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Log Cabins LV -The largest range of logcabins in the World.

Over the years we have at designed some incredible log cabins, timber frame buildings and glulam log cabins, our designs have helped the industry turn from the Blockhaus German designs to a more aesthetically modern European Design. With over 3000 designs and so many more coming you are spoilt for choice when you enter We are always designing new and innovative cabins, timber frame buildings, glulam cabins.big and small.

Do not settle for

quality log cabins

3000 designs from log

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quality twin skin log cabins by

Building a log Cabin!


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twinskin cabin

twinskin log cabins

pine boards for log cabin internal roof

quality internal log cabin roof

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buildings a twin skin log cabins

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Park Home Manufacturers- And what you really get for your money! By log cabins LV ( Chapter 2 )

Dissecting Park Homes and what you really get for your Pound!

Today! The Floor!

We have surfed the web and have taken from 10 different Park Home manufacturers websites build statistics and an average size.

So lets begin!

Firstly the word, High Density 18mm seems to be used a lot to describe ( Chipboard ). We all use chip board, but it needs to be an impregnated and water proof, none of the Park Home Manufacturers stated this!

We then come to the Floor Joists, most companies stated that the size of their floor joists were all under 100mm x 50mm. they all stated they used stress graded timber, but did not state what grade!

Most use Polystyrene as insulation!

And 9/10 use some kind of breathable membrane which is fire and moisture retardant, to the BS 2782, the old and out dated British Standards again!

So sadly as we can see, the floor in most Park Homes sold in the UK is an absolute Joke!

Here is Our Floor..

  • 6 different internal floor finishes available
  • 22mmChipboard on top as the floor base
  • Segments consisting of 45x200mm c/c600 wooden balks; (Graded C24)
  • 200mm KNAUF insulation, and 3 other types of insulation available.
  • Water proof 12mm chipboard underneath;
  • Water Proof -Fire Retardant Membrane ( DuPont Tyvek )

As you can see, our specification of the floor is double compared to 9/10 Park Home Manufacturers. And our pricing is more than half that of all Park Home Manufacturers!

timber frame park homes

park homes 2014



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Park Home Manufacturers- And what you really get for your money! By log cabins LV ( Chapter 1) is one of the NEW!! leading lights in the manufacturing of Park Homes and Holiday Lodges, be it laminated logs, Solid log cabins or quality high spec, fully insulated timber frame!

What truly is a park home? Previously known in the industry as mobile homes, or the unsightly massed produced 4 berth caravans, Park homes have risen slightly in spec and quality levels since the 1990’s.

Your Park Homes should be an investment! securing thousands of pounds for the time you retire or when you need to go into full time care, or maybe leave a little something for the Kids, but really how much of your investment is safe when purchasing a Park Home?

Its quite easy to find out, just put into Google…….. Second Hand Park Homes, and you will be horrified how Park Homes drop in price. actually its staggering!! In 10 years your Park home that cost you 135.000 can be worth as little as 20.000 pounds-euros.

The question is why??? Why do Park Home Manufactures tell you that your investment is secure, but in reality it is not!

What amazes us is the way Park Home Manufactures tell our elderly and retiring about releasing equity from their property that does earn interest,  and purchasing a Park Home which sadly does not!

The Park Home Home market and the Park Homes for sale should be far more regulated than they are, as this industry is a multi Billion Pound affair.

Over the next few days we are going to high light what is wrong with this industry at length, and where Logcabins.LV will hopefully start setting standards that are so needed, and push this industry towards manufacturing better for less! Quality counts, lets forget what the pathetic guidelines are to manufacture a park home at present, and really look at how your park home should be manufactured  and the price you should be paying!

Your Park Home should be the best it can be, and we are going to show you what your investment should buy you!

I have been told off for attacking this market so aggressively, but after looking at whats on offer, and the prices attached, my blood boiled.

If we can not look after the elderly with respect and dignity, then we should not be in business.

Profit is one thing, theft is another!


park homes LV



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