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Passive House Designs-Passive Homes

Here is another amazing design of a Passive Energy Efficient Home by

If you are looking for a 3 bed Passive House which screams luxury, opulence, which boasts incredible build quality, outstanding workmanship and design, then this 19.0m x 13.4m two garage 3 bedroom Passive House Design is for you!

What we have also done is try to show that outbuildings can enhance your property, add value, by keeping the same design through out!

Passive Homes (A++ Energy Efficient) are the future, they are the intelligent choice, they are energy saving, quality built, but more importantly they are what we should be leaving behind to our children’s children!

Passive House Designs-Passive Homes

Passive House Designs-Passive Homes

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The UK has about 25.000.000 homes, 80% are of poor design, lack quality insulation, inferior windows and doors, and cost way over the odds

Log Cabins LV can offer quality, design and price, all of which beat the competition easily!

A++ Energy Efficient Homes are not expensive, but no doubt, every builder and his dog will now be hammering away, offering this kind of build type, and prices at the very start will be extortionate. Honesty is in price!!!

Firstly, the panels should come delivered 99% fully made to site, there should be no frame building on site. The stud work in the panel should not be open to the elements Ever!!!!

A passive house, an (A++ Energy Efficient home) should at all times be manufactured in a controlled environment, we have a heated undercover work shop facility where we are able to fully build a 3 storey house, our in house CNC Window and door line offers quality CE approved Windows and Doors every time.

All our timber is C24 graded, KD FSC.


If you are thinking of purchasing a Passive Home, please give us a call first!!!

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Passive Housing 2020

2021 January there will be a momentous change in British Law, also to all European countries, as this is the Year and Month that we start to actually manufacture our dwelling-homes to a new set of building regulations, which in essence will bring all newly built homes to a passive standard!

So how could this affect you, well, its simple, rather than spending ridiculous amounts of money on heating your poorly insulated house, you could save hundreds on owning a passive house. Passive housing starts with triple glazing, keeping the noise and bedlam, smells and bustle of the outside world very much on the outside.

Passive housing also is a solid build, and a timber frame passive housing project can be finished in as little as 2 months. Built, tiled, plastered, wired, and internals fitted out! has over the years designed some amazing iconic garden buildings, and timber frame buildings, we are always looking to the future and trying to understanding what is needed and how to offer that in a quality package, which we find easy to do using our 3 principles of Quality, Design and Great Pricing.

Our passive homes are what we would like to call very funky, and our attention is very much on the First time Buyers.

As a company, we are more interested in designing great living spaces for people who actually appreciate what we are trying to achieve.

First time buyers in the UK, have historically been sold cheap and poorly insulated housing units.

Our design team has only just begun to look at the Passive market, and to look how we are able to offer great spaces, at affordable pricing. As we are sure you are all aware passive means ( a lot of insulation, frame work, triple glazing, and so much more).

Most companies offering a passive like build, are quoting prices from £2000 per sq meter. We are trying to come into the market with half that cost!

Log cabins LV trying to make tomorrow a better place!

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passive homes

passive housing

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