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Timber, Cabins and very Big Lies.

TwinSkin Log Cabins are without doubt, without doubt the best way of having a very large insulated structure and are still cheaper than Sips and Timber Frame.

So why do think my twin skins are better, simple, i was the first to ever make one, design them and manufacture and offer to market, and over the years where others that have copied my design have not moved on, i have, i make them better than anyone else, I fit them out with superb windows and doors, and lastly I make sure that my build crews in the UK and Ireland know what they are doing.

Now let’s look at the competition, because if your smart your going to look around and find out what’s what and who’s who, so the first thing to do is make sure the timber is Belarusian or even Better Russian, not quick grown Splitting Baltic Pine or Spruce, Imedeska uses Baltic as do 90% of mills, sadly in the UK your timber industry like gas and other industries have started to fade and fade away, which is sad, but Inevitable, you have given Russia so many sanctions and bit the hand that fed you so often you are now in quicksand, slowly sinking, I think Boris will stop working with the EU on many fronts soon, and make ties, make peace, with Putin, and understand he is not our enemy, don’t listen to any of the left wing bullshit they tell you about him, its all crap.

Russia has without doubt the best timber in the world, forget canada, they mostly have douglas fir and Cedar, which is not particularly good for cabins, Russia Red and White is what you need your cabin manufactured from, and that’s where we come in, unlike most in the world, our timber is Russian, which is why the pine is so Red, it’s tough amazing timber that is perfect for cabins, and it’s all I want to manufacture from.

Always pay with a credit card.

So many mills like Dunster will say Russian this and Russian that, Blar Blar Blar. Estonian, Baltic Spruce , Pine.

Why am I so mad on Pine, simple it soaks up the treatment quickly and deeply, spruce does not!

Hope you enjoyed that…… And learnt something.

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Twin Skin Log Cabins 19-02-16

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If you are looking to purchase a twin skin log cabin what do you need to know before you hand your money over.

Today’s blog is going to help you decide if the company that you are speaking to at the moment about purchasing a twin skin log cabin is the right company!Kerry Twin Skin Log Cabin  19-02-1673

Firstly, does the company in question have experience in manufacturing, do they have years of experience, and have they been bankrupt?

Are they over charging you, and lining their pockets with you hard earned money?

Is the specification of the twin skin cabin as good as they proclaim?

And how do you find out, how do you find if the company in question is just a flyby night company, here today and gone tomorrow!

I am truly sorry if I am giving this industry a bad name, but sadly, there are many companies in this business that should not be!

What I hate, and I mean I hate is a company that comes into this industry to just solely earn money, no other reason.Kerry Twin Skin Log Cabin  19-02-1674

What they normally do is buy in cheap and then offer all the bells and whistles, free stain, or roofing material and then sell with a 45% to 60% mark up!

This truly annoys me, not because the company is earning money, but because the cabin is not worth the sale value.

This really does annoy me, it truly does, and that is why our partners-dealer are the best in the business, as we want the savings we make at the mill travel down the line to the end customers.

Our twin skin cabins come in 1 bed,2 bed, 3 bed, 4 bed, and 5 bedrooms.

They all come with residential windows and doors which are certified CE and Trada, as standard.Kerry Twin Skin Log Cabin  19-02-1675

Actually this blog would be huge if I wrote our specification, but what I can say, is that our new Twin Skin Designs and they way they are manufactured completely blows the competition out of the water! If you are looking for a quality Twin skin log cabin, please send us an email and we will endeavor to come back to you quickly with a great price and amazing quality!

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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