rest!

Our New for 2016 Deluxe Range comes in all shapes and sizes, and our Twin Skin Deluxe Log Cabin Micro Holiday Homes are fantastic value for money, they come pre painted, with residential windows and doors, sprayed to your choice of colour, amazing internal doors, hand made stairs, quality hardware, triple glazed tilt and turn windows and high end insulated doors, and of course are built from FSC KD Siberian Spruce.


There is not another company offering so much for so little.

For more information please call us or send us an email.

Log cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Log Cabins LV the Number One Supplier of Cabins and Timber Frame Buildings

The Number One Log Cabins in Europe

quality log cabins – log cabin- cabins

Log Cabin LV the Number One Supplier of Cabins and Timber Frame Building    2

Log Cabins LV have been manufacturing – supplying Log Cabins for more than 14 years, we have supplied Log Cabins throughout the world. Our Log Cabins are the best the Log Cabin market has to offer, we are the only supplier of Passive Buildings timber buildings, Sectional Timber Frame Buildings, laminated log cabins and so very much more, our dealers worldwide are the most knowledgeable and hardworking you can find.

If you are looking for a quality brand of log cabins, you are fed up of being let down by your supplier, you have been dealing with missing bits, twisted doors and leaking windows, then Log Cabins LV is here to offer you and your customer welcomed relief!

Log cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Timber Frame Park Home LV


Log Cabins LV Passive Park Homes  36 Log Cabins LV Passive Park Homes  35 Log Cabins LV Passive Park Homes  24 Log Cabins LV Passive Park Homes  23 Log Cabins LV Passive Park Homes  22 Log Cabins LV Passive Park Homes  21 Log Cabins LV Passive Park Homes  18 Log Cabins LV Passive Park Homes  17 Log Cabins LV Passive Park Homes  16 Log Cabins LV Passive Park Homes  12 Log Cabins LV Passive Park Homes  09 Log Cabins LV Passive Park Homes  08 Log Cabins LV Passive Park Homes  04


Interior design is such an integral part of any new residential timber frame cabin also log cabins.

In addition, functionality always comes before aesthetics, however the two must obviously merge into one!


We have designed our New Show Home to be externally amazing, with extremely tight grained Siberian larch, vertically mounted, fitted handmade CE- Trada Certified triple glazed Glulam Windows and Doors, and not forgetting every gadget to truly make our Passive show house a building of the future.


Log Cabins LV and have the only Residential Timber Frame Passive Park Home Show Home in existence in the UK.


There were many reasons why we decided to invest heavily into a show home and one that was so incredibly insulated and thermal efficient.


I think the main reason was to show the public that you really can purchase an amazing timber frame highly insulated building that really doesn’t cost more than £ 200 a year to heat, and that your investment is quite safe.

In fact and this is quite out standing or even unusual our New Passive Timber Frame Park Home will increase in value, gone are the days when your Park Home.


Our Passive Timber Frame Park Home which is built to follow the criteria of BS3632, only in height and size will wipe the floor or all and any park homes built in the UK!!!

Log cabins LV the sensible choice!

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