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Bespoke Park Home-Timber Frame-Highly Insulated-Homes

Log cabins, garden timber offices, 1-2-3 bay timber garages, outhouses, nurseries, timber frame buildings, schools classrooms, granny annex, work rooms, workshops, art studio, residential structures, residential park homes, are all available in bespoke, custom designs. Unlike 99% of other companies we do not just bespoke wall sizes, ridge heights, positions of windows and doors, we also custom design the window and door sizes, shapes, and integrity. If you are looking for a door that must have toughened glass, just ask, if you would like a door to be wheelchair friendly, no problem.

The reason Log Cabins LV is so dominant in the cabin, timber frame market place is partly to due with the fact that we have the best dealer network worldwide; also we are very choosy about who becomes an LV dealer. If you do not see our trade mark shield on the dealers website and each cabin image, then they are not selling our products, if a company claims to sell our products, but you can not see our logo, please do not hesitate to send us an email or give us a call. Too many companies are already trying to claim they are part of our dealer network and that the cabin’s they are selling are LV. Please email us if you are in doubt. Attached are a few images of our new to come Passive Park Homes, we feel Park homes are poorly manufactured and over priced, so we now offering the market a quality Park Home Timber Frame Home which is massively insulated, with quality over sized, under priced, graded C24 timber frame work, which will make the rest of the industry run for cover!!

With the best windows and doors in the business, your bespoke park home will be the best it can be!

quality bespoke timber frame park homes

bespoke park homes

Bespoke highly insualted park home timber frame Buildings 12 Bespoke highly insualted park home timber frame Buildings 23 Bespoke highly insualted park home timber frame Buildings 34 Bespoke highly insualted park home timber frame Buildings 45 Bespoke highly insualted park home timber frame Buildings 56, caring about price, quality and design!


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Educational Glulam Classrooms (2)

Here are some more photos of our onsite build, our educational classroom buildings are going up a treat!

Over the years we have encountered many customers worried about purchasing a building direct from Latvia-Lithuania! Be them a company or a private individual. When asked the reason, we are always told, “you know” the stories etc.etc. Yet in reality it is easier to go bankrupt in the UK and than any other country in Europe. I would honestly say, speaking as a Brit, that doing business in the UK is a mine field, and picking dealers that are honest, above board, and that know their trade, can be a task in its self! There are a lot of dishonest cabin companies in the UK, who seem to get pleasure from over seriously pricing on products that are worth possible 1/5 of the sale value. have been in the log cabins industry longer than anyone in the UK. And we know who is good and who is bad! If you are living in Cheshire for instance and are looking for a quality, honest log cabin company, then speak to, if you are in Dover and looking for a cabin company then we would say and so on!

If you are looking for quality, fairness in price, and great customer service, has all of the above and more to offer!! If you are looking for a dealer with all the right credentials then please follow this link

glulam log cabin classrooms

educational buildings

Educational Glulam Classrooms  009 Educational Glulam Classrooms  017 Educational Glulam Classrooms  021 Educational Glulam Classrooms  025 Educational Glulam Classrooms  073 Educational Glulam Classrooms  077 Educational Glulam Classrooms  081 Educational Glulam Classrooms  137 Educational Glulam Classrooms  145 Educational Glulam Classrooms  149 Educational Glulam Classrooms  153



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Log Cabins LV Classrooms.

Once again we bring to Market a new and amazing range of high quality glulam log cabin classrooms, double skin, fully insulated, built to building regs, and each has a  full set of structural calculations attached. This amazing range of new educational units are designed for quick assembly, and quality of build. Glulam timber logs  is the ideal products to make a classroom from, it is highly robust, and because they are designed from glulam the safety of the classroom is way beyond that of steel and brick.

Log Cabins LV as always tries to offer the market quality with amazing prices attached!

timber classrooms

educational classrooms

glulam log cabin classrooms 21 glulam log cabin classrooms 36 glulam log cabin classrooms 51

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