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Log Cabins New for 2015

Log Cabins Sauna New for 2015

Sauna Log Cabins New for 2015

Log Cabins New for 2015    03 Log Cabins New for 2015    05 Log Cabins New for 2015    07 Log Cabins New for 2015    09 Log Cabins New for 2015    11 Log Cabins New for 2015    13 Log Cabins New for 2015    15 Log Cabins New for 2015    17 Log Cabins New for 2015    19 has over many, many years designed some incredibly amazing buildings, which now adorn many garden spaces through out Europe and the World!

Of course our Clock House is very much on top of the list, but there are many other designs that are solely ours, the Garden Office 5m x 4m in 44mm, the Twin Skin Garden Log Cabin Office 5.5m x 5.5m in 44mm x 44mm, in fact we were the first company ever to offer Twin Skins Log Cabins!

Last week we noticed this was written on a dealers website in the UK!


(If you have seen a particular log cabin size or style that you like maybe elsewhere, chances are it was a copy of one of ours in the first place, but you may also wish to take advantage of our extreme flexibility in design and make some minor or major changes )

( I think the guy that wrote this has a very serious drink problem, as why would he say that no doubt its there design , if the log cabin is not on his website?)

The reason we are highlighting this text, is that it tells you that this company has no desires to design, innovate, test or try, they just want to copy! And they are too tight to even to hire a qualified Architect to design at least a few different designs, this company, steer clear of!


When designing log cabins, timber buildings, the process is quite a long and difficult one, firstly we must make sure the walls are strong enough to hold up the roof, as mother nature put’s strain on all buildings be them brick or timber in many different ways.


When designing a log cabin from solid timber, we always make sure that the trusses are super thick, super strong. In addition, there is a lot more thought going into a log cabin than just if the building is functional ,design, sturdy, safe and priced well, we also have to take into account timber use!


Quality timber should be used with respect, and when designing any log cabin, timber frame building, camping pod, glulam log cabin, what ever, it is imperative that we use our timber resources and not waste them!

Unlike most balk manufactures of log cabins, we do not under size on timbers to boost profits, what we do is look at all our unique designs and work out what that cabin needs and to make sure that cabin is the best it can be, and we are famous for the best quality interlocking log cabins now in the World, be them solid or Glulam!! is now expending into Finland, as sadly even the Finn’s with all their wood and expertise cannot match us on quality and price!

We are please to announce that we will be offering a brand new range of sauna cabins, which you can live in!

Our New Sauna Log Cabins are not just amazing value for money, also they are manufactured from our graded glulam logs, which just happen to be the best glulam graded logs in the business, there is no other company on the net with better!

Please email us direct to find out who you should talk to, there are too many companies now telling customers they are our dealers and are not!!!!

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