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Quality Log Cabins from the Number One manufacturer in the World!

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Log Cabins LV the number one for log cabins and timber buildings in the world.

Today (Sunday, yes I always answer the phone) I had an elderly woman on the from Cornwall telling me about her experience about trying to purchase a Log Cabin from Log Cabin Manufacturers. She had been trawling the websites for more that 4 months, looking for a log cabin that would suit her garden and the path she had running up from the house she was also looking for a log cabin that would comply to the under 2.5m rule.

I talked her through our extensive under 2.5m cabins, which took almost 2 hours, she then decided that none of the range would suit her needs, and asked me if Log Cabins LV could bespoke, tailor-made one of the TF log cabins for her.

We then spoke at length at how we would manufacture the cabin to suit all her needs and how long it would take to be delivered to her.


But the surprising part of the conversation was her knowledge on Log Cabins, and how she had pretty much read every word we have written on our website, she then commented on why she had picked us as for the supplier, but more importantly why she had nothing good to say about all the other companies.


She had asked a lot of the companies’ a few questions, and they all failed, were the Windows and Doors CE approved, everyone one said no, ours are, she also asked if the double doors were insulated, of course no one could say yes, as none of them are, ours are!


But what surprised me was that she had asked if the purlins were notched into the apex’s, of course everyone said yes, but we all know that’s a lie, we are the only company that actually notches our purlins into the apex’s making them water proof and tight! This is an expensive and difficult process to do and but Log Cabins LV offers not just quality, but quality of design.


The Cabin industry is full of many different grades of manufacturers; they all offer different products, different prices and different solutions to manufacturing.


How can you tell if you are purchasing a quality log cabin, well its quite easy, firstly if the company is selling any Log Cabins in 19mm, avoid that company immediately!


If the company is always having sales, using words like extended sales, ask yourself this question, why are their log cabins cheaper? Does it say about the mark up on their cabins, are they being honest through out the year, why are they selling their log cabins higher in the summer and then devaluing them in the Autumn?

So what really are you purchasing?

A Log Cabin worth 3000 pounds or a sale cabin worth 2400 pounds?

What kind of company devalues its stock? I know this is a harsh way of looking at other companies policies, but do Aston Martin have sales every Autumn, does Rolex devalue its stock coming to the end of the summer season?

The answer to this is no, why?

Because these coming manufacturer quality, and quality comes with amazing designs, and above all else, the worth factor!

Our Log Cabins are Worth More!

They truly are, and our prices should be higher, but because the average man does not understand a log cabin from a shed, and only see’s the price, and nearly everyone has copied our designs, its almost impossible for the public to distinguish quality from crap!


However, my well read Elderly Woman on phone this morning did, and she said that the only reason she would buy a log cabin from Log Cabins LV is that she knew she was purchasing a quality log cabin and not a mass-produced pile of Pooh! (her words).


I would like to add one more point to this topic of the true worth of log cabins.

There are companies in Germany, who manufacturer in Poland, and a particular company comes to mind that do not just sell log cabins for hundreds, but thousands and thousands. And are these cabins worth the money, the answer to this is no, but there are some out there that want to purchase what they think is a cut above the rest, well, they are also being fooled.


Our New Range of Windows and Doors are the BEST IN THE MARKET, we are the only company to actually notch our purlins into the APEX, and also we are the only company who offers any colour you wish your windows and doors to be sprayed free.


Plus we are the only company that is CE approved to manufacture 44mm Log Cabin tilt and turn argon filled double glazed windows and doors from quality JOINERY TIMBER.

Now this might sound like a load of hog wash to you, but remember this, windows and doors are really the life of the cabin, once they fail, so does the cabin, and we will guarantee ours for 2 years, no other company will offer this. Please ask our dealers regarding our new range of windows and doors. The best in the industry!

Log Cabins LV really is the only sensible choice.

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