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Lying to the Public…… Log Cabins

On the first of January, trading standards are going to get a letter from us, on that letter will be the lies and deceit written on so many websites and those that con people from their hard earned money and those that falsely claim that their cabins are this that and the other.

Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, Polish, Romanians and disgustingly the British have for too long believed that they can write whatever they want on a website, and soft touch UK will bear the brunt of that lie by simply doing nothing, well, if any of you know English Law it is seriously harsh and unforgiving, so many of you have forgotten what it was like to be ENGLISH, that day is coming Jan 1st 2021 , and we then can throw off the shackles of the European Union’s rules and regulations which are i must say are for the soft and for the lighter touch people in life. And jump hard and aggressively on those that think they can lie and decieve.

What is building reg friendly mean, sorry, i know its on a log cabin British website, which is owned by a EU company, To those that write this,,,,,,, a word of warning,,,,,, The Brits run Britain, and unlike what you may think, saying (building reg friendly) means ”’ZERO”’ the cabin must pass must pass structural calculations, and finger jointed beams, and stuff like that, would not pass structural calcs, not in any way shape or form, no grade mark (( understand))) , which means what you have written is an absolute LIE! There are no cabin with grade marks for strength, durability , zero, nothing, . There are now a few of us that believe the UK is being flooded with Rubbish, dangerous, and we are going to make a forum of which companies lie, and if you know the UK law, not European as that has no standing, once we make a formal complaint, your site will be turned off by trading standards, and infringements will be fined, the days of telling huge lies to the British Public about how good your cabins are when in fact they are absolute crap, is over!!! Here is one thing to think about…. this is one from 2400 items, you must pass to even use the work Residential, never mind about a bit of insulation.

So when you use the Residential, Residential, stop trying to cheat our old people into thinking your rubbish is anything like their house, or a park home, all you have done is beefed up the walls of your garden cabin, with a 44 mm x 44 mm and added a bit of insulation, it is a garden building, nothing more, so stop telling lies.

Here’s just a little of the hoops one must jump through to get your cabin, 80mm graded glulam twin skin with a huge amount of insulation, with a waterproof membrane, and then dovetailed into the inner skin, so there is no cold bridging, I know because i have made more than one and mine even had to pass all ofsted rules and regs!

I hate to brag, but this is how you manufacturer a twinskin for building regulations, and as you can see there are grade marks everywhere, it was 2 x 80mm x 80mm GL Graded glulam School. 6.8m x 18m . All the beams sit at 90 degree, not 45, and also they are graded, and everything is manufactured from C24, which is then cut up and made to be a Engineered log.

Do not be fooled with pretty pictures on the web, 90% of the crap they write is crap! and their prices are ludicrous. Factory Cabins, is now Number 1 for pricing and honesty as well as offering the right product.

Have a read of some of these rules and then think, what 99.9999% of the cabin companies are offering, and none of what’s written below applies to them.

Lastly, any manufacturer telling you they know about cabins, ask them this one question, it’s an easy one, WHY ARE YOU SO EXPENSIVE COMPARED TO FACTORY CABINS. We use 19mm roof boards, 28 flooring in all our cabins , as standard, we would never use in a factory cabin a 20mm floor board.

Ask them why they are sooo sooo sooo expensive… and their level of quality is so poor!