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Log Cabin Hot Tub Building

Yes its a hot tube cover, also its a changing room, also its a place to get away from everyone and everything.
Its on the Isle Man and it stood through many storms, why, we made it.

Russian Forests

I want to make a statement now, see this amazing forest, well some of it ends up in your house, in many different forms, its the Russian well managed, well kept inner northern forest, and the UK does not have anything vaguely that looks even similar to this, and it never will do, because each and every government , cares only about money and zero about forests. And now you are upsetting the man that could stop your house building, gas, and everything else you need. So before you let the media completely brain wash you, look at this picture, think, this is there because President Putin cares about his forests, and then think, if a man loves nature so much, how can he be so bad?

President Lukashenko of Belarus, now this man has grown his forest into one of the best in the planet, and we are very dependant on him for timber.
Sadly though America want as always to upset the world, which they do daily and hourly.

Always pay with a credit card.

Belarus Forests.

Before you start to believe what people say about people, really get to know the person , and not what your told by CNN or BBC, both of which are liars and fraudsters. Get to know the truth before you make judgement, and a man who cares for his wildlife, is never a bad man!

Log Cabins LV the Future of Quality!


Which Company was first to offer Log Cabins in to the UK market?

Easy …US! That’s Log Cabins LV!

Who were the first to manufacture and offer the market Twin Skin Log Cabins?

Easy …US! That’s Log Cabins LV!

Which company offered Log Cabins first with 28mm flooring?

Easy …US! That’s Log Cabins LV!

And what company has the largest range of log cabins in the world?

Easy …US! That’s Log Cabins LV!


We are responsible for so many firsts the list is nearly endless!

Log Cabins LV Now is going to seriously change the game face of the Log Cabin industry again.

And this time we will seriously tell the public what is worth buying and what is worth Burning!!

90% of Log Cabins sold on the Web are absolute Rubbish, that’s an under exaggeration, as most log cabins when finished are only fit for Bonfire Night!

What we have done is rethink our business strategy, and look at why cabins have a demise date of just 10 years!

All timber (Spruce-Pine) if treated will last 10 years easy!

There are companies offering a Ten Year Free Rot Guarantee to their Log Cabins, its like Blar, Blar, Blar, and what’s funny is that so many people read it and think its some sort of special timber!!

Its not!

Its just most do not understand that a (44mm log) off the ground, treated with some kind of basic stain, which is part of all companies T&C will last years and years!

However, what the company is not doing is offering you windows and doors that will last 2 years, never mind 10!


The History of the Log Cabin Market is still very much in its infancy for the UK.


Garden Log Cabin Sales really started some 13 years ago, for the first 2 years we found most people would still rather buy a garden shed that looked like it has been manufactured from pallet material, as this was predominantly what had adorned most gardens, and change was slow.


Sheds tend to leak and have a life span of 5 years if you are lucky! Moreover, the price for sheds were stupidly high, so when the public understood a log cabin was a better investment than some old shiplap shed change happed rapidly.


But sadly our endeavor to offer quality log cabins into the market, was over taken over by our German Brothers who manufacturer bulk rubbish in incredible MASS To service their huge market, UK got the over spill as most of the German gardeners only want boxes, not quality!

Then we found Romanian, Estonian and Lithuanian mills also manufacturing mass rubbish, which sadly led to a market war on Log Cabins, bring prices absurdly low with quality completely stripped from every fiber of every log in all cabin sales.


And as the market is so new, the public really does not understand the good, bad, or Ugly!


But thankfully the British Public Read! And the more they read the more they understand. And the more they understand the more they see through all the bullshit and realize that quality costs, and that purchasing a Bulk Log Cabin is folly!


Our Standard Range of Log Cabins are in their price band incredible value, but we have for years tried our hardest to come up with a way to still offer better and keep pricing low.

This is not simple task, as how to improve already great value?


We put a microscope to every inch of the cabin looking for a way to better engineer it, and we could only fault the windows and doors, they are amazing, but we believed there was and is room for improvement.


Which is why we are now offering not just fantastic windows and doors, I am guarantying that there is nothing as good on the market.


Our Windows are not just CE certified and BM Trada Certified, these Joinery timber hand made tilt and turn double glazed Argon filled windows and doors are the best the log cabin market has to offer! (And we spray them any colour you wish free of charge).


We believe the future of Log Cabins can and will change for the better, we are passionate about what we do and create, our new and improved log cabins will last longer than 99.9% of all other cabins, they do not cost the earth, and with our timber awareness and PFC – FSC certified timber they are also not destroying the eco system!


Log Cabins LV The sensible Choice!!!

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