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Quality Log Cabins from LV 2017

Quality Log Cabins


How many companies actually offer such a huge collection of quality buildings?

What’s more, which company can offer such a variety of designs which incorporate

Manufacturing at its best, and to top that off, also offer their buildings with a price tag that makes sense.

So many superstore chains offer plain Jane, off the shelf, cheap quality log cabins, which look great the day you receive them, but become tired and look cheap after the first year.


Here is some sound advice on how to pick a credible dealer to purchase your log cabin from, or timber garden building.


Firstly, find out how long they have been in business ?


It is incredibly important that you believe that they are knowledgeable, skilled enough and will deliver exactly what they proclaim to offer you for said price.


Superstore type log cabin bulk mills will use the words, CE certified windows and doors.

Now this is actionable by trading standards. ( and should be reported if found to be fraudulent)


There are websites that actually put the CE kitemark on their homepages and use words such as CE approved windows and doors.


However when you follow the link to that page, there are zero photos and they make no mention again of the CE kite mark.

Our Deluxe Log Cabins do come standard with CE certified windows and doors. 


This is a typical scam, and it’s done on so many super store sites.


Also how much experience do they have in the Cabin industry.


Now this I laugh at…


OK.. 15 years ago there were 2 companies selling log cabins into the UK, there was us, and there was another, who sadly went bankrupt.


But that was it, no one else, absolutely no one. NO ONE!!!


So what upsets me more than anything is when I read on a website, that companies proclaim to have been in the business 25 years, or even 40, well, I just raise my eyebrows and say what a crock of crap!


It is important to document this, as I love this industry, and because we have been here from the very beginning and also we are proud to have brought many companies into this industry.

Actually there are a few I wish I had never met, helped, and mentored , but mostly I am quite proud at pushing standards up.


There are companies that are still out there using our designs and proclaiming to be LV as they as always-just want to con the public into to purchasing a superstore type building and shouting its an LV. or they will try and persuade the customer to buy some rubbish claiming its better… These kinds of dealers do not last very long.


We have been in the industry long enough to know that what comes around goes around.


So its vital you call LOGCABINS LV on the London number and ask us if a dealer is really our dealer.


Beware of those con men with zero principles, where you money and a lie are more important than honesty and quality.


Next, what is very important is that you do not purchase a mass-produced building from the bulk super store type franchise, and there is a very good reason for this.


Log Cabins that are massed produced really are sub-standard, I can hear all the sellers of the superstore resellers screaming, but hay ho, like I said there needs to be a blog that tells the truth about this industry and really lay it bare.


Factories only have X amount of undercover storage room, and they must store their mass produced buildings undercover, and obviously they stack them one of top of another.

Just say a 6000mm x 4000mm log cabin, weighs about 1.3 tons, and they put 6 of them on top of each other.

Most of the time, it is 8 high.

Anyway, the bottom pack, (6 stack) (this could be your building) has had 6.3 tons sat on it over the winter.


Yes, winter, so the word freshly manufactured building, plans ready in a day and only 25/30% deposit, well sadly you have to laugh, as its all bull!


To mass manufacture, and really get the numbers out there, as bulk manufacturing is a numbers game for mass profit, and dropping prices.

Quality, and really not caring about credibility, they must manufacture in the winter, and they must store in bulk.

I have never liked this type of business, it’s degrading for the good cabin companies, as the superstore type bulk manufacture wastes most of the time good flooring and roofing material.

Also these bulk mill actually rise prices for roof material and floor material, the thicker logs 34mm, 44mm type sizes, most of these companies purchase logs that are honestly fit to be pulp, normally very young timber, from very warm climates.


Definitely not amazing quality like from northern Russian!


The best timber in the world is Russian, I do not care what anyone else has to say, Northern Russian Pine or Larch is the best of the best!

Moreover, lets thank Putin for taking care of it, as in Yeltsin’s time, 1990 etc the forests were attacked savagely.

Deforestation was at that time a very big concern.


It is ludicrous and quite amusing how we attack people who actually stand up for their sovereignty, and want to stop mass invasion and keep identity.

Also not allowing the EU to come marching in a strip bare the very fabric of the country and leave behind nothing but debt! Which has been the case from day one!!

Phew!! sorry I can resist sometimes….


OK… if you are looking for a quality cabin, that will be manufactured and shipped to you with in the month, and bespoke designs welcome, by the best in the business. THEN…..Please give us a call, or send us an email! THANKYOU….


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Pioneer Log Cabins

Log cabins are largely constructed without the use of nails and as a result derive their stability from basic stacking, with only a few dowel joints for reinforcement.

This is simply because a log cabin tends to compress slightly because it settles, more than a couple of months or years.

Nails would soon be out of alignment and torn out. Given that most log cabins were not meant as permanent dwellings, not a lot of old log cabins still exist.

When English settlers started to go to America, they frequently constructed much more traditional houses and converted current log cabins to outbuildings to be utilised as animal shelters or sheds.

To produce their log cabins warmer and resistant to undesirable climate, settlers would fill the cracks among logs with mud or moss (referred to as daubing ) or sticks and rocks (known as chinking ). Fortunately, the insulating properties of wood tended to produce log cabins cozier than wooden huts covered with animal skins.

Most pioneer log cabins were made with basic round logs.

Nowadays, modern day log houses are constructed with hand-worked – called hewn – logs that fit collectively far more securely than straightforward round logs.

Although no historic log cabins survived within Philadelphia’s city limits, a much more recent instance is tucked into the neighborhood of Northern Liberties, north of Center City.

In 1985, artist Jeff Thomas constructed a two-story log house from logs and mortar on four vacant lots. Inspired by the “back-to-the-land” movements in the 1970s, it became a much-loved novelty in Philadelphia’s contemporary urban landscape, continuing a kind of rustic but comfy housing initial introduced to America within the Philadelphia region.

Historians believe log cabins may have gotten their begin in Northern Europe and Scandinavia .

When these peoples started to settle the Americas, they brought their traditions of building log cabins with them.

The colonists who introduced log cabins for the American landscape employed their carpentry skills and information of building to operate forests of timber into hewn logs and stack them into shapes that would have already been recognizable back residence. In undertaking so, they expressed their hopes and ambitions for new lives in America. The log cabin was generally deemed a temporary structure, normally a single or one-and-a-half stories with a single room that may be divided into two.

As we all know, today with the availability of engineered Glulam timber, and quality CNC machinery now has turned the once ( out building) into a much sought after dwelling.

Log Cabins LV…..


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Quality Bi Folding Doors For Log Cabins

Log Cabins LV Bi Folding Doors  1

Quality Bi Folding Doors are almost impossible to find in this industry and the reason for this is that most mills sadly do not have the manufacturing know how or the skill of staff to be able to offer a quality log cabin with high quality bi folding doors that actually are fit for purpose.

Log Cabins LV Bi Folding Doors  2As the only company in the industry that offers certified BM Trada windows and doors as standard with our new deluxe range of cabins, you can be assured of not just quality, but fair pricing and as always our partners will help you from the order to the last day of the build!

Our dealers/partners are with out doubt the best of the best in the industry; also our dealers are the only ones that are able to offer you a 3m x 3m in 34mm up to a passive house.

Log Cabins LV Bi Folding Doors  3We have the largest skill set of dealerships in Europe, and because of this, we are able to offer so many different products with utter confidence that the LV dealer will be able to provide you with help from the beginning until the end!

Log Cabins LV Bi Folding Doors  4So if you are thinking of purchasing a log cabin for a garden office, or just a small one bed log cabin to live in, and you are looking for a company that can offer high quality log cabins with bi folding doors, then please choose us to speak to first.

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Residential Log Cabins or Not?


residential log cabins, log cabins to live it, residential timber frame

residential timber frame buildings, residential log cabins

Today’s Blog is about residential cabins and what is a residential and what is not.

What I am going to do is refer this as Mrs. X and her problems with company Y.

Mrs. X bought what she thought was a Residential Log Cabin and handed over a substantial amount of money.


Before I begin this awful factual story, I must say at the off set, that I am deeply displeased with this kind of behavior, and this is why we need in this industry a governmental body who is responsible to check substandard and dangerous buildings being sold by mass producers who are endangering life and are without doubt just profiteering from the public but more from elderly pensioners who sadly put their trust in rather dodgy back street, ex bankrupt companies!


So Mrs. X bought what she thought was a residential cabin, she paid for the so called residential cabin, also she paid for a base and the assembly of this cabin.


Now the most critical part of the build is obviously the base, because if the base is off only mm the whole cabin is in jeopardy from that moment on, if you have a base which has been made badly the cabin is going to lean all different directions the walls will not marry up and the roof will twist, this is fact. And eventually the cabin will leak and the cabin will fall apart.


So regardless, of how good the cabin is, or is not, if the base is wrong, it’s going to be a disaster from the first laid log!

I know you can all guess what I am going to say, yes sadly, her base was off not just few mm out of sink, but many cm’s off and the cabin is a complete and utter disaster. Windows and doors were not residential which she was promised, the roof collapsed and the walls separated. it was a 44mm x 44mm massed produced pile of crap to be honest, which Cost Mrs.X 40,000.


Now a lot of good companies would have apologized profusely and gone back and fixed the cabin, making sure Mrs.X was a satisfied customer.

Sadly Mrs.X had picked one of the worst cabin companies in the land, and company Y decided it was better to go bankrupt then to pay Mrs.X, or fix the building.

Mrs.X then wrote blogs, and went to her lawyer, but by then the company had filed for bankruptcy and Mrs.X lost all her money!


So the motto of this awful story is that when you think about buying a residential log cabin, think twice and find out as much about the company as possible, Google them, really look into whom you are giving your money to.

Do not buy any residential buildings from a massed producer of log cabins, they are always substandard and not fit for purpose.


Residential cabins to live in should not be fitted with garden type windows and doors, they should always be residential quality with certification. If you see any company saying that windows and doors are residential quality, ask them to prove they are offering certified windows and doors, they must be certified by BM Trada, or CE, ask to see the certificate.

Also, ask them to prove that their so-called residential log cabins meet building regulations for wherever you are. It’s quite easy to ask and if they say yes, get it on paper.So when the building inspector comes round and condemns the building you have the company by the balls! Also check on the web to see how much the company is worth.

The moral of the story is this, most log cabin companies are crooks, sadly, and there is only a handful that can actually deliver what they promise, so be careful.

We check all our dealers, we do not manufacture bulk and our windows and doors are certified residential quality, plus we are the only company in the UK that assess our dealers yearly and if they do not come up to scratch, we ask them to leave the group.

We are not looking for mass dealership members, we are looking for the best dealers, who offer the best service, who have the best fitting teams, who have experience and know their stuff!


Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Log Cabins in Ireland 2016


log cabins lv



Its really funny when I read a blog on facebook from a ex-bankrupt log cabin dealer in Ireland telling customers how he is going to bring the price of supply only off the self log cabins down!


Is this the same dealer who ran away from a customer last year, went bankrupt rather than sort out the problems, and left a poor woman with a log cabin not fit for purpose! If anyone would like to know who she is, please just ask me for her number!


This industry is truly full of nasty, evil, crooked scum that sees a trick and a flaw and capitalizes on it!

Who run away from problems and would rather bankrupt their company and start afresh than pay-fix problems which were caused by their shoddy workmanship.

Actually, I blame the government for allowing this kind of disgusting behavior. However, if you pay your taxes, well! They look the other way!


The moral of this story is always check up on Google about companies, the simple way is just put into search.. Bad review of__________ company.

Also ask if the company has ever been bankrupt.


What tends to happen in Ireland is that they open a company in the south, and if it all goes Pete Tong, they bankrupt the company and then open up one in the North.

We have dealers in Ireland that are family run companies, have been operating for years, and have a great reputation.


I am pleased to announce also that we have 2 new dealers coming on board with us from the north and the south this year. So Ireland is going to have a new range of amazing buildings, with superb quality, and at amazing prices.


I hate pushing the point, as really it’s up to the customer to do the homework, but there are a few companies in Ireland, that are dangerous to say the least to give money to. Never pay fully for a building if it’s costing you 50,000 Euros, keep the fitting work money back till the job is done, then go to each and every wall, door, window, roof etc and make sure it’s all done correctly, also make sure the foundations are correct, then pay!

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Standard Deluxe Range 2016


Log Cabins LV Standard Deluxe Log Cabin Range

log cabins, log cabins, cabins

Log Cabins LV 2016 the best logcabins windows and doors in the industry

There comes along a log cabin that really does make me smile, its difficult having a favorite as we have so many amazing log cabin designs on our website, yet year by year a log cabin pops up in the right size, right specification that just is the perfect size and shape!

amazing double glazed windows and doors for our deluxe range of log cabins

Amazing windows and doors, from , trada certified windows and doors.


Maybe I am bias, as we were the first to design, manufacture the clock house, which is as I always say copied by all, but mastered by none, also we were the first to come to market with the Twin Skin Log Cabin System, this has also been copied by all, and a few do a great job!

timber buildings, log cabins, cabins, cabin, logcabin

The best log cabin doors in the business, logcabinslv is the number one in log cabins and timber buildings

Overall, we are the leading light in designs when it comes to quality log cabins, and as you will notice so many before and I guess all will copy us in the future!

So here is one of my favorites which I think is the right size and actually right price.

Our 4.5m x 4.0 Deluxe DF log cabin is fitted with the best windows and doors in the industry!

I get so fed up reading claims from companies, especially in Ireland, where they proclaim that their 44m x 4mm twin skins are residential quality, as is the windows and doors!

log cabins, deluxe log cabins, cabins, cabin, logcabin

amazing hardware and fantastic windows and doors all available from log cabins lv


If you live in Ireland, and you see any company proclaiming this, ask them also to show you a 5-leaf clover!

I was wading through a website yesterday, and I must admit I need to report them, as the windows and doors were absolute (rubbish) and the way this company proclaims a 44m x 4mm twin skin stands up to building regs, I just wonder why the local authority is not arresting for fraud.

Remember this, when purchasing a residential log cabin, its not about the quality of the timber, or how much insulation they pack into the walls, its about so much more.

quality deluxe log cabins

4.5m x 4.0m deluxe log cabin, deluxe log cabins from


Firstly, double glazed residential windows and doors, that sounds amazing yes!

Well! its only part of the U value, the frame work of the windows and doors should also have a u value and be certified, not just the double glazed pane!

This is where it’s a con, as a certified window is designed for fire, and that’s all about the frame and mechanism. 99.9% of companies that sell log cabins sell crap! And that the truth.

Did I just put the Cat among the Pigeons?

log cabins- log cabin- cabins- cabin

quality windows and doors, trada certified windows and doors

Too many customers get caught out here, and this is why our blog upsets everyone!

I have a feeling tonight-there will be a few companies that will be changing their claims on windows and doors.

Trading standards should do a better job to be honest!


Our Deluxe Range of Log Cabins come standard with amazing quality certified windows and doors, we do not just slot our windows into the cabin and that’s that.

deluxe log cabins- cabins- log cabins

Standard Range of Deluxe Log Cabins from logcabinslv

If you buy cheap you buy twice, and if you buy cheap you might as well forget about wasting good timber, and purchase a log lap shed rather than purchase a log cabin and waste precious timber resources.


OK.. Getting back to one of my favorite cabins, this amazing little cabin has quality double glazed windows, which are tilt and turn, and not forgetting are certified, plus the hardware, the door handles, and tilt and turn mechanism are top quality, certified and fit for use.


The frame work on these are not just bits of old timber stuck together, as most mills will use off cuts to manufacturer their windows and doors, we don’t, we use only joinery glulam redwood, this stops the windows and doors from twisting and also give unimaginable strength!


Our Windows and doors are not just the best in the business; they come standard in our new Deluxe Range.

Our Log Cabins from our standard Deluxe Range of Log Cabins are not just fitted with amazing quality windows and doors, they are also out fitted with over sized purlins, they come standard with metal rods to tighten down the cabin, they also come with 20mm roofing boards and 28mm floor boards.

The Deluxe Range comes with so many extras which other companies charge as extra’s..

Log Cabins LV is the leading light in design, quality and price…

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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The Best Log Cabins on the Web!


Amazing log cabins


Above is a taste of our New Economy Deluxe Insulated Panel Buildings ( Put all sheds to shame) with Our New Residential Windows and doors!

There are so many people now all selling the same kind of log cabin! They all have cheap windows and doors, they are all priced around the same price, and what is really amazing the public could get a lot better for the same price if they just did their homework and really looked deep into who sells what.

What I have noticed over the years that if you are advertising on the front page of Google, that is as a sure fire way of selling a cabin. However, what is a mystery to me is why the public purchase the first thing (cabin) they find.

Log Cabins are not really a disposable commodity! They are quite expensive to purchase, if you put them in the same category as most garden equipment, as they serve a purpose, plus you need to put foundations down, electricity etc. So purchasing one should be studied not rushed.

Log Cabins come in all shapes and sizes, yet have you noticed, apart from us, everyone is selling the same designs.

And they all have the same price point, it’s almost like it’s choreographed.

Log Cabins LV now has on offer not just the best log cabins ever to be offered as a standard package, but we also have a lot of New Dealers wanting to join us as they are fed up with their suppliers offering the same rubbish year after year!

We all know that when it rains it pours, we also know that the UK is not just wetter these days it is now colder.

Of course a cabin isn’t much cop in a flood plain, but neither is a house, however when the rain is pouring down,  this is when a bulk standard mass produced log cabin starts to have problems.

Firstly, 99.9% of log cabins have (speaking honestly) crap windows and doors, why> I think price point, but really is it price point, or is it down to greed-profit?

We looked very carefully at our New Deluxe Range of log cabins, we looked how we could really offer better for less.

I have done a lot of looking around the web, and looking at what companies can actually offer and what the price points are.

Most companies charge in the region of 1200, to 1500 for a Residential Double Door, and between 300 to 500 for a Residential Window.

What kind of quality these are is another matter, and if they are certified most don’t say, however, the price of these doors and windows are ludicrous.

Our New Clock House has 8 residential Windows and I residential double Door- all double glazed, tilt and turn certified,. The selling price from our dealers for the Clock House is £4980 delivered. If we were to calculate taking the lower price point from the other companies for the windows and door, then just an upgrade for their residential windows and doors would cost about £3000+.So where is the transport, profit, tax etc, see where I am coming from?

Then you have to take into account fitting a window of that quality onto a 45mm wall log, now that is a completely different story, as that takes money, skill and dedication.

And all this is something we have done and are now offering.

If you truly want the best log cabins for your customers, then offering them anything less than this new breed of cabin is criminal!


Log Cabins LV.. And All Our Partners.

The Sensible Choice!


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Hand Made Log Cabins Scandinavian, Norwegian

Quality Log Cabins are hard to come by, and if your looking for a really quality hand made Norwegian Log Cabin then is the only company on the internet offering not just quality at unbelievable pricing, but we offer more than just quality we offer suburb craftsmanship that you can trust in.

As you can see in the photograph attached, this amazing hand made log cabin isn’t just amazing, its spectacular, and it is a cabin that will last the test of time.

Our Scandinavian, Norwegian Log Cabins are handmade using old build techniques that are carried out by our experienced work force, every one of our craftsmen are the best in the business.

We are able to offer these amazing log cabins with quality handmade triple glazed windows and doors; hand carved external posting, insulated floor and roof, and hand crafted by experts!

quality log cabins

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Log Cabins And Cutting Corners 2015

Log Cabins And Cutting Corners


Bulk Log cabin manufacturers are always trying to find ways to make log cabins cheaper. It is easy to spot these cabins.

Firstly look at the windows and doors, you will see the framework is very thin, the hardware is cheep and the glass is very thin. The floorboards normally are 19mm and the roof boards are also normally 19mm and the purlings are sat normally at 45 degrees not 90 in the apex. This is done because it is a cheaper way to manufacture the cabin.

Purchasing a cheap log cabin means that you will have to purchase another one four years down the road they are not meant for longevity they are not meant to stand harsh winters they are literally a throw away.

This is a real shame as the timber used to manufacture these log cabins is quite good, however saying that profit comes before quality normally from bulk log cabin manufacturers so looking after timber supplies is not foremost on their mind.

What’s quite funny is that we have manufacturers that brag they manufacture 5000 – 10000 buildings a year which works out at if you take the middle ground 20.5 buildings a day including weekends and we are made to believe that quality from these mills is amazing (pull the other one John).

Mass manufactured log cabins are a blight to all that buy them, as we are filling our gardens with rubbish once again.

Purchasing a quality log cabin would only cost possibly 20% more yet you get a building that is hand made with quality double glazed tilt and turn windows and doors all of which are designed to last.

LogCabins.LV has over many years designed some of the most iconic garden buildings for the UK – Europe – world.

We are the only log cabin manufacturer with quality of design and fare pricing structure, which puts us on top of many companies’ lists as their preferred supplier.

Over the last 8 years, we have seen our business grow and grow which is down to our personal customer service, great pricing, fantastic quality and addressing all issues.

LogCabins.LV has been offering the public log cabins, timber buildings, camping pods, park homes, residential buildings, timber frame housing and so much more for over 15 years which makes us the longest supplier / manufacturer in the UK and Ireland.

Unlike most companies that have 3 to 5 ranges we have an amazing 45, starting with a small 3m x 3m in 35 mm going all the way up to a 500sqm fully insulated timber frame house.

If we can help you with bespoke designs or any other queries please do not hesitate to give us a call! do not settle for less!

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Quality Log Cabins LV

Creating quality log cabins, timber frame buildings, camping pods and many other timber structures that will truly last the test of time, which are built using the very highest quality timber, with the latest technology, producing a product that is second to none in the industry, these are the hallmarks of a product.

We are each and every month trying our hardest to offer to the world wide market new and exciting products at unbelievable prices, but still offering a quality product.

Here are a few photos of some of our products.

log cabin - log cabins- lv

Log Cabins LV  2015  35 Log Cabins LV  2015  34 Log Cabins LV  2015  33 Log Cabins LV  2015  32 Log Cabins LV  2015  31 Log Cabins LV  2015  30 Log Cabins LV  2015  29 Log Cabins LV  2015  28 Log Cabins LV  2015  27 Log Cabins LV  2015  26 Log Cabins LV  2015  25 Log Cabins LV  2015  24 Log Cabins LV  2015  23 Log Cabins LV  2015  22 Log Cabins LV  2015  21 Log Cabins LV  2015  20 Log Cabins LV  2015  19 Log Cabins LV  2015  18 Log Cabins LV  2015  17 Log Cabins LV  2015  16 Log Cabins LV  2015  15 Log Cabins LV  2015  14 Log Cabins LV  2015  13 Log Cabins LV  2015  12 Log Cabins LV  2015  11 Log Cabins LV  2015  10 Log Cabins LV  2015  09 Log Cabins LV  2015  08 Log Cabins LV  2015  07 Log Cabins LV  2015  06 Log Cabins LV  2015  05 Log Cabins LV  2015  04 Log Cabins LV  2015  03 Log Cabins LV  2015  02 Log Cabins LV  2015  01



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CNC Machinery by

Here are a few photos of some of the machines we use to manufacture our different types of cabins, timber buildings, sectional timber frame, laminated timber log cabins, solid log cabins, log cabin windows and doors, also residential windows and doors.

We believe in using the latest machinery,  which means that our products are the best they can be every time, giving the end user a marvellous product at a fantastic price! do not settle for less!

quality log cabins from

log cabins LV

Log Cabins LV......2014 036 Log Cabins LV......2014 051 Log Cabins LV......2014 066 Log Cabins LV......2014 081 Log Cabins LV......2014 096 Log Cabins LV......2014 111 Log Cabins LV......2014 126 Log Cabins LV......2014 141 Log Cabins LV......2014 156 Log Cabins LV......2014 171 Log Cabins LV......2014 186 Log Cabins LV......2014 201 Log Cabins LV......2014 216 Log Cabins LV......2014 231 Log Cabins LV......2014 246 Log Cabins LV......2014 261 Log Cabins LV......2014 276 Log Cabins LV......2014 291 Log Cabins LV......2014 306 Log Cabins LV......2014 321 Log Cabins LV......2014 336 Log Cabins LV......2014 351 Log Cabins LV......2014 366 Log Cabins LV......2014 381 Log Cabins LV......2014 396 Log Cabins LV......2014 411 Log Cabins LV......2014 426



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