Camping Pods

What makes a great camping pod?

Is it the manufacturing process?

Maybe it’s the graded components used in the build?

Or just maybe it’s the fabulous quality of the residential windows and doors?

What we have found is that it is all of the above, but then to add a price that makes it impossible to beat!

Rarely it is hard to find a product, which is suited for the public, made from Grade A Quality Northern Siberian Larch, fitted with amazing windows and doors; hand made, and can deal with heavy-handed holidaymakers.

Logcabins. LV has the largest range of camping pods, also the largest camping pods on the market.

With many different configurations and bespoke alterations available, if you are a Holiday Park, a Fishing Lake, Bed and Breakfast, Hotel, Motel, Guest House, and you need extra space, then our camping pods are what you are looking for.

Do not settle for less…

camping pods

camping pod

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