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Log Cabins For Sale

For many years we have been offering the public quality log cabins, manufactured from Solid timber, the main sizes have been from 28mm, 34mm, 44mm, 70mm and 90mm.

Our solid timber quality log cabins are with out doubt the best on sale in the market, as is our massive 4000 design range. Choosing a quality log cabin from the vast number of websites on the Internet can be a daunting task, as so many companies offer the world, but in reality when you get down to adding up all the extras that make up the cabin, the prices are not what are advertised. has over the years tried to keep pricing down and quality levels high, but as we all know you get what you pay for. Our log cabins are not just amazing they are fully complete log cabin kits that come with windows and doors, 28mm floor a 19mm roof, and before you ask, yes the walls!

There are too many companies on the web that offer cabins, where the floor is an extra charge, or charge crazy high prices and then rob you again on high erecting- fitting charges. The balance in this market is to find a company that offers you a quality cabin, which has no hidden charges and no hidden surprises. Also, beware of companies that change their name once every 4 years.

We feel the best thing to do is a search out the company if you are thinking of handing over money , go onto Google and look for history of bankruptcy, bad reviews, or both. If a company just pops up out of nowhere, trading for 3 months and they have an amazing amount of fully built cabins in their log cabin gallery, and they proclaim that all cabins in the cabin gallery are their cabins (and the company has only been registered for 3-4 month) this is a sure sign they have been bankrupt. Sadly in the UK, a company trading as (blarblarblar) and if they go into bankruptcy, they can keep the trading name but will loose the company name. This allows them to carry on trading using the trading as name like nothing has happened, and this also helps them keep their website and Google ranking and to carry on defrauding people time and time again.

This is why many log cabin manufacturers from the Baltic’s-Scandinavia are very nervous about trading with UK companies and offering credit! That is also, why we have the very best dealer network in Europe. Our dealers know the products, all our dealers are vetted, and we make sure they are all financially sound and have no criminal records. If you are looking for quality log cabins, and need help, please give us a call, or send us an email., do not settle for less!

Log Cabins Glulam 80mm

Log Cabins Glulam 80mm

Log Cabins Glulam 80mm 10 Log Cabins Glulam 80mm 13 Log Cabins Glulam 80mm 16 Log Cabins Glulam 80mm 19 Log Cabins Glulam 80mm 22

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