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Passive, highly insulated Timber Frame Housing will be as normal in the next few decades, as purchasing a car with hydrogen fuel cells.

Until then most people only dream of owning a fully insulated, highly innovated dwelling.

Over the last few years the prices per Sq Meter for Passive Housing has been incredibly high, so we at LogCabins LV and Iformbuildings have looked very closely at how it is possible to offer a passive like structure, at reasonable rates.

German Companies seem to be leading the way with an absurd price of £2400 per sq meter, which is incredibly high for just a highly insulated timber framed building.

There are many appliances that need to be fitted to get the 0.01 U value, with triple glazing as standard, but we believe we are able to offer the shell with out all the high tech equipment for half that offered by others. To get a high U value, you need to make the shell highly insulated, and durable.

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Our Timber Frame Segments are nearly 500mm thick, and comprise of the latest insulation to offer a complete stop on all heat loss, but also to make the building cool in summer and warm in winter. When you enter into our Show Home in Poole, you will notice that all sounds from outside are completely and utterly gone! With Air Source Heat Pumps, which when fitted properly can deliver more than 1 to 3 times more heat energy to a home, than the electrical energy it consumes.

Also we can offer a full Air Recuperation system.

Our state of the art buildings are amazing in design; we offer a full turnkey Solution. A one-stop shop!

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