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Residential Log Cabins 27/4/16

Residential Log Cabins  832Tonight I want to write about what is a residential log cabin, and what is not!

Every Day I get phone calls from public asking my opinion on what is and what is not a residential log cabin, and if a log cabin manufactured from 44mm , 66mm , 70mm and 90mm will meet building regulations, and if this kind of cabin is suitable to live in all year round.

Residential Log Cabins  833

I have written countless blogs regarding Twin Skin 44mm-70mm Log Cabins, and how they will not meet building regulations, yet sadly the public daily are bombarded with websites which state that their wares are Residential Quality, and with rock bottom prices that lure in the unsuspecting public, who then part with their hard earned money, and end up with a glorified shed.


When you surf the internet looking for a residential type building to live in, there are many questions you can ask to find out if the cabins on offer on which ever website is as stated residential or not!


We are able to offer a full turn key solution.


Firstly, and this is fact, 44mm, 66mm 70mm and 90mm solid log cabins will not every pass building regulations, they are not suitable for dwelling homes, and the logs have little or no insulation values.

Residential Log Cabins  834

So whatever some sweet voiced, over confident sales staff say, they are liars, and they are only after your money!


So what really does make a residential log cabin, well its quite simple, its called structural calculations, it’s called plans that are drawn up by qualified architects and it’s called quality manufacturing.


If you really are looking for a quality residential log cabin, that truly is of a residential quality, that meets structural and building regulations, then please give us a call.



residential log cabins

residential log cabins

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Residential Log Cabins or Not?


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residential timber frame buildings, residential log cabins

Today’s Blog is about residential cabins and what is a residential and what is not.

What I am going to do is refer this as Mrs. X and her problems with company Y.

Mrs. X bought what she thought was a Residential Log Cabin and handed over a substantial amount of money.


Before I begin this awful factual story, I must say at the off set, that I am deeply displeased with this kind of behavior, and this is why we need in this industry a governmental body who is responsible to check substandard and dangerous buildings being sold by mass producers who are endangering life and are without doubt just profiteering from the public but more from elderly pensioners who sadly put their trust in rather dodgy back street, ex bankrupt companies!


So Mrs. X bought what she thought was a residential cabin, she paid for the so called residential cabin, also she paid for a base and the assembly of this cabin.


Now the most critical part of the build is obviously the base, because if the base is off only mm the whole cabin is in jeopardy from that moment on, if you have a base which has been made badly the cabin is going to lean all different directions the walls will not marry up and the roof will twist, this is fact. And eventually the cabin will leak and the cabin will fall apart.


So regardless, of how good the cabin is, or is not, if the base is wrong, it’s going to be a disaster from the first laid log!

I know you can all guess what I am going to say, yes sadly, her base was off not just few mm out of sink, but many cm’s off and the cabin is a complete and utter disaster. Windows and doors were not residential which she was promised, the roof collapsed and the walls separated. it was a 44mm x 44mm massed produced pile of crap to be honest, which Cost Mrs.X 40,000.


Now a lot of good companies would have apologized profusely and gone back and fixed the cabin, making sure Mrs.X was a satisfied customer.

Sadly Mrs.X had picked one of the worst cabin companies in the land, and company Y decided it was better to go bankrupt then to pay Mrs.X, or fix the building.

Mrs.X then wrote blogs, and went to her lawyer, but by then the company had filed for bankruptcy and Mrs.X lost all her money!


So the motto of this awful story is that when you think about buying a residential log cabin, think twice and find out as much about the company as possible, Google them, really look into whom you are giving your money to.

Do not buy any residential buildings from a massed producer of log cabins, they are always substandard and not fit for purpose.


Residential cabins to live in should not be fitted with garden type windows and doors, they should always be residential quality with certification. If you see any company saying that windows and doors are residential quality, ask them to prove they are offering certified windows and doors, they must be certified by BM Trada, or CE, ask to see the certificate.

Also, ask them to prove that their so-called residential log cabins meet building regulations for wherever you are. It’s quite easy to ask and if they say yes, get it on paper.So when the building inspector comes round and condemns the building you have the company by the balls! Also check on the web to see how much the company is worth.

The moral of the story is this, most log cabin companies are crooks, sadly, and there is only a handful that can actually deliver what they promise, so be careful.

We check all our dealers, we do not manufacture bulk and our windows and doors are certified residential quality, plus we are the only company in the UK that assess our dealers yearly and if they do not come up to scratch, we ask them to leave the group.

We are not looking for mass dealership members, we are looking for the best dealers, who offer the best service, who have the best fitting teams, who have experience and know their stuff!


Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Log Cabins to live in!


Log cabins to live in UK

Log cabins to live in from

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Are you looking for a log cabin, to live in? Are you worried about planning, are you looking for a fully insulated building, are all the log cabin companies giving you stupidly high prices, do you own your own Holiday Park? Or may be you have fishing lakes and are looking for quality, quantity and a fair price?

Fed up with the sales patter, well! is the number one in the UK for Residential Log Cabins, Insulated Timber Frame Cabins, Highly Insulated Timber Frame Mobile Homes, and so much more.

What stands us apart from is our quality and pricing, we offer a lot more for a lot less! offices are situated in Lithuania and Latvia, why?

Because we have 1/5 of the worlds forest next door!

Our aim is to provide the customer with not just quality built buildings, but also manufacture our structures in timber that is of the highest quality, hand picked first from the stupendous amount that is sent to the rest of the world, we are the guys that acquire not just the best but the very best timber for all of our timber frame cabins to live in, or highly insulated timber frame glulam lodges, or our Highly superb massively insulated Park Home Mobiles.  !

That is one reason our Glulam cabins are the best in the world, due to our ability to hand pick from the best graded lumber to start with, there is no other company on the net offering our grade of glulam!

There are many places in Europe and the European boarders where timber cabins, timber frame buildings, be it Bosnia, Croatia, Romania, that have OK timber, prices are low, but sadly knots are in abundance in the timber.

In addition, the ring growth is wide apart, as temperatures never fall below minus 15 in these areas, great timber starts from Northern Ukraine and moves up and above the Urals.

The timber from Bosnia, Croatia, Romania is great for small buildings, like sheds, small 5m x 5m cabins and the like, but for large timber framed buildings if you are happy with young knotty timber, then prices are extremely competitive!

This is not a harsh assessment of these areas, just a point of fact.

Olives from Margate are not as good as Olives from Crete! (Terrible analogy)


The UK has many great Designers, Architects and Highly skilled carpenters, and these carpenters are able to build some amazing structures, however 90% of all the timber used in construction in the UK is from either the (Baltic regions, Russia, Sweden Finland), Very Cold Climate areas.


Sadly when quality timber is landed in the UK it is normally snapped up straight away and bought by companies who manufacture high end dwellings.

This is why we have over the years grown in strength as our quality is now recognised as top-notch stuff! (One of our valued clients assessment of us)


So getting back to the beginning of our blog are you looking for a log cabin to live in?

Or a Residential Timber Frame to live in?

If you are, then please send us an email, and lets see what we can do for you, with in your budget confinement.

Typically, we are 40% to 53% cheaper than an average UK manufacture.

If you are looking for a building that keeps you warm, dry, and built from the very best timber in the world, speak to the guys from the woods, not the city!

Our typical timber frame spec for residential living will be C24, with extremely high U values.

Please follow this link to see our huge range of residential log cabins to live in!

LogCabins.LV do not settle for less!

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Glulam 80mm Log Cabins to live In – by

More and more people are looking to put a log cabin up in the garden and live in it! So they take to the Internet and trawl the web looking for suitable cabins, but sadly 99% of people have no idea really what they are looking for, and are fooled by what the top ranking log cabin Internet sites tell them. Triple thermal walls, insulated this and best that, which most of the time is just blar, blar, blar.

44mm log cabins are fantastic for a multiple of purposes, but they are not residential, and no matter what you put as insulation, they are not designed to be lived in!

Engineered Glulam log cabins are the future for the garden, as prices come down, more and more people understand that wasting their money on cheap mass produced cabins, is a waste.

When looking for a cabin to live in there is many factors to take into account, more than just insulation.

So if you are looking for that garden log cabin to live in, please give us a call, or send us an email, and we can put you on the right path.

Log Cabins LV has the largest range of quality residential glulam log cabins on the market.

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