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Our website has the largest range in the world of Log Cabins designs. Some of our cabin designs are very basic and simple others are very complex and unique. This is what stands us out from the rest.

All of our timber buildings-Log Cabins meet the highest standards in timber-cabin industry.

Many competitors-manufacturers in the log cabin and garden building trade try to compete against us by copying our designs and then offering them with a lower building specification and marginally cheaper to the public.

This is a gray area of the market, where quality is copied and substandard cabins, and very dangerous timber buildings are sold to the public. We have found that the public really do not understand or know the difference between quality and crap, as all log cabins look similar!

Then sadly price determines the sale! And if its cheaper then that means a saving!!  And thats good in every ones book…..Or really is it ??


All our log cabins and timber buildings we supply come with amazing quality hand made windows and doors which are incredibly sturdy and secure. We are also able to offer bespoke windows and doors, to fit all your requirements. Our windows and doors in our glulam range are all triple glazed, manufactured on the latest CNC line, and there is nothing better!

If you are thinking of purchasing one of our engineered Glulam log cabins or fully insulated timber frame building, you have the many different options as part of the standard price, which colour you would like the windows/doors painted, what kind of opening, inwards or outwards etc. Please ask our qualified partners for more info.

We would like to finish today’s blog off with a saying that is very apt!

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of getting a low price!

Don’t buy cheap log cabins, they don’t last! do not settle for less!

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Bespoke LogCabins lv

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