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Camping Pods

Camping Pods

When the camping pods were first introduced to the public they were very simple structures.

When I say simple, I mean, they were built simply, with cheap windows and doors, and the construction was , well! a few 28mm T&G boards, and cheap simple tiles.

Then we introduced our amazing, professionally well built, side entrance camping pod, and we took the market over night.

The feedback, we received, was more orders,  we have not looked back since then.

Camping Pods 2So why are our camping pods, the best on the market? And why are our camping pods actually the cheapest?

LV camping Pods are the only camping pods that are fitted with quality CE approved hand made glulam wooden Trada Certified windows and doors! Painted to your choice of colour.

Camping Pods 3We are also the only pod manufacturer that actually manufactures pods that are true work horses, earning money in the season, and standing fast in the winter.

99% of our customers bespoke our camping pods to meet their park needs.

LV  Camping Pods can be fully winterized, and also are available with ensuite facilities.

All our exceptional  Pods are available in many different sizes, and configurations.

Our New 4m x 4.8m pod, which comes with toilet, shower sink (in a space you can swing a cat), and a full kitchen plus a bunk bed and bedroom which can take a queen size bed.

We believe in not just standing still , but designing new and exciting experiences for the family when they are on holiday.

If you are looking to furnish your park with outstanding buildings, that really are a cut above the rest, that last the test of time, that will stand up to Mr Publics abuse, please call us.

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Camping Pods LV 2015

While browsing the internet looking for quality camping pods, I have noticed that there are only two or three companies out there in the manufacturing world able to actually produce a quality camping pod fit for the public use..

Sadly all there seems to be is a mass of shed like structures that try and resemble our unique design, and they fall short in so many areas. I intend to list these so you can actually see what I see.

Firstly, what bright spark came up with the idea of only coating the roof with just timber? If timber were the ideal product for roof covering, then why is it there are no dwelling houses up and down your street with timber roofs? I am not talking about cedar shingles, which in all honesty are aesthetically pleasing, but useless for long-term use, I am speaking about planks, 28mm planks? T&G 28mm planks, that are actually useless.

So keep away from Camping Pods, which have just sawn plank roofs, they leak, twist, crack and split, and for long-term use, useless and a waste of money!


Next, camping pods that have a wall thickness of 28mm, or 44mm, these are not camping pods, they are barrels /sheds, made for children to play in, and that’s it, no more no less! They do not come with CE approved windows and doors, they come with cheap garden type, which are not fit for or can be used for tourism (safety first).


Also cheap camping pods do not come with toughened glass or are designed to be roughly treated, these are the perfect example of blame and claim! Plus these kind of cheap camping pods have little or no insulation properties.

So if you are thinking of throwing your money away, then this is the way to go!


Camping Pods from log cabins LV are not just the best camping pods on the market they are also the most versatile.


We are the only company in the camping pod market to offer complete parks; we are able to offer staff timber frame accommodation which will conform to building regs, drying rooms, toilet and shower buildings, and staff pods.


We are very proud to have been picked to supply Manor a Adventure Children’s Adventure Holiday company with the largest two parks in existence with over 100 pods per park, we feel that if you can trust a company to deliver quality, in bulk numbers it must be us!


So why are our camping pods so versatile.


Cheap camping pods are built very rudimental.


A lot of cheap camping pods look great from the outside, aesthetics being the number one point of sale for these kind of camping pods, but all that sparkles is not gold, and if you know what to look for, you will notice that they are built poorly, and are built to maximize profits also very little consideration is given to longevity or strength.


Our Camping Pods are not just amazing to look at, they are amazing to the core of there graded, KD C24 FSC timber frame shell.


Our double glazed windows and doors are not just fantastic, with built in micro openings, and tilt and turn quality hardware, also the CE approved double glazed toughened glass door, or the Northern Siberian Larch, and the glulam bulks, or the steel tiled roof which is guaranteed for 40+ years, or the way we are able to join pods together, I could go on and no, Camping Pods by LV are the best in the business, and they are the only Camping Pods that make sense when you compare like for like and price for price.

Do not settle for less!

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