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quality floating log cabins in lake

floating log cabins

How many of you own a lake, but the planners have said to you, no log cabins around it? Maybe a Floating Log cabins is your answer? Floating Homes.Floating Holiday Accommodation.

I would guess 70% of you have gone through all the planning, and have paid heavily for site plans, environmental studies etc, and still you’re told no. And never with a smile.

floating log cabins 02The great thing about lakes, rivers etc, is that there is little or no planning rules, unless you are in an area of natural beauty, or your lake has some unknown fish or dragonfly that needs protecting!

floating log cabins 03So how do you go about getting a Log Cabin to float on a river, lake, or estuary,?

floating log cabins 04Simple really, you attach it to super strong floats, and when I mean floats I mean professionally designed floats that keep the cabin 2 feet from the water surface.

floating log cabins 06These floats also are super at keeping the cabin extremely steady and from it bouncing around and bobbing up and down.

floating log cabins 07There are a lot of you out there that will think this is a great idea, and of course if planning is an issue and you’re not able to build the cabins on the river, lake, estuary bank, you can now float them… if you’re in a big city and you find a place to moore, you could consider using these as student digs, spreading the cost between four of you, over 3 years, and you will have the coolest student digs in the Uni!

floating log cabins 08Maybe you are first time buyer, and finding it impossible to get on the housing ladder, need to live near work, maybe their is a lake, or canal you can moor your new floating home?

floating log cabins 09Our Floating Log Cabins are not the only opinion, we are able to build also timber frame on the same floating platform, which ever takes your fancy, we can help.

floating log cabins 10Remember…..Mooring charges normally cost a lot less than rent!

floating log cabins 11In Germany, there are many companies that  manufacturer floating cabins solely to sell to fishing lakes owners, who rent them out  to either families who want to just sit in a middle of a lake, BBQ and do a small amount of fishing, relaxing, sauna, etc.

floating log cabins 12Also hardcore (serious)( anglers)( fisherman) who are looking to catch their  trophy..

Whats great about these amazing floating homes, is that one planning permission is not needed, and that you can really go any size you want, and height.

If you would like more information about these amazing floating cabins, please send us an email or give us a call.

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