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SunShine Garden Office 2

SunShine Garden Offices

 Our Designs are synonyms with quality, affordability and above all else uniqueness.

When we put a design into production it has taken months of hard work, research and development for it finally to enter the public domain.

Our SunShine Garden Office is going through that development stage.

When developing a new space, we need to start with safety as the key issue, then functionality, longevity, Aesthetics, and affordability.

Our Glulam Log Cabins are the best in the industry, and our timber frame sectional buildings are renowned for their build quality.

Our New SunShine Garden Office is a breed unto itself, incorporating our Highly Engineered Glulam-Laminated beams; Triple glazed Windows and Doors, A highly insulated Composite roof panel and Amazing timber frame inserts.

The SunShine Garden Office is well and truly a masterpiece of design, allowing copious amounts of natural light, built from Sustainable Timber, and designed to last the test of time.

Do not settle for less!

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