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Passive Park Homes

Quality of design is the key to longevity!

This is why and IformUK have decided to offer the public a Park Home that is not just a cut above the rest it will be the build standard for all Park Homes!

Long have we shouted that the BS 3632 is a build standard that honestly allows companies to steal off our retiring population.


Mobile Park Homes are sold for outrageous amounts of money, the specification of these homes is with out doubt laughable.

Too many organizations have fallen foul to this criminal build type and offer solidarity to it! The more kite marks you add, the better it seems.


There are over 2000 mobile home sites in the UK, with over 85.000 households living in these parks.

What is amusing is that local authorities are responsible for safeguarding the interests of Park Home owners, Yeah Right……


If you visit the main Park Homes website where they are offering (quality) park Homes, or Residential Buildings, you will know doubt come across their build spec.

These build specs on 99.9.9% are laughable.

If you are looking for a Quality Park Home and truly want your investment to be safe, then only we can offer you a Passive Park Home, Timber Frame Residential, that truly is an investment.


Log Cabins LV and IformUK will shortly be offering an amazing Passive  Park Home that will blow the competition out of the water, for quality, price, longevity and above all else esthetics.


Where Triple glazing, full building regs, high u values, and quality of build will be standard. Nothing is add, its all part of our package!



Do not settle for less!

Log cabins LV!!


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Micro Housing Insulated Timber Frame Buildings

Micro Timber Frame Housing

Micro Housing

Micro Housing Fully Insulated Timber Frame Buildings  2 Micro Housing Fully Insulated Timber Frame Buildings  3 Micro Housing Fully Insulated Timber Frame Buildings  4 Micro Housing Fully Insulated Timber Frame Buildings  5 Micro Housing Fully Insulated Timber Frame Buildings  6 Micro Housing Fully Insulated Timber Frame Buildings  7

London is now a renters paradise, and the landlords have the pick of the crop, a basic one bedroom flat costing £1300 a month.

We have foreign investors building awful tower blocks with micro flats, with as much charm as a toilet!

In Walthamstow the rents have gone up by 30% over the last year!

Rents just go up and up!

So, what is the alternative?

You could purchase for £30.000 a red cube from the YMCA and have your new apartment sited in a car park?

So, what really is worth investing in?

Our Insulated Micro Homes are now becoming all the rage!

On LogCabins.LV website you will find a huge selection of micro housing that cost very little but offer the highest of living standards.

If you are looking for a fully insulated timber frame house, that does not need planning permission, then our Micro housing is the way forward!

Please give us a call for more information. the number one in the UK for design, concept, safety, price and above all else, Quality!

Do not settle for less!

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Glulam Log Cabins

Glulam Log Cabins can either be amazing, or absolute nightmares to purchase.

If you are looking to purchase a Glulam log cabin, then it’s critical that it’s bought from with in the EU and that their certification is not from outside the EU.

EU companies have incredibly strict guidelines on the adhesives to be used for dwelling and none dwelling, plus companies situated, and certified with in the EU have very robust timber grading guidelines, which means your glulam Log cabin is the best it can be!


Firstly, if a reseller is bragging that their company they purchase from has manufactured say the largest Bridge, stadium, or public bridge, then ask to see photos of these buildings, structures, etc.

Then ask to see the certification from either a German laboratory or some EU institution, which gives credible grading and certification.

If they can provide this, then check and see if there certification is for dwelling purposes, or glulam bridges, as this is two different processes and completely different certification.


CE certification on Glulam log cabins is not enough! CE means absolutely nothing where adhesives are administered, and structural calculations needed. Do not be fooled by some smooth talking resellers.


Dwelling certification is very important, due to the adhesive compounds used in manufacturing a glulam log cabins. If the compound were to be toxic, then your nights in the log cabin of your dreams,,,((( could be very deadly! )))


That’s why it is so very important to purchase your glulam log cabin from EU certified companies, and not look for a cheaper alternative and put yourself in danger.


Another reason to purchase glulam log cabins from with in the EU is the timber which is used for the laminating process.


If you look carefully at the photo in this blog, you will notice very small and very few knots on this immense glulam beam, the reason for so few knots, and absolutely no dark knots is that this timber, is graded timber.

Graded timber is so incredibly important when manufacturing glulam bulks; it really is the difference in life and death, as many of our timber elements are used in large projects, where their structural integrity is imperative.


If you are looking for a quality glulam log cabin, then please send us an email and let show you what a quality glulam log cabin is!

Glulam Log Cabins

Glulam Log Cabins

glulam log cabins

glulam log cabins

Glulam Log Cabins   08 Glulam Log Cabins   09 Glulam Log Cabins   10


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Ki Log Cabins New for 2015 Only From

Ki Log Cabins

Ki Log Cabins

Ki Log Cabins 2015 2 Ki Log Cabins 2015 3 Ki Log Cabins 2015 4

The Ki Log Cabins different from anything on the Internet To date!!


We are proud to offer the market our new range of Ki Log Cabins. This range has taken us over a year of design and test, beware of dangerous copies. This design is very difficult to manufacture.

Our New Ki Range of log cabins are all under the 2.5m rule set in Great Britain which normally do not require planning permission of any kind. Always Check!

Our new Ki Range of interlocking Log Cabins are designed so you get maximum head room, they are also designed so your windows and doors open without the obstruction of low roofs, which sadly many bulk manufactured under 2.5 m log cabins suffer from.

Our New range for 2015 Ki Log Cabins are designed to look different, and to offer plenty of light intrusion into the log cabin. This new range we believe will offer the public the chance to get away from the block house ugly looking flat roof log cabins that adorn so many websites now, and as always its that design, manufacture and bring to market first these new and exciting designs. The Ki Log Cabins Under 2.5m High!

The Best Under 2.5m Log Cabins in the Industry! is firstly a design house, we love to design and manufacture the future, but we also like to create new concept quality log cabins, that are hand made, and take a few more hours to manufacture, rather than spitting them out every minute, like so many bulk manufactures tend to do now!

You can believe that our new range of Ki Log Cabins are now just aesthetically pleasing, they are quality through out.

There are many reasons we have designed this new and exciting range, they have the highest headroom of any under 2,5m log cabin on sale, we have designed these amazing little log cabin to offer plenty of shelf space, even above the front door! Beware of dangerous copies.

The New Ki Log Cabins are available in 34mm, 44mm and 70mm, if you would like to have a Glulam Ki Log Cabin, please speak to the nearest dealer to you! All our Ki Log Cabins are designed to last!

Our 44mm Ki Log Cabins come with great hand made quality tilt and turn windows and doors, and not forgetting 28mm floor as standard. Our Windows and doors are manufactured from Siberian Pine Joinery timber.

The Ki Log Cabins will save you money when it comes to roof covering, you can either use quality rolls of felt, or a Firestone EPDM, this can be applied quickly and has a 40 year guarantee. Please speak to our partners and dealers.

Our New Range of Ki Log Cabins consists of 55 Log Cabins.

Our full range of Ki Log Cabins will be available from stockiest by the end of this month world wide.

Beware of dangerous copies!

Do not settle for less…..

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4 Way Notch Log Cabins

4 way Notch Log Cabins

4 way Notch Log Cabins

Today I was watching a video of one of the leading substandard bulk sellers of log cabins in the UK.

The presenter, who though he would be a clever dicky, stated that they had a unique 4 way cut system on the log end (notch).

Moreover, that this was unique to them, and that it made their log notches, stronger, more stable, and better than the rest!

What !!!! a load of rubbish, what he meant to say, is that they had just learned how to manufacture a notch log end properly, and that they have got rid of their old machines, and that they have invested in a new one, and to heighten this elation of actually investing into correct manufacturing machinery, they boast on a video telling the world how they are the only ones!

What he should have said, is that 60% of other manufactures have had this 4 way notch cut for over 12 years, and that he had, had, so many complaints about leaking corners in his log cabins, that he had used some of his handsome profits from their substandard low quality cabins and had invest into new machinery! WOW!!!

This industry is full of jokers, con men and clever dicks!

If you are looking for a quality log cabin, that comes standard with a 4 way locking notch system, double glazed tilt and turn windows, 28mm flooring, 19mm roof, and all this is standard in all our 44mm log cabins and above, then please give us a call.

Not forgetting, our 35mm has a 4-way notch system, and so does our 28mm log cabins.Honestly!!!!

What’s amazing is that we are even writing a blog about this as the 4 way cut on a log end to manufacture a water tight notch, this should be a standard industry requirement! It has been for us for over 12 years!

Sadly, in this industry, there are too many bull shitters, and con men! Do not settle for less, 

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Log Cabins LV

quality log cabins

log cabins lv the number one for log cabins

Are you looking for a log cabin and you live in Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Cheshire, then we have 4 professional dealerships operating in this area. has over many years tried desperately to offer the best quality log cabins, timber frame buildings, glulam log cabins and hand made Scandinavian Log Cabins at competitive pricing.

Our Camping Pods now are the most sought after in the industry, these offer quality of build and amazing pricing, costing the trade as much as £2000 less than our nearest competitor.

We also offer quality windows and doors, so all in all is really the best choice when it comes to all things wooden and buildings.

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Log Cabins Ki Range

Ki Log Cabins

Ki Log Cabins Range

Over the years we have designed some incredible iconic log cabins, the Clock House, The Aurora, the Garden Office, in fact most of the designs that are slightly different came in one way or another from our design studios. has the largest dealer net work in the world, starting from Russia and ending in Australia, with near enough every country in the middle having an LV dealer, we feel its time we stamped our mark on this market with a whole new look for garden wooden log cabins!

Our New for 2015 Ki Range will of course cause a stir in the market, and as always the bulk manufacturing mills, and the back street shed manufactures will try and copy our new range-design quickly, but as we are the number one for log cabins and the best at designing log cabins, we have made this new range an absolute bastard to copy!

Our New Ki Range 2015 is under 2.5m in height, available in 34mm, 44mm and 70mm.

Please look out for our new range!! the number one in log cabins!

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Residential Log Cabins

log cabins to live in

residential logcabins


Residential Log Cabins, what is a residential Log Cabin?

Your Budget determines, if you can afford a real residential log cabin, or just a standard garden log cabin with insulation, and up market residential windows and doors.

Residential Log Cabin manufacturer

Residential Log Cabins to live in UK

If you have been searching the web for residential log cabins, you will noticed immediately that there are not many companies actually offering them, what you will find is garden log cabin manufacturers, trying in vain to sell large garden type cabins as residential log cabins, or you will find shed manufacturers trying to earn some extra monies by offering to build you a residential log cabin, but again it’s a large garden log cabin, insulated and passed off as a residential log cabin.

Our residential log cabins are residential, which means they are purpose built for that and that reason solely.

residential log cabins

Quality Residential cabins have 6 manufacturing plants, each plant does a specific job!

Plant 1 manufactures garden log cabins.

Plant  2 Residential Log Cabins

Plant 3 Residential Glulam Log cabins, Glulam Residential Buildings. All things Laminated-Glulam. Church roofs, equestrian centers, sports halls, shopping centers etc.

Plant 4 Timber frame Residential Buildings, Domestic Housing. Work Shops etc.

Plant 5 Hand Made Scandinavian- Norwegian Log Cabins.

Plant 6 Camping Pods.

UK Residential Log Cabin supplier

Residential Log Cabins UK


We are the only company with this amount of different products in our repertoire.

We have over 450 skilled workers in all the above-mentioned plants.


Our mission statement, is to provide, quality, design and ex work prices, that are 50% normally to that which can be bought from out lets in UK or Europe.

We work directly with Holiday Companies, offering first class full turn key solutions, with a skilled work force to erect. We also are able to offer design concepts!

Residential Logcabins UK

Residential Cabins UK


We have been operating in this business longer than any other company in the UK.

We understand what is quality, and we know who sells the rubbish! If you need expert advice, then we are the only company that will tell you if you should or should not purchase a log cabin, we do this regularly, and we have no problem in telling the client, brick is needed, not log!


Residential Cabins are not just logs, sold, and assembled, there is a lot more, when designing a log cabin for the garden, it normally needs to be a box, good windows and doors and a roof that will take snow load, and won’t leak! That’s about it!

But a residential, you must think about services, snow loads, condensation, usage, fire, dimensions, kn values, u values and so on, and also offering a full bespoke lay out each and every time.

Residential Buildings UK

Residential Log Cabins


Our residential Log Cabins are not just the best in the UK, they are the cheapest, if you look at the high specification we offer and price, and there is not one company that can match our prices.


Our windows and doors are not just amazing, they are fabulous, and with our skilled labor, your residential log cabin, be it one storey, or 2 will last the test of time and keep its residual value way after others companies log cabins would rot and fall down.


Quality Park Homes UK

Residential Park Homes UK

If you want a residential log cabin, manufactured from the best timber in Europe, Russia, and you are fed up with high prices being quoted by middle men, that know nothing at all about residential buildings.Then give us a call., checking the pulse on timber prices, work ethics, quality control and customer service. the smart choice!

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