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Logcabins.LV would like today to highlight the other products that we are able to offer using our state of the art manufacturing glulam presses.

Over the years we have specialized in Cabins, Sauna Cabins, Log Cabins, Timber fully insulated panel buildings and hand crafted Log cabins plus:

Camping pods

BBQ huts, and if that’s not enough, we also are one of the leading light here in the Baltic’s in Glulam Buildings,

Sports Hall

Cricket Pavilions

Changing facilities

School libraries

Tennis Pavilions

Granny Annexes and so very much more.

We are able to offer fantastic pricing to companies, which is normally 40% lower than UK standard pricing, yet our standard of craftsmanship timber quality, design ability is way past that available on the market!

glualm log cabins

glulam cabins

If you look around on the Internet, you will notice that we supply most companies looking for quality high-end buildings, we specialize in helping meet budgets and offering the best for your pound! Our Glulam cabins have been used for many different purposes, School Class rooms etc.

What we have noticed and which we will try and eradicate is the Greedy Middle Man, that earns £30.000 pounds + a building, for doing absolutely nothing, who arranges build teams, that actually destroy the buildings and cost both sides money, then runs away when the going gets tough! There are way too many of these shifty individuals in the industry. Easy to spot, they always drink a lot, are always over weight, drive a cheap car and speak loudly! Anyone took offence, ((Sue Me))..

So if you are looking for the honest guys and girls in the industry that have been here from the beginning, and will be here to the end, that do not get aggressive when the going gets tough, and that actually understand all the in’s and outs of timber buildings, glulam buildings, timber frame insulated buildings , then please send us an email with your plans, requests, or possibly you have seen a building in our vast range that takes your fancy!

Today’s photo shows how we can turn, curl, bend, and manipulate glulam timber to form an amazing looking tower!

Do not settle for less!

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