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Quality Log Cabins from LV 2017

Quality Log Cabins


How many companies actually offer such a huge collection of quality buildings?

What’s more, which company can offer such a variety of designs which incorporate

Manufacturing at its best, and to top that off, also offer their buildings with a price tag that makes sense.

So many superstore chains offer plain Jane, off the shelf, cheap quality log cabins, which look great the day you receive them, but become tired and look cheap after the first year.


Here is some sound advice on how to pick a credible dealer to purchase your log cabin from, or timber garden building.


Firstly, find out how long they have been in business ?


It is incredibly important that you believe that they are knowledgeable, skilled enough and will deliver exactly what they proclaim to offer you for said price.


Superstore type log cabin bulk mills will use the words, CE certified windows and doors.

Now this is actionable by trading standards. ( and should be reported if found to be fraudulent)


There are websites that actually put the CE kitemark on their homepages and use words such as CE approved windows and doors.


However when you follow the link to that page, there are zero photos and they make no mention again of the CE kite mark.

Our Deluxe Log Cabins do come standard with CE certified windows and doors. 


This is a typical scam, and it’s done on so many super store sites.


Also how much experience do they have in the Cabin industry.


Now this I laugh at…


OK.. 15 years ago there were 2 companies selling log cabins into the UK, there was us, and there was another, who sadly went bankrupt.


But that was it, no one else, absolutely no one. NO ONE!!!


So what upsets me more than anything is when I read on a website, that companies proclaim to have been in the business 25 years, or even 40, well, I just raise my eyebrows and say what a crock of crap!


It is important to document this, as I love this industry, and because we have been here from the very beginning and also we are proud to have brought many companies into this industry.

Actually there are a few I wish I had never met, helped, and mentored , but mostly I am quite proud at pushing standards up.


There are companies that are still out there using our designs and proclaiming to be LV as they as always-just want to con the public into to purchasing a superstore type building and shouting its an LV. or they will try and persuade the customer to buy some rubbish claiming its better… These kinds of dealers do not last very long.


We have been in the industry long enough to know that what comes around goes around.


So its vital you call LOGCABINS LV on the London number and ask us if a dealer is really our dealer.


Beware of those con men with zero principles, where you money and a lie are more important than honesty and quality.


Next, what is very important is that you do not purchase a mass-produced building from the bulk super store type franchise, and there is a very good reason for this.


Log Cabins that are massed produced really are sub-standard, I can hear all the sellers of the superstore resellers screaming, but hay ho, like I said there needs to be a blog that tells the truth about this industry and really lay it bare.


Factories only have X amount of undercover storage room, and they must store their mass produced buildings undercover, and obviously they stack them one of top of another.

Just say a 6000mm x 4000mm log cabin, weighs about 1.3 tons, and they put 6 of them on top of each other.

Most of the time, it is 8 high.

Anyway, the bottom pack, (6 stack) (this could be your building) has had 6.3 tons sat on it over the winter.


Yes, winter, so the word freshly manufactured building, plans ready in a day and only 25/30% deposit, well sadly you have to laugh, as its all bull!


To mass manufacture, and really get the numbers out there, as bulk manufacturing is a numbers game for mass profit, and dropping prices.

Quality, and really not caring about credibility, they must manufacture in the winter, and they must store in bulk.

I have never liked this type of business, it’s degrading for the good cabin companies, as the superstore type bulk manufacture wastes most of the time good flooring and roofing material.

Also these bulk mill actually rise prices for roof material and floor material, the thicker logs 34mm, 44mm type sizes, most of these companies purchase logs that are honestly fit to be pulp, normally very young timber, from very warm climates.


Definitely not amazing quality like from northern Russian!


The best timber in the world is Russian, I do not care what anyone else has to say, Northern Russian Pine or Larch is the best of the best!

Moreover, lets thank Putin for taking care of it, as in Yeltsin’s time, 1990 etc the forests were attacked savagely.

Deforestation was at that time a very big concern.


It is ludicrous and quite amusing how we attack people who actually stand up for their sovereignty, and want to stop mass invasion and keep identity.

Also not allowing the EU to come marching in a strip bare the very fabric of the country and leave behind nothing but debt! Which has been the case from day one!!

Phew!! sorry I can resist sometimes….


OK… if you are looking for a quality cabin, that will be manufactured and shipped to you with in the month, and bespoke designs welcome, by the best in the business. THEN…..Please give us a call, or send us an email! THANKYOU….


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