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Log Cabins Under 2.5m High LV

Log cabins Under 2.5m High, Which Comply with UK Planning Permission‎

Amazing value log cabins from LV

quality garden log cabins from log cabins lv

Our new Ki Log Cabins Range from Log Cabins LV are not just the most aesthetic looking cabins that are under 2.5m in height, they are incredibly versatile and modern looking. We decided when designing this funky new range of garden log cabins, studios and garden offices, that the doors should be tall, and that the roof needed fully to be up to the regulation height, as most cabins waste so much space!

amazing quality cabins from LV

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So we spent a year on looking how we could manufacture a cabin, which would be unique, funky and practical.

Lets have a look at the range and see what is what!


Firstly if you are looking for a quality little cabin that allows an abundance of light in, and is still a sturdy quality cabin then it must be our Ki Log cabin 1653.

Flat packed log cabins , and amazing timber buildings

LV the best manufacturer of log cabins in the business. LV the number one in cabins in the UK

This amazing little cabin also comes with a small side store.

What’s great about this quality little log cabin, its only 5.5m x 3.5, but if you look at the roof height, it truly looks the tallest garden log cabin in the business at 2.47m high!

In addition, with its tool log cabin room, it is incredibly versatile.

You can also put your valuables away behind our solid single unglazed doors, and if you think our log cabins must be up graded like most log cabins today to get quality, tilt and turn double glazed windows and doors then think again. is the only company that offers the best quality windows and doors in our 44mm log cabins and above, with 28mm flooring as standard, you do not have to upgrade our Log cabins. We offer quality products and fair pricing from the start, there is nothing hidden in our pricing!


28sq m log cabin garden office from

The best Garden Office under 2.5m high

If you are looking for a quality log cabin that has that Garden Office feel then our new 8m x 3.5m 28 square meter 1633 which is under the 2.5 height rule is perfect.

If you are looking for a quality log cabin that has that Garden Office feel then our new 8m x 3.5m 28 square meter 1633 which is under the 2.5 height rule is perfect.

LV the number one for log cabins and timber buildings

Quality garden Offices from log cabins LV The number one company for flat packed, high quality log cabins.

This amazing Log Cabin Garden Office is the perfect building to host your company.

If you go for a fully insulated twin skin say a 44mm x 44mm version (with a full turn key option) this allows you to hide all unsightly wiring, and allows you to insulate the walls, floor and the roof, then you have the perfect office to relax in winter, summer, spring and autumn.


This amazing Garden office comes with amazing tilt and turn quality double glazed units as standard, (in 44mm and above).

You never have to worry about cold, heat, or damp in this amazing Log cabin Garden office.

quality log cabins from log cabins lv

The best, most versatile garden office available flat packed, by

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