Log Cabins VS Sheds

This year has been an awful trading year (reported as one of the worst ever) for the shed industry, as reported by a Top Nail and Screw Manufacturer in the UK,  reported reasons for this is that garden sheds are very much unchanged in design, with same build technique’s, and pricing way too high for  low specifications.

When we first introduced Interlocking Log Cabins into the UK market 12 years ago, only 5% of the public understood what a log cabin was.

Now 12 years on the Cabin market is now over-taking the shed in sales.

However! The cabin market has its faults also, when you search for a log cabin on Google, Yahoo, Bing, you will notice that most log cabin websites are selling the same designs as each other. Most of the designs are not for the UK market but Germany!

This is one reason most of the high volume mills copied our clock house log cabin design, as their standard designs were, are, boring and cheaply made. Sadly they have also now cheapened the Clock House, as their manufacturing departments want to manufacture it for as little as possible, keep sale prices high, and boost profits.

The Cabin market has only a few manufacturers that blow fresh air into garden, offering different designs, different timber thicknesses, and quality!

Logcabins.lv has the largest design portfolio of log cabins, timber buildings, residential cabins, timber frame residential park home Mobiles in the world.

We have also the largest range of Camping Pods, which just happen to be the Mega Pod of all Camping Pods.

We do not claim fame too much, but we can hold our hand on our heart and say that Logcabins.lv has been the largest influence of design, Price and Quality in the UK Log cabin market.

If you are looking for quality, price design, do not settle for less.

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