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Garden Offices

if you are looking for a Garden Office  then logcabinslv.co.uk has with out doubt the largest selection of Garden Offices available on the market! And if you are looking for that highly insulated Quality Garden Office with residential type windows and doors, thats not a problem also!

If you are looking for a traditional Office ( Log Cabin) or Contemporary ( timber frame insulated) or a Modern design, we can offer this and so very much more!!

For quality Garden offices, please call one of our partners, if your not sure please send us an email today and we will endeavour to help you in any way we can.

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Over the year we have sold literally thousands of garden offices for home use, some customers have called up our agents years on and asked if we could refit the office to make it into a home studio, adding toilet and Shower, we of course obliged. When we manufacture a log cabin, or timber building, we use quality timber, so adding on an extra section, refitting, no problem.

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So why are our garden offices the publics choice, its quite simple really, we bespoke 99.9% of our Garden Offices to suit the customers needs, we listen to what is needed and try our very best to make sure that we deliver the right product ( office) at the right price, but always keeping the quality through out the process.

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We are the only company in UK-Europe-World with so many different quality timber structure designs under one roof! Please call us today or have a chat with one of our partners.

logcabinslv.co.uk-always offering choice, quality and amazing pricing.