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log cabins

log cabins

Logcabins.lv has over the years tried as a company to bring to market quality log cabins, unique garden offices, bespoke timber frame cabins, iconic sectional insulated housing designs, and rustic looking Scandinavian Log Cabins all with our five star guarantee of amazing quality and fair pricing.

Over the years many new companies have sprung up all over UK and Europe selling high-volume quickly made Badly manufactured cheap and nasty wooden boxes sold as so called quality log cabins.

It is very difficult on a website to relay to the public the difference between Quality and Crap. Sadly, so many people look at prices, and are fixated on that and that alone. Log Cabins are not just Log Cabins, there are great cabins, and there are cheap cabins.

We have over the years worked hard at keeping to our promise of only having the very best in dealerships, always helping our customers with what ever problems they may have, always answering honestly if a log cabin, is the best building for the job, and always making sure our product is worthy of our very famous logcabinslv.co.uk brand.

Our Ethos has not changed from day one, which is Design (safety) Quality (manufacturing) Price (affordability).

If you are looking for a quality log cabin, then we are the company to talk to first. Our agents-partners-dealerships will ask you your budget, and then they will help you pick the right build type and design style. Be it a fully insulated Timber Frame for an annex in the back garden to live in, or a Log Cabin in 34mm for housing your lawn mower, or even an Insulated Twin Skin Log Cabin for your Home office.

Please send us an email or give us a call for all your logcabins needs.

Do not settle for less!!

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