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New Timber Frame Buildings 2017


Here is another one of our finished timber frame projects.

This little beauty is two beds, two baths, fully insulated, timber frame unit, clad in Siberian larch, and meets the UK full building regulations.


Unlike the rubbish sold in the UK under the guise of quality control by the government and given a few number and letters (BS 3632).


The BS3632 is laughable, our pensioners are robbed blind of their savings,


With the grandiose thoughts of safe investment, and living their retirement in a quality building, with in a safe gated environment.


But reality is that their hard earned savings, are stolen in a hand shake, and their dream park home, luxury lodge is no more that board, screws and glue, with cheap UVPC windows.


A Luxury Lodge / Park Home, should be to full building regulations. There should not be any if or buts about it.

All buildings that are lived in full time should be built to last, and be a sound investment.


If you really want to purchase a quality Park Home that really is an investment, built by a professional house manufacturer, then please give us a call.

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Timber Frame Park Home LV


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Interior design is such an integral part of any new residential timber frame cabin also log cabins.

In addition, functionality always comes before aesthetics, however the two must obviously merge into one!


We have designed our New Show Home to be externally amazing, with extremely tight grained Siberian larch, vertically mounted, fitted handmade CE- Trada Certified triple glazed Glulam Windows and Doors, and not forgetting every gadget to truly make our Passive show house a building of the future.


Log Cabins LV and have the only Residential Timber Frame Passive Park Home Show Home in existence in the UK.


There were many reasons why we decided to invest heavily into a show home and one that was so incredibly insulated and thermal efficient.


I think the main reason was to show the public that you really can purchase an amazing timber frame highly insulated building that really doesn’t cost more than £ 200 a year to heat, and that your investment is quite safe.

In fact and this is quite out standing or even unusual our New Passive Timber Frame Park Home will increase in value, gone are the days when your Park Home.


Our Passive Timber Frame Park Home which is built to follow the criteria of BS3632, only in height and size will wipe the floor or all and any park homes built in the UK!!!

Log cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Timber Frame Super Insulated Passive Housing

qulaity timber frame passive homes

timber frame passive housing

Our New Passive Range of Timber Frame cassettes are not solely for the Park Home Market.

Our New and Amazing Super Insulated Timber Panel System is with out doubt the future for all New Dwellings, as we believe setting standards of a quality build at incredibly low prices is the way forward for also the housing market.

Offering the chance for first time buyers to purchase a quality build at a price they can afford!

For too long brick and block with gas central heating, has dominated the landscape, blighting our country with poorly insulated housing, which costs 2 times its actual value!

UK Building Companies have built too many homes that are like chicken coops, treating first time buyers with contempt, and charging them over £200.000 for the indignation.

timber frame buildings

quality timber frame fully insulated buildings


Our aim, is to offer a modern type structure which is Passive, with low heating costs, as little as £80 a year, which boasts triple glazing as standard, under floor heating, Air Source Heat Pumps, Air Recuperation systems, and so much more for less than a Mobile Static Home.

We believe that this kind of build will dominate the market in years to come, and we would like to shape this market with sensible pricing, with our standard of quality leading the way!

Why we are different to any other company is the standard of our build quality.

Our timber is not subjected to any salt, unlike 99% of all timber brought from over seas.

Our Grade of Timber is uncommonly high! We only use graded KD C24 FSC 45mm x 195mm treated (if required), which in the UK is priced high to push building companies to purchase other lower grades because of the difficulties in obtaining higher grades at sensible pricing. Most timber frame studwork is done with C16, and sometimes sadly, the timber is not even graded.

We are able to offer a full turnkey solution, planning, drawings, base, groundwork, the super insulated timber frame building and every other aspect of the build.

Next we believe in offering not just the best CE approved laminated timber triple glazed windows and doors money can buy, we offer these where other companies would offer cheap UPVC plastic windows- doors.

Passive timber frame housing

timber frame housing

Also we offer quality security locking mechanisms on all our Windows and Doors, keeping your property secure from unwanted intruders, and mother nature!

The list goes on and on, why our super insulated timber frame passive homes are without doubt the best in the business, if you are interested in purchasing a timber frame, passive building, that really is sensibly priced, please give us a call.

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Passive Park Homes Poole Dorset!

passive park Homes

Quality Timber Frame Passive Park Homes-Holiday Home-

Quality Passive Park Homes are as rare as the dodo!

Moreover, finding a Park Home that is built to as high standards as ours is as rare as the labor party’s seats in Scotland!

What we are offering to the public is not just a thin timber frame building with some larch cladding, is offering the behemoth, a tearing down of old perceptions on the what a mobile home is at present, and really bringing to market a Park Home that is so high , in insulation in quality, and tech,  that all companies-manufacturers should and must follow our standards if they want to carry on having sales of any kind!

We are without doubt the leading light in this industry for innovation, quality and price!

Gone are the days when a caravan like structure is adequate, as a population we expect better and the best to be the best, but sadly, we have turned into a throw away nation.

8 out of 10 retired couples who purchase a Park Home expect to loose their investment. We have between 100 to 250 emails a week from couples, asking us for advice on what kind of structure (build type) to purchase, and our advice to them is to purchase nothing at all that is manufactured to the BS 3632!

As a Brit, I must say I am horrified how little we take care of our retired Population, and I am amazed how the government has even allowed this build type to go into law, and then into production, its wasteful of materials, it has no resalable value and it costs us all millions in taxes!

If a retired couple were to purchase a typical Park Home, which is manufactured / built to the BS 3632, it is very likely they will lose their entire investment after some 20 years.

Park Homes built under the BS 3632 devalue rapidly due to the incredibly pathetic build standard, inadequate insulation, and awful windows and doors.

Our thoughts why the Park Homes of today are costing the taxpayer money!

If a retired couple invest 50% of the equity from their property/pension savings into purchasing a park home, and the other was used for living expenses, holidays, grand children etc.

When the time comes for full time care, as sadly that is where we all end up one day, their return on their 20 year old Park Home would be insufficient to pay for full time care, or a holiday in Camber Sands!

If you are looking for not just the best Park Home ever manufactured and on display for viewing, then please give us a call, or send us an email. Our Buildings increase in value, to find out more please give us a call!



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