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Camping Pods

OK,,, I am not one to just jump on people about their designs, pods etc, , because I have designed in the past, 23 years back some not so great cabins that have in not been as good as I would have liked them to have been, but we live , learn, and move forward, but I can not forgive sheer negligence, , and complete i do not care at all syndrome.

I found this on the internet, and i asked myself, was it the stapling, fixing, attachment of the artificial grass, or was it the artificial grass, or was it the gate hinges, the mix of colours of the door, window and the cladding, the path, may be the plastic buckets , the light green colour things round this building , or is it that these look nothing at all like the real thing.

I am sorry to kill the dream, but if you really want something different in life, then try harder, and do not stop just before the end, otherwise it looks a mess.
What I can not understand is why Air B&B would allow such a shack to be allowed to be rented to the public?

Its a mess! Sorry, but it is!

Whats been Happening!!!

This is a Priest, ( a real one) who bought our Amazing Aurora twinskin 44mm x 44mm, and put it up assembled this himself. And trust me he is so super excited, He told me to say, that his cabin is the best of the best in the UK!! And with that smile, he means it!

( if i have any spelling mistakes sorry, nad just get use to it, no noe is perfcet)

Its really nice to get from customers, Priest, or no Priest, a fantastic review and just praises from beginning to end, he did say a few of his neighbours had seen him assemble his and asked for help, ( Gods work is never done) i am laughing there, sorry could not help myself, and he said that the difference in logs, Window and Door quality from what we offer to the rest on the market is a huge difference. He said that most people sadly do not understand how bad most cabin windows and doors are, and the difference it makes, especially for keeping in the warm, and overall quality. Good quality means longevity, cheap means throw away!

Oh, then there is this amazing Pods we just did for a fantastic couple in the UK, as you can see its unlike any Pod, there are 3 of them, ever built, and the quality of this one and the others out shines any pods on the market.

Why are ours the best, simple , strength, and you can not mistake this for a disgusting caravan, that is sadly just a blight on the landscape, too many companies are copying our pods, but copies , always end up breaking quickly, we call it the PodBIn syndrome.

This pod is on a dead flat correct sized base, and put together by a professional man.

There are many copies of this, but if they do not come from Kevin Langham then sadly their pants. And yes the cladding is larch and always will be, and yes triple glazed, and yes massively insulated. Most can not get pine, never mind larch. Most can not get glulam, ours are full of it. Yes, totally 100% Beautiful,, Difficult to manufacturer as all done by hand.

OK this is what I was writing at the beginning, but decided to add the last first and first last, sorry, so…

Yo, Yo, welcome to todays Blog, sorry people, fans, readers, and haters, I have decided to take a month off and just wait till I had some amazing photos, stories and what ever else I decided was apt for this blog, got a lot of other ones, but as this is my favourite, and reaches about 25.000 a week, I must , gladly ,give it attention as well! OK if anyone knows me, I have had partners come and go, most ran. I am awful to work for, i work late hours and always want only the best, especially in the covid time, I was like, where are my workers, partners, helpers, learners, my phone would ring and their squeaky voices would almost say under their mummies bed hiding. that they have gone to the village. So gone… Next..

Then they would open their own company and if anyone has seen House on Netflix, then these are the kind of people i had around me, So I was shouting a lot, or going mad. One girl we had working for us, thankfully left 18 months ago, caused us so many problems, and did so many mistakes, I understand some of the bad reviews we got at that time, but the Virus caused problems for everyone, and those that had no nerve, balls, or just guts to ride out this virus, lost their way. You see the driving force of any company normally is the team, or the Boss, the boss pushes and teaches the team how to behave, how to look at certain problems, not be greedy, and never run after the money, just the work, also how to design and how to move forward, and sadly with out the boss, they normally try and steal ideas, and move forward. And always the customer ends up paying the price.

It took me so long to describe a residential log cabin that was a type of residential log cabin, to use the word type, would need a British educated Brain to understand that, not Lithuanian, “Type” but i see on some half finished awful website the same name type to describe the same products, obviously a complete and utter, moronic, no brains, lets copy another website text, why because i am dull , and that makes me laugh, as it proves that there is no fresh brain meat, or ideas left in this industry, its full of the same. I stopped designing because i though 7000 was enough, the tap tap tapping of my designers mouse and key board ever day, ringing in my ears, and even though I loved what we were creating together, I just saw, company after company copy my work, and resell the design with less enthusiastic and also materials, so the quality was and is on these certain buildings awful, like the Pods, Clock Houses, TwinSkins and so many ideas we, I had that were copied, and trashed. Its upsetting. But what I can say is, like most things this market has had its day, thats the cabin market, and I am so looking forward to whats coming next! Highly insulated, Finished, Factory Cabins

OK back to buildings, my passion, our passion, our want to bring to market the best of the best and always something different.

So here is a building I designed 15 years ago……… imagine what else I have stored away! Sadly most architects structural engineers and dreamers are so far behind.

The only way I design houses for people , is if I know that these people are cool…….Smug was yesterday, nice is today, dreams come tomorrow! …by KL..

Time to watch out for the Bandits.

Yesterday I was going through the web, just looking at what everyone else was doing, and what I saw was madness. Now, I know some of you understand whats what where cabins are concerned, but you all need to know more than you actually do if your going to spend £6000 pounds on a building that is manufactured with 34mm.
So what did I find, I found once again Lithuanian companies, who have actually no regulations attached to their products, offer the British public a cabin that is not fit for purpose completely off the bat. Now you might ask why do I get bothered about this, the answer to that is, I don’t, because we have our own dedicated customers, and sellers, who know what is what, we also have taught them over many years what is allowed to manufactured with what and what is not allowed.

NOW…… Mr Newark who lives in Bexhill Road East Sussex, calls me up, and tell me that he has seen a huge cabin the price is excellent and the quality by the pictures are amazing, and can we match this cabin, so I ask him to show me what cabin, this happens on a daily basis, which honestly I get fed up with, but I listen carefully and follow his direction to the page, then I see this….

He then tells me this is exactly what he wants, he says its residential, and perfect for him and the family to chill out in on their land, but he just wants to make sure that he is getting the best of the best, and what do I think.

So I look through the specification, and what Hits me first is 34mm walls.

Then I see the price, and laugh, I laugh so hard and so long Mr Newark is asking me why I am laughing, I think he thinks I have lost the plot, I then say to him, do you see a gallery anywhere? do you see how their windows and doors look, actually are you aware of how thick a 34mm log is? I asked him to get a tape measure, and pull it out to 3.4 centimetres, I then said thats what keeps the cold out, moisture out, battles mother nature in all her glory and they want from you 34.166…. Really. Seriously

So if you add the pitch of the roof, your talking about ( around) 114 square meters of heavy roof, being held up with something as thick as a 3.4 centimetres. then you add covering and and.

Mr Newark, asked me if I thought it was I good buy, I asked him, seriously we he drive a car manufactured from cardboard? He went quiet, and I said save more, buy better, and 3.4 centimetres of timber to hold up this massive roof and support this size building for that price is a joke and a crime!

It’s because of these blogs we are lied about on trust pilot, but ask me if I care, NO!
If you were to ever Believe trust Pilot, you would be a fool.

Thanks for reading and learning….

Log Cabins- Timber Frame – Modular Office-House

Hi all another busy week, and now that everyone wants to speak to us about our new and amazing, I must say Modular House-Office highly insulated galvanised buildings, which are fully insulated fitted out with tilt and turn double glazed aluminium windows and doors, and and and and, we are rushed off our feet with quotes, we have superb buildings at incredible pricing and to the trade, well its a great time to talk to us. We have looked at this space, and the most important part of it, is the quality of the insulation, the certification behind it, the thickness of the modular framing and the quality of build, then of course the pricing. If all these elements come together, well its happy days for the customer, us and any new companies that wish to join us on this new journey.

Lithuania , Latvia, Estonia. Danger…….

If you are thinking of buying a log cabin, timber building, camping pod, etc, direct from the manufacturer in any of these countries, be warned, the only way to pay is to a UK company, if the company you pick does not have a UK business account in their company name and merchant account to boot, and can not accept your deposits by card then sadly choose another company. Better to spend £100 more and be safe than £100 less and loose the lot.

I will tell you why, because if there were to be a War, you have absolutely no way of ever getting your money back, as the banks you paid would vanish, and so would your deposit, and in this period of time, £50 to some is a huge amount.

I know I am going to get a-lot of bad reviews on this, but its the truth, and as a Britt, and as the guy who started this whole Log Cabin affaire 22 years ago, way before everyone, to Britain, I feel its my duty to warn everyone, what could be in-front of us. If your a dealer and your mill ask you for a deposit, ask them now to pay by card. If they say no, then think about loosing the lot.

If Russia, and the “if” word is now a Massive IF leaning towards could happen word, if President Putin decides to take the corridor from Grodare District to Kaliningrad Калининград, then the Baltic’s are completely cut off, Germany has already pulled its troops from here LT, thinking it needs them at home, also Germany has started buying Gas and Oil from Russia again with the Ruble, so as you can see things change daily, and because of this, a UK bank is the safest place to put your money, and paying with a credit card, the safest way to do it. Also at home, if the mill goes bust that your dealer is using, then make sure you pay your dealer with a card, no cash. Stop using cash to pay for log cabins, BBQ Huts, Pods, Timber Frame Buildings, timber frame and Log Holiday Accommodation, Garden Offices etc, , etc, its too dangerous now to loose money, no matter how much.

Our prime ( Boris) minister has been giving billions away to Ukraine, and because of this the Brits are not thought of too well by the Russian population, as ever solider killed is blamed on us for supplying the bullets, shells and missiles, guns that killed them, ( I live here so I know what they are thinking and saying to each other) so if this was to become again Russian territory your claims for loss of money to a Russian court against a company here would fall completely on deaf uncaring ears. This is all a big IF, but are you willing to gamble £6000/£10.000/£40.000, on something you and I have no control over. This is why most companies are leaving here, or closing down and owners moving to Turkey, Spain etc.

This is why I say, pay into a British Company, with a card, and no problems. if the company is big enough it will have a UK account and Merchant account, if it does not…..
Well! its your gamble……. We behave in the right way, and at no time is your money at risk.

To all the haters, I just don’t care!!!!! Its the Truth………

Designed and Manufaturered by a Britt, For a Britt to go into a British Garden!

Being Safe when buying a Log Cabin.

For many years we have been designing buildings, be it a passive house, camping pod, log cabin, or Twinskin site office, we have just about done the lot, and as a Britt, I understand that quality is everything. For many years I took my personal designs, which went from 10 to over 7000, and designing houses, is not easy, also everyone of my cabins is unique to us. I then gave my orders to a manufacturer we had helped start up, when we met this mill it had no staff, no timber, no machines, zero, and we took it from a empty building to one of the best players in the market, that were ( I say were) extremely good, but sadly this company did not invest in its good fortune, which was my market share and its turnover and profit. We worked so incredibly hard, but what we realised being in the middle, was that the mill earned quite good money, and so did the dealer, the UK dealer earned more than us the designers and manufacturers combined. So I decided to sack all our dealers, one by one they were let go, a few were very very unhappy, trust pilot is full of there hidden agendas, but I do not care, I don’t, I do not need a greedy person selling my designs, then I changed mills, ( Thank god new owner is a liar and a creep) as I had asked this mill repeatedly to manufacture better windows and doors, (10 years of asking) and no I was not going to pay more, as the price for cabins from them was so high and monthly they were rising prices, 5%. 3%, 7% and, and they sadly started manufacturing their cabins from local logs, = Quick Grown Pine, ask a Britt to tell you the truth, as the Lithuanians will bend the truth about 1000km slightly to where they purchase their, lumber, logs, timber. 99.9% use quick grown pine, local, which sadly is good for burning or paper, and not very good for cabins.

Also manufacturing cheap windows and doors, they are masters, but to manufacture windows and doors, they are crap at it, seriously the whole market is crap at manufacturing windows and doors, I designed some with a small company out in the sticks, they were very good, but not perfect, they had 2 massive hinges, , and now I think our cabins are 100% the best of the best in the UK, you have to pay the price for the best, but it’s a life time cabin, not a 5 years wonder.

I hate to say this, but now is the time to only purchase a cabin from the Baltics with a Debit or Credit Card, and it must be through a UK Registered LTD company, Not Lithuanian company, or bank, as they are all sadly now going bust, and you will lose your money, there is too many uncertainties in this end of the world.

I was always told if the website is not finished and they have copied too much from British Sites, and they do not have an international bank account, i.e in the UK with a Merchant account attached to that, then steer wide, as you will lose your money. Merchant accounts means the bank trusts you, no merchant, no trust.

I am not being racist to the Lithuanians, not at all, I love this country , I have been here 22 years, but to trust an unknown company here, that you hardly know, and pass over money, complete MADNESS! And most can not take credit card payments.

OK.. who designed the Clock House? Yes me, and so many people have copied them, and not to a standard we would say wow, check this out.
So check this one, it’s for sale for £5000, they say hardly used and blar blar blar.

OK, lets look at this cabin fairly and honestly, its been up years, it would be impossible to separate the logs with out breaking them, you would need to find the manufacturer of this cabin, I know, as its my design and I know every one who copied my designs, the windows and doors are pants, notice anything, something missing, yes thats right gutters, so the water has been running down the walls, this cabin is in very poor condition. The reason I mention this is that this Log cabin old version Clock House has shrunk( direct down) , so the boards that were 44mm x 115mm or what ever they were, are now 43mm x 111mm or what ever, but not what it was when it was bought new, it has shrunk, and to try and get a replacement log , impossible. Custom made, and custom price.

Now if you look below and see what a you should be looking for, a Clock House with Pedigree.

The Cost Of this is £8200 plus vat, Plus you pay into a UK bank, UK Compnay, and with a Credit / Debit Card.

Never pay in to a foreign Cash Bank Account, and in cash. Worst thing you could ever do. There is not one compnay here I would pay that way! NONE!

When a company has lots of dealers, it means £2000 goes to the dealer no mater what( thats your money) I sacked one dealer because he charged a customer £9.000, for just handling the cabin and delivery. And 90% of them go bust with in 3 to 5 years, owing the tax man 100’s of thousands. Or sadly ripping off the customers, or both.

To claim under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, the item or service you bought must have cost over £100 and not more than £30,000.

You don’t have to have paid the full amount on your credit card – the card company is liable even if you made only part of the payment (a deposit, say) on your card. 

It’s the value of the goods you’re buying that is key – not the amount paid on the card.

For example, if you ordered a new car from a car dealer and paid a £500 deposit with your credit card and the balance of £10,000 by cheque, you would be covered for the whole £10,500 if the dealer went out of business and you didn’t receive your car.

You have the same rights against your credit card company as you have against the retailer or trader. 

So if your claim is for a repair then this is the claim you would put to your credit card provider – you wouldn’t be able to also ask for a refund, for instance, if you were actually claiming for a repair or a replacement item.

You won’t find this on other companies websites, because they just don’t care , they don’t want you to know your rights, you must always pay with a card, and to a UK LTD company, not sole trader, but LTD you will get your money back if you do not get your product. However saying that, you must be fair also, and negotiate, but thats for a limited time, like 3 minutes… lol……

In Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, it would be very hard, especially now we are out of the EU—UK—— of ever getting your money back, they like to receive but not return. They will make excuses, then block you. Not all, but I would say nearly all, they are like Trust pIlot full of crap! Recession brings out the worst in everyone.

Designed and Manufaturered by a Britt, For a Britt to go into a British Garden!

When you just know the person is wrong!

All bad today sadly!

OK, customers, and the ones you want and the ones you don’t, the ones that lie and waste time and the ones that just buy, pay, get the log cabin, pod, delivered and are happy.
OK, lets start with Mr X, he asked me for 18 prices, 18, and each cabin progressively became more and more expensive, and like most people who are unsure of what they want they go for bigger and bigger, however, when they say the own a plane, and you think, they don’t tell you but in the back ground you can hear planes, your thinking, ok this massive 15m x 5.5m twinskin had better be heavy, so mother nature does not blow it away, so you twin skin it, make the roof heavy and just make sure the cabin is fit for purpose, not a a pile of crap,

As you can see , there is a lot of area for the wind to build up both sides, and if you know anything about buildings, this building, theoretically could blow over, or the roof could be completely ripped off , which is a-lot of weight and wood flying about in the wind remember everything is possible, and a twin skin version of this with out heavy roof, tie downs, metal rods going through the walls, in 44mm x 44mm, is about £25.000, with all the extras, and double roof and heavy glulam purlins and really getting this building near to build standards, close on £30.000, and it will not blow over, loose a roof, we have added toughened double glazed tilt and turn windows and doors, insulated the middle from the two sides, this building is simply the best , we know the and no one can touch the quality of the build, design or the pedigree .And if I designed it, it must be the best, I look for what can go wrong first, this eye to detail means my cabins last longer than anyones. I was told yesterday that our prices are very keen compared to the rest of the market.
So Mr X I have planes took one look at the price was extremely rude, and said do not phone back. Now the only upsetting thing about this , is getting my boys who work extremely hard to price up so many buildings, waste of time and energy. And MrX now is left getting his building from the low end , budget end of the market! but he will still have to pay 20+ as he has no clue what costs what!

So please if you call us, do not waste our time, your time, tell us what you want, how much you have to spend and lets move on! Thanks.

Arrrrrrrrr last thing, when you see a cabin that has a base like this, run……. talk about BAD!!!! This is awful…. If I was the customer to this cabin I would have demanded my money back for both base and cabin.the base should always be the same size as the cabin walls, flush, there must not be a sill anywhere around the bottom, otherwise you get water ingress underneath the cabin equals rot. This was built by an idiot. Its called “ingamess” in most baltic companies, means i do not know what I am doing.

We have a copy of the site page this comes from, and what they are bragging to have done, at the moment its —-ing crap! If I were this compnay I would concentrate on what you know, not what you don’t. And sorry if you are the customers who bought this….

Designed and Manufaturered by a Britt, For a Britt to go into a British Garden!

Please remember back in 2014 i was warning people about good and bad, way before 90% of the market existed, helping people, telling people the truth. please read this……

Its Old, its gospel and it still applies today as it applied back 8 years ago………. Imagine….

Companies going Bust, Thanks Brian!

Sadly there are as always more log cabin companies going bust and today we are speaking about Ireland, and its a bad day for the end customers, as we have been told there are as many as 3 just in Kilkenny.
One in Particular owing many 1000’s and 1000’s. Now this would not be a problem in any way at all if the customer had paid by credit card, but they as always paid by cash, which is the dumbest thing you can do ever.
I know this makes nothing better saying this, but I tell all my resellers to take deposits by credit cards, and the feed back I get is, that in Ireland especially the customers do not want to pay by credit card. Which is madness,
OK here is how the cabin Industry Work, Simple.

The Reseller, Say Leon, calls us here at the factory and asks us if we would sell to his company our cabins, we then give him some of our designs, and they then start selling. Once they have sold a cabin, then its for the reseller, Leon to send us over the deposit for the cabin, once that is done, we then send over the plans, this is for him to take to the customer, and for them to say yes, he then signs the plans off, and then the cabin goes into production, we manufacture and you the customer would get it from the reseller in 7/8 weeks later. Once it is loaded on the truck, and we sign it off and the driver has acknowledged it is on the truck, its then stops being our property, and it is then the resellers. We do not pay for the trucking.

Now the trucking company will ship the cabin with out deposit, if they have done business with the Irish company previously and have-had a good relationship with said company. But If the cabin is put into storage, after say 2/3 months pass by and the reseller has not paid his bills, does not answer calls, emails etc, he will receive 3 emails from the shipping company, these emails demand payment with in ex days, they must pay for this cabin,, if they do not, then the shipping company is in its rights to sell the cabin and collect its money owed. I have heard of shipping companies selling the cabin just to retrieve their owed money! This is completely legal, and the problem is the only person that can take the cabin from the storage is a Judge or the Reseller ( we do not have address for customers of the resellers or any idea who owns what) , but even then its very difficult, as the cabin belongs to the shipper plus Reseller, and the dispute is between them, and not the customer who initially put the deposit down for the said cabin, and because the reseller will not tell the shipping company the owners name, they can not offer it to the customer who bought it off the Reseller. and by that time the person/persons do not believe anyone and call a lawyer, and if you contact the owner, they will only deal with the reseller even if you tell them the facts. Its madness, and we make it plain and simple once the cabin leaves the Factory its not our concern, unless something is wrong with the cabin, which there never is thankfully!
These kind of problems only occur thankfully once every five-six years, and or when the economy starts to take a tumble, then people get desperate and do stupid things.
None of our dealers ever started off just being untrustworthy! It happened because of a reason, and we are always the last to hear about it.
But I think we are the only compnay , unlike all the others to have sacked 99.9% of our dealers in 2020 because of this problem, as we had experienced this in 2007/2008.

We believe we are the best of the best in this up and down industry because we do care, and we do help, but sadly we are only the manufacturer, if you buy from us, its all in our pocket, if you buy from a reseller, once its on the truck and signed for, the company you bought the cabin from is responsible.



Buying Direct, is safer, cheaper, and takes a lot less time, we always have trucks moving, , from A to B, and because all the buildings on the trucks are are ours, we can do a drop , drop, drop, if you buy from a reseller, then things get tricky, or it seems that way now, as there is less sales, and most websites ( resellers) just tell lies after lies.

Below is a massive amount of different designs I personally have done over the years, there are many more 1000.s but heres a few to let you in on our world.

Please watch this video, it has hundreds of designs, Hundreds.

The reveal all video about log Cabins and Timber Buildings

Super Energy Housing.
Bespoke Designs Welcome…. Always.
If you are looking for a quality timber frame building then do not hesitate to give us a call. And if you are looking for a quality twinskin log Cabin, or one of our unique KI cabins, which we designed, manufactured, and brought to market, sadly they have now been copied by everyone and his dog, and most sadly look like they were made by the Dog, OK i am being unkind, but their doors and windows are awful. And service normally is with out a smile. We laugh when we get your call, why because we love our job, product, you and obviously your reaction to use after its built.

We shit every where, in container to all round the world, and we love the feed backs we get,

Heres some videos…..

The reveal all video about log Cabins and Timber Buildings

This one is a must watch, as it shows and tells so much, about other companies and the lies that are told to you on a daily basis.

Off Grid Log Cabins Twin Skins

So you are fed up, and want to live the easy life away from man, his politics and all his greed, you have bought some land, its in the middle of no where, and all you have is the ability to get cold water.

So you need a cabin that will really tell mother nature to F off and no matter what she throws at you, you have the ability to ride through storms, and from mother nature get all the power you need to live comfortably, and not worry to much about anything else but what your going to eat.

So lets start, water, a massive Drum that collects water, and then you need a well water filtration system, and a solar panel array, plus a Helix wind turbine. And thats about that. Trouble is, everything costs a lot of money.

So we have decided to come up very soon with an off grid cabin with everything included, that means insulated window shutters, a very very strong insulated roof, this you can fill with many different products, some people use Rockwall, or Cork , bubble wrap, BUBBLE WRAP IS SERIOUSLY CHEAP and you can use so much of it, and remember that bubble wrap is inert.So excellent for insulation solutions.

We sell Log Cabins all over the world, check out our trust pilot and you will see the people that purchase our cabins are from many different countries, this is because we do a lot of off grid cabins, or 2 bed twinskin log cabins and help the locals get off grid power, and live a nice safe life.

If you are looking for an off grid cabin, please give us a shout and we can help you.

If you are looking to live off grid, or 90/10, then please give us a call.
Thanks to Trust Pilot they have removed some of our ex dealer rubbish, please , if you see our name, LV or FC on other peoples website please please tell us. WE HAVE SACKED MANY DEALERS FOR OVER CHARGING. STEALING,LYING.CONNING.



Excellent Timber Frame Gazebos.

OK…. there is quality and there is Factory Cabins which has the highest quality regard on design, build and price.
In todays life, there are lots of people that really want the best of the best, and it is a forgone conclusion that if you manufacture with the best materials and very highly skilled craftsman the outcome will be a product of intense beauty, to with stand mother nature and the years in front.
Many people buy a log cabins or a Timber Frame Buildings due to aesthetically pleasing pictures, and 3d videos companies show case.
We are very different, we design amazing houses, but we build superb timber frame buildings, as a drawing is never as good as the real thing!

This is exceptional quality as you can see, and with out fault, and where can you buy this from, Well, sadly only us, why? because we manufacture houses to the highest standard on the planet, and our skilled craftsman are the best of the best. Which really does mean…….
we are the best and thats that!

I will say this till I am blue in the face, but no matter what country you are in, if the builder wants cash, always say to yourself this one question, does your boss in Tesco’s, of in the bank , or where ever you work pay your salary in cash, no he does it through the bank, and you do the same, and my personal recommendation is


Sadly I have seen too many self employed cabin sellers, resellers, in England and Ireland steal, and I mean they have no intension at all in ever giving you the cabin, they just steal. So my advice, is to speak to a minimum of 10 of their previous customers before giving them a penny, then pay them by card. That way your safe.


Credit Cards, and UK builders.

OK , so lets talk about whats what. Firstly, I have written on my blog so many times about cowboy buildings, thats in all the market, shed, cabins, houses, timber frame and brick, ((( UK))) you look for the solution to a problem you might have, which is normally space, and what happens you go to the Yellow pages and pic the one that they say is the best, you then have some guy comes round, and prices up your job, in the UK any kind of construction starts from ( not shed or log ) but Timber , Brick, Brick being the one that most people jump on, then deciding it will not help much when it comes to being quick, no fuss, or mess.

So, prices….

The cost of building a 2 bedroom house in the UK is anywhere between £187,625.00 to £281,437.00 the average size is FROM 60 SQ METERS TO 105 SQ METERS, depending. ( we are not talking about quality buildings, we are talking about the mass produced crap, which are generally called starter homes, thin walls, zero ( what we consider to be nothing) insulation and the cheapest double glazing the company can find).

Most Normal houses start with a price if completely detached about £220.000, and we are not talking about a quality, amazing , superb, etc. they are OK.. Building costs in the UK start from £1,950 per square metre.

56.16 SQ METER. And the starting price is , ready , FROM £239.995 56.17 Square Meters.

This is for seriously a cheap manufactured house. I could not find anywhere how they built this house and with what, what materials and quality of them. And the problem is, it’s bunched up with loads of other houses. Are they using graded timber, or just unseasoned knotting timber, are they using quality insulation or just cheap and cheerful low grade rock wool, or some cheap foil back??

Do they love what they do, or just your money! This question I ask everyone who does any work for me, be it the mechanic or my electrician. If its for the money only, then later, find someone new who really enjoys what he does.

There is Land to be found, and there is space, and you can get planning, and you can make your house far better, cheaper costs, and almost off grid if you know what you’re doing.

All I am saying is think before you start to spend loads of money on a house that costs loads of money to run…..

And, in 2022, a cost estimation for a house is anywhere between £1,750 and £3,000 per m2.

Now check this out……… This is a build regulation that is far surpass the UK build regulations, it makes a mockery of it.

The main requirements for TEK17 are low U-values of house constructions and airtightness of the structure.

  • Floor construction U-value – not more than 0,15 W/m2K
  • Outside wall – not more than 0,18 W/m2K
  • Roof – not more than 0,13 W/m2K
  • Windows and doors (with frame) – not more than 0,8 W/m2K

We can go higher on the U value, and not for a great deal more, But! You will loose some internal space of your unit.

This way Norwegian authorities push new buildings to be energy-efficient and this way the country is leading in the world according to high standards for buildings.

This is what you should be aiming for…. But can your builder A-afford to build this kind of building, given current price levels, yes, he could if he were us, even cheaper, and Factory means Factory, and the TEK 17 build reg is way out of most people’s dreams.

Not because its super expensive, but because people just go to the wrong people to purchase their dream home.

Firstly Credit Cards, they are perfect, always pay deposits, or whatever you buy with a card, your protected.
I have said many times, that builders now are going broke, why? because they spend the profit, and keep the material cost of that month in their pocket, profit comes at the end, not beginning, remember that and you are always safe, that’s how a good business works, also work out a payment schedule, not done, not paid.

And as everything rises in price, daily, weekly, your builder’s price is gone, and a new one is to follow, or they go bust. So, what do you do…? Call us…


Twin Skin Log Cabins 44mm x 100 x 44mm

Twin Skin Log Cabins 44mm x 100 x 44mm. yeah I know you have seen it all before, the best of the best and and, but seriously check out this video of my latest build, its seriously off the hook, (WHY?) I hear you ask, watch the video and then your questions are answered. There are many fraudsters out their, ( one reason we will not supply southern Ireland until they change the law , too many dealers stealing off the customers and shouting its a civil offence, even the Police know its messed up) but if the dealer plays it right he can steal and lie at will.

Which is why we sell direct, this way you get what you pay for, at the right price and at the quality level that will make you smile. We do not have missing bits, we have been here since 2001, yep we were robbed by many of the people who now shout their the best of the best in the UK, find out who has been bankrupt, and then ask yourself, do you trust this guy with your deposit.

To sell Log Cabins or Timber Buildings you have to love the product, as most people who call us are on the hunt, and they mostly have no fucking clue what is what and what they should pay for what they need, so they go to the first web sites and see ridiculously low priced, cheap, mass produced, shit, that will last if you are lucky 2 years until the water pours in.

We guarantee the cabin for 10 years, not just the timber, the building, and that includes our windows and doors and also the floor, roof, etc, please see our terms and conditions, extensive and very long, but in a nut shell , if you look after our cabins, your laughing. Do not trust people who say things like, arrr we use slow grown pine from Russia, LIARS, its impossible to buy now, but getting it from other countries that have the same kind of conditions for slow grown timber is easy to find if you just get off your lazy ass and look. And we looked years ago. So ours is slow grown, and good quality.

For Help……..Please send us an email, or pic up your phone and call us …………0208 133 5164.. thanks for reading……. Sorry if swearing upsets you, but theft, lying and conning people upset us, we were the first to ever put cabins into the UK and Ireland, a lot claim this, but its all blar blar blar. And we like to keep this industry clean and fair, which is why we are hated… But who cares…… I sleep well!

Old video worth watching and listening to……

In this video, I chat about a-lot, some might find it very boring, but others that really want to learn about this product log cabins and what to look for ( the crap and the good) , should watch this and keep going back to it, to remember that someone, me , spent some time showing you what is good and bad, and yes I think I am the best, but, I will loose money if I think what I am doing is right. I have unlike all the other companies sacked 90% of the dealers we had ( resellers) because their prices were crap, over pricing. If they are cheaper than Factory Cabins it means only one thing, the quality, is crap!

Thanks for your time….

Factory Cabins 2022

Next Video…..Drums beating,,,,,,,,,,,, the first ever side entrance Pods ever to be shipped to anyone ever….. So its history, and its had nearly 500.000 hits on you tube, not bad for one of our little little pods.

One of our Projects up for sale now for £15.000.000

A few years back we took on a very large project, this project started with us building a Twin Skin 2 Bed Log Cabin so the owners could be on site while we built the main house and all the other building they wanted, while the owners built with us their dream home.

We then built the stable blocks, Pool area and other parts of the complex, which is now up for sale for 15.000.000, as you can see from the photos, Factory Cabins excels at everything we do, this was a direct sale, customer to us, if you want to get the best of the best, then always come direct, as direct is always the cheapest, safest way… Who makes better, actually no one for the price….

Cinema Room……….. Yep .. WOWWWWW…
And the Spa, another WOWWWWWW.
Equestrian Centre , coool eh!
Tennis courts and so much much more.

This house has many amazing features, and as this is a huge house its heating system is a ground heat source pump, we have a specialist Martin, who’s company is top notch, so if your looking for a quality building please feel free to give us a call. Like I say always we are the BEST!

Question, which Log Cabin- Timber Frame Building company in the UK can beat this, or even come close, NONE, we love direct sales, why? Because our pricing is lower than the reseller, SADLY most resellers in the UK can not be trusted, most resellers add hundreds and thousands of pounds, to the product, and its not as if they do much, we have a few resellers in the UK, who we trust 100% and they charge normal business rates, but most resellers lie cheat and over charge.

If your looking for a complex like this, then please give us a call on.

+44 208 133 5164
+370 6889 3563

Leon Vlahovic Thief, Beware. This is not a LV Reseller, this is a chancer, liar, thief and crook…………

Registration number 211-D-17476

Self Employed Leon Vlahovic who is running around all of Southern Ireland claiming to be our reseller, or part of our company, he is not. this man is under now a fraud investigation, he calls himself Martin and other names, he is not to BE EVER handed money, he will steal your money and run away. He is a criminal and as we said he now has a fraud case against him.
If he owes you money etc, please call the Police, not a solicitor, or lawyer, the Police as there is a case now open on him for fraud.

This van is driven by a thief, he is not an LV reseller or dealer, he is not employed by us, has never been employed by us, and he has no standing with LV log Cabins at all in any way! Keep away from this guy completely.

Leon Vlahovic let’s put this into easy words so everyone understands, he has and is conning so many people out of sooooooooooo much money, he is a thief, and he is giving me a headache, and anyone who knows me, giving me a headache is dangerous. Leon if you are reading this, you are now wanted by me, and i will track you down, and have a few Lithuanians have words with you and your dishonesty, plus all that are involved with you, so every Lithuanian you meet, beware they are not my guys. You have stolen from a child who is terminally ill, off old people, and from so many victims, the Police will do nothing but say its civil, so my friend, I am going to hunt you down and deal with you in the right manner.I hate thief’s, and i told you when you started, if you want to be a reseller, you must be honest, to everyone, all members of the public, no excessive pricing and no stealing, lying or making promises you can not keep, or there will be …..Severer ….. consequences. There is now Consequences coming your way! If the police will do nothing then we will.

I not threatening you, its a promise….

You are making LV Log Cabins That has history, and a fantastic reputation in the log cabins industry dirty, and now you must and will pay for this. Get my logo off your fucking van, or my guys will use your face as a cleaning detergent.
I am getting rude calls from snotty solicitors who are blaming me for your disgusting behaviour, this I can deal with, as we have no legal commitment to your customer, as our legal right stops, at our factory gate, when its loaded ( the cabins) on to your trucks here in Lithuania , for your customer, apart from the fact you were using with out permission my logo, which is a civil offence, but what you have done to the victims children, and old people, and lie and steal, is just so beyond Comprehension.
Now watch your back, as the Animals are coming for you…..

…….Leon, If you were here in Lithuania I would have a dance around you…..

You have no clue how disgusted I am in you and your behaviour!

Leon Vlahovic the smiling ugly disgusting thief! Wanted!

Please everyone send me the plans of the cabins, and we will at the mill manufacture them at our factory price. Nothing added.

Who makes Better, NO ONE… +44 208 133 5164

To manufature Log Cabins its an art, you do not just trow timber in at one end, and a log cabin comes out the other, OK there are some companies who manufacturer bulk and it is throw in one end and what pops out the other is, well madness.

We Manufacture the best, we build to customers request, so everything you see in this video, , everything to light fixtures, wiring etc, was done to the way the customer asked. We are very proud of our quality, of course, and we are also very proud of our teams that put our buildings together, assembly is always the hard part.
Many many years ago, we would sell, 10 to 20 truck each and every month of the same buildings, and they all were OK but they were nothing special, now we manufacture only what we want and for who we want, because to but a lot of love and care in a building, you must really take your time and do it correctly. This twinSkin, ( please remember we were the first ever to offer a twinskin log cabin in any form, and I was the first ever person in this industry to design, manufacture and sell this system, so I am quite proud that now everyone offers them, yes they copied, but I do not care, as it means that everyone has the ability to now be warm in the winter in their log cabins, however the windows and doors are something special in our cabins, there is no one offering these, and the reason for this is price, our are super expensive, but, the reasoning behind this is sound, the firth part of any cabin to give in is the doors, they always fall apart, check out the top 4 bulk manufacturers on google, and look at their doors and windows, utter crap! they will never show you an up close photos of them until they arrive at your door in a badly packed building, of them, because they are crap, but we do, because I am super proud

Yep….. WOW, I know everyone today had that response when we handed over the building to the customer, it was quite the celebration, these new offices were built in 2 weeks, and wired out, and fitted with kitchens and bathrooms, if your looking for that perfect office building, then please come to Factory Cabins, its ok manufacturing small pretty garden quality cabins, but we also manufacture the offices, schools and the like, and for money that will not kill your pocket, there is no reason to go to a reseller, , always come direct. Always pay with a credit card.

..Trust Pilot…. Believe or not Believe???? This is Mafia. With 100 Million Profit! The UK government sniffing at their heels, why is it we must hand over to a Scam Mafia Danish EU company £2500 pounds a year to get a good online rank, or your website is hounded by Malicious Reviews that break your bank, and your business collapses, 20.000.000 people a day make a very detailed decision on what trustpilot tell them, sad it’s time to put the public right, sadly you have been lied to and Scammed by a Danish Mafia organisation.

Can trustpilot be “trusted”?

Before we start I did not believe I would find out so much shady dealings, it has actually shocked me, while we were uploading these finds, and going onto Trustpilot OUR SERVER WAS HACKED, from the very same places this company has IT departments, Hong Kong, China, USA AND A FEW OTHER, JAPAN.

They are valued at 1.1 Billion…… Imagine…. now look at this company and see how dangerous they are…..

Sorry to throw this on you…….( related review here, )

Absolutely not. Trust Pilot is a criminal organization. As a rule of thumb, if a business is pointing to Trust Pilot reviews to try and convince you they are a legitimate operation, it is almost certainly a scam. Trust pilot actively and knowingly assists criminals in perpetrating fraud against senior citizens and other vulnerable individuals. This includes people with intellectual, developmental, and other disabilities.

Fake reviews exist on every platform in existence that offer consumers the ability to review their experience with companies they’ve done business with, but most will put effort into eradicating fake reviews when they are pointed out to them or otherwise discovered. Trust pilot on the other hand will accept money to look the other way.

The bottom line is you have to be careful when putting trust in any review you find online but Trust Pilot’s business model relies on fake reviews that help fraudulent businesses look legitimate.

Be careful out there. Fraud is a multi-billion dollar industry, and it isn’t going anywhere unless you educate yourselves, your loved ones, and anyone even remotely likely to fall for a scam.

OK this is a TP ( Trust Pilot) false review which Is on the best server banks in the world. Poor. lol…

Have you heard this saying, Trust Pilot looks after Business not the customer.


Please read this, its so going to change your mind forever , and ever………

Do not believe a word this company ever writes. IT’S A SCAM……….. Trust Pilot, the little Danish company who tells us British how to live, WHAT TO THINK AND WHAT TO BELIEVE……. Evening Standard 900.000 people a day love to read their London Rag, and Britt’s love their Tescos, not that you would know over there in Denmark, but we have 2563 Tesco stores, offering everything, and we do not need a Danish company telling us its a Poor choice, with a turn over of 53 billion, 25% of all Britts shop at Tesco, and love Tescos…… and as I said we do not need your low ranking on every major company because they will not bend to your pathetic tactics, now its time to get everyone together and drag your sorry ass into a UK court!
We left the EU because we were fed up with your rules and regulations, we give give give and you just took. we do not need your bacon, we have our own……….

I received lots of awful disgusting reviews from some guy called John, and I asked him to identify himself, as you can see below he refused to give his email, proving the point he is a stalker, possibly trust pilot themselves, this started 2 years ago, remember Trust Pilots own rules are they do not allow individual names to be written or a case older than a year to mentioned,, so i send this stalker guy a request email and number through trust pilot, , and guess what! NOTHING……… Please read this blog its going to change your mind on whats what, and you will ask yourself why a little nothing danish company have a say in what we should think!

Check out all the UK companies that don’t want trustpilot, and look at their rating for that decision. A BIG SCAM..

What’s really strange about company is that when it floated on the stock, all board members went, and all shares went to the owner. Since then, this company has gone, down down down! Seems to me the passengers left the sinking ships selling their shares on the way out the door.

First taste…….

There are Hundreds of reviews all BAD about trust pilot, from the BBC watchdog, to rogue trader, to, American courts and and and, all here to view, so if you want to trust trustpilot, after all these videos and and THEN YOU LOVE THE DANISH BACON TOO MUCH…….AND AS WE KNOW BRITISH BACON IS BETTER………….



Please go to who is, and look up trustpilot, owners, address, phone number etc, all hidden? Strange that!

The Japanese automobile manufacturer Nissan had held assets worth 18.7 trillion Japanese yen in their 2017 financial year, which amounted to some 176 billion U.S. dollars. The company’s assets have been continuously rising since 2009. However, operating profits generated by Nissan had declined that same year, being roughly 170 billion yen lower than the previous year. The largest share of employees were located in the company’s home market, with a further 16,807 people employed across Europe.

They do not use Trust Scam Pilot so they are BAD BAD BAD BAD,!!!
The plant employs 6,00 people in Sunderland and supports a further 27,000 UK automotive supply chain jobs, ¾ of which are in North East England.
Trust Scams Report….
With offices in Copenhagen, London, New York, Denver, Berlin, Melbourne and Vilnius, Trustscampilot’s 700 employees represent more than 40 different nationalities. Many countries to scam in! Why no phone numbers?????

OK…… Ready, the SKAT.DK IS THE Danish Tax Office, and the review on TrustCon BAD…… However then ours, so the question is, where are they cleaning their money! I think the UK TAX office needs to take a hard look at this company.


This is one of them, Timothy, check out his details, it will shock you, this guy has been involved with , ready.he was with trust con. …TP… from 2013 to 2021…. I will let you make up your own mind.

Active 12

Resigned 48

Dissolved 31


Total 93. JOB POSITIONS…. (((( SERIOUSLY))))

Looks like the UK government is upsetting their scam!!!! Danish Con companies are not wanted in a UK period….

So what can you do to get amazing reports………..??? Look at bottom of page….

  • Netflix generated $24.9 billion revenue in 2020, a 23.8% increase year-on-year
  • $11.45 billion of Netflix’s revenue was generated in North America, its largest market
  • Netflix had an operating profit of $4.5 billion in 2020, a 73% increase year-on-year
  • In 2021, Netflix had 209 million subscribers worldwide
  • And of course they are not using Trust Scam so rating is Poor……..

In 2021, adidas Group’s net sales amounted to about 21.23 billion euros. they do not use Trustpilot, so of course, BAD

Mad review……
imagine this is the nike review page, it’s pure spam.
Like the top 10 jeans in the world???

Funny how other review companies have such a low ranking on trust pilot, this one is 7% of the public dislike this Danish Mafia website.

The Question on my lips is, is this organised crime?????

In the financial year ending January, 31, 2021, Morrisons PLC generated a gross profit of approximately 388 million British pounds. This was a significant decrease compared to the preceding financial year. Currently, Morrisons is the fourth largest supermarket in the United Kingdom by market share, following Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda, and is one of the ‘big four’ grocery retailers.

You want to see a mountain of bad reviews all about Trust Pilot, goverment ones, BBC Rouge Traders and the list goes on.a company check this out!!! Trust Pilot do your Job!.

OK… Here goes…. this is Trust Scam Pilot doing their scam on me, I complain and they do this…………..

Ready.. 200 a month……… everything cool, pay nothing and your booted to nothing…..

How Can anyone , any one say Google is poor, thats just MADNESS! we all use their platforms, they are free, and they help, I have never given a penny to have this product and Google I would say is 10/10 every single hour of every day! And trust Pilot rank them as Poor……… Trust Pilot your days are numbered.

I have used paypal since it started, they are amazing, amazing, and great for people to use, yes they charge but no one can steal from you in any way if you go through paypal, I like using mine to pay for domains, as sadly domain companies charge you too quickly for domains you may not want.

Hi everyone, ok, time for a long conversation about trust pilot, who they are, and their level of integrality, honesty, or if they are just about Money!

Why am I talking about this, well we have a stalker, its a dealer we sacked, and when a staff member contacted and asked trust pilot to look at our stalkers mental rantings they said pay and its gone, this is not how business works, so we have decided to pay some really nice Indians IT guys to come up with a website completely dedicated to listing Trust pilots errors. We think this will balance the tables where this is concerned.
All profits will go to Children who suffer with cancer here.

Trustpilot has said it removed more than two million fake or harmful reviews over the past year.

( Trust Pilot) The business-review site said the vast majority were dealt with by automated software without human involvement.

This marks the first time the Danish company has published a transparency report in its 14 year history.

Sadly they do not remove stalker reviews, or any other kind of reviews fake reviews, and they also allow spamming etc if you pay, and when you speak to them, guess what, they say ( Pay ) and you can clear the fake harmful reviews, for me, when I get a bad review which is not often, its normally from customers who do not get discounts because there was a virus, and trucking pricing went up in the UK and they said give us a discount of £1000 or we will talk to your credit card company, that was stupid, as their deposit was back in their bank before their fingers left the send key on their email to us. Their cabin was resold instantly, we manufacture the best cabins in the market, we have been called middle men, Yes, we have 6 different manufacturers manufacturing our designs, at a price that makes everyone happy, we keep an eye on quality, and we better the cabins each and every day. With over 7000 designs, designed by us, manufactured with a mill we have been working alongside for 20 years, I would say we are one company.
2020 we sacked all our dealers, everyone, as we looked at their pricing, our pricing, and that was that. We could not understand a difference of £3000 to £8000 on a building. we felt that the public were being cheated. This upset a lot of people, some of these people were friends, but non the less the public were, being cheated. I asked everyone nicely to remove my images, remove my name and for them to go to other manufacturers. Some were very upset, some were angry, some like skinners refused to remove our designs from their website, and others just go to trust pilot and scream and shout.

This is just a few videos, easy to find, and all about trust pilot and that their reviews sadly are bought and paid for, they are not to be trusted.

As a Danish company, and as they only care about money, which is their ultimate goal, and the need for them to just earn and earn, things will change soon for this company I am positive.

So getting onto the matter at hand our stalker, its funny as Kevin is hardly ever in the office now, as he is hands on in the factory, so this stalker is wrong about, middle man, and secondly middle men take money from Factory, our customers pay into our accounts by credit card, next, sorry to list these things, but when people lie we like to expose them, because this is how dealers work, Kevin is not a nice guy, at all actually, he is fair and honest, he understands people, and he gives honest, blunt answers, and you either like that or don’t, and he does not care, very much like Ricky Gervais, Kevins dancing is better, but he is in personality like Ricky. And he keeps us laughing in the Office.

OK….. Please follow this…. first blog by our stalker John 2020

I will be putting in an action to sue Woke Joh and Trust Pilot. Rich men normally win, we are smarter. Our lawyers are pernickety straight to the point don’t play games ruthless and they win,,, you on the other hand have awful dictation spelling is the same you are now in a country where there is no water no shade no rock and no where to bury your head. If you want to threaten people that’s your choice but as a consequence to every action and you’re going to find out the hard way and so is trust pilot. You are very stupid individual with limited education and I’m going to smile when the judge puts a huge penalty on you because every penny I take from you I will give to the children who have cancer which is where that money belongs.

We had no reply from him, and no phone calls, zero, nothing, mystery!

So 2 years later and he pops up again, this time with more madness,,,,,

Then more…. remember this is a Reseller, sitting in his bedroom somewhere, no work, no money, very bored, and asking himself why was he sacked, he only over charged the customers a few times, why did Kevin sack me? Why ……?? We think, because a customer does not hide himself like a sneak thief! Customers come out and declare themselves, and moan, and as civilised human beings we deal with the problem and sort it. This Woke Stalker is sneaky! And in our books a sacked cabins UK reseller.

And again, lol…. We are laughing here at the factory as we see this guy in a goofy costume with WOKE tattooed on his forehead , thinking to himself that he is a Dog!

OK this is where it gets MAD…… He can not take this one back, because as you can see , stalker…….. madness flowing…. Woke madness. we have a copy!

This was left on the trust pilot account, which has nothing to do with us, it belonged to a reseller called Leon Vlahovic, company Straight Solutions, which sadly the word Straight does not at all fit Leon. he has stolen from so many customers, its now in the the Tens, and these trusting customers are shouting at us, because he took their deposits and ran away, non of the customers paid by credit card, , we have nothing to do with this company, we were just one of many people Leon bought from, and when we heard what he was doing we demanded he take down our products and we then put up a blog and made it clear and this is 6 months ago not to deal with him. We have had many people from Ireland thank us for that Blog.

And we have people like John here in Ireland, sadly crying that he did not get his money, he did get his money mind you, but Leon was late or something, so he wanted compensation, and sadly wrote a long honest to some points part in trust pilot. Arr he called us, and threatened us with legal action , but our lawyer explained to him that he bought his cabin, from a different company, we had had no email connection, trade connection, payment connection, talk connection, and we only supplied cabins to Leon, but as always, he wants money. There were many who never got a cabin as Leon is a very nasty selfish thief.

I am not sure if everyone knows this, but because you all buy cabins from Resellers, they are in fact second hand! Only if you buy them direct will they be a New Cabin, and our teams and conditions would apply only then.

John F Longford, is nearing on liable, and so is Trust Pilot, which is why we intend to get judgement from the people freely, and let them talk freely about their experience with trust pilot… we know the platform will be attacked which is why we intend to put it in India. All negative reviews about trust pilot will be kept, also we have Lawyers who work on no win no fee to help us with this Trust Pilot problem. We will look for people who want to sue, just sue. Loss of earning, destroyed their business, and then take Trust Pilot to court each day and night in many many countries at once, and then hopefully they will clean up their act. I do not care about their terms and conditions, we will drag them into court. Terms and conditions only apply if you keep to the letter of civil law, not your own.

Whats suspicious is the ranking. Its too perfect on trust pilot, sadly another failed on line company who will be heading to the tip, this i am positive about. 1.4 billion Indians will now make it their mission to find ever little secret Trust Pilot has to offer.. And we will print it.

Always Pay by Card…

Please understand this is not us, nothing to do with us, yet as a manufacturer we are blamed.

Let me show you what we have found.

Now its quite clear that Dunster house pay to get great reviews, and their reward because 20,000.000 a day live by trust pilots guidance. There are other companies that do the same as trust pilot, and I tend to go with these. so check this out, and remember Trust Pilot say Dunster is Excellent.

Completely different score….

I think the only way that trust pilot can redeem itself is put on the front page a phone number for them to get many people sitting in the room and take calls from the general public about blogs the wrong that are deceitful the scam that are crooked and that are hurting their business and for them to be taken down trust pilot is not a criminal organisation that has the right to determine if a company succeeds or not also algorithms cannot determine psychiatrist reports on people trust pilot is a very bad version of a fortune teller in a box on Brighton Pier and it needs to be dismantled and we need to go back to the public deciding whether results and reviews are real not an algorithm.

Our compulsive Woke in drag John who now has become a night writer is adding more and more to his delirious fantasies, this is why you were sacked as a cabin dealer.

I know possibly 10 Johns in this industry and 8 are crooks.
The problem with this industry is that if you want dealers to sell your cabins you have to take them at face value, and so many of them are just crooks.
Anyway fed up with all this, will let my Indian friends sort out a website and collectively put Trust Pilot in the dock, and hopefully John gets medical attention.

Coming for you Woke John, and thanks for leaving your email withTrust Pilot.. Hope your Woke Pocket is deep. Driving an s63 with a reg of K1 mine are full, and I will make sure you do not have a box to shelter in,

They do it themselves???? Its all Blar Blar.

On 14 September 2017, Trustpilot issued an open letter clarifying its review policy following allegations concerning the ‘validity of reviews of [online estate agent] Purplebricks by customers’.[32][33]

On 22 March 2019, The Times reported that estate agents Purplebricks and Foxtons are “gaming” Trustpilot feedback by paying it to help gain better scores. In August 2016 five reviews of Foxtons were published on Trustpilot, with an average score of 2.2 stars out of five. The following month there were 467 reviews, 90% of them awarding five stars.[29][34]

On 6 February 2020 industry publication Property Industry Eye reported that Trustpilot was looking into reviews of estate agents ‘at large’ after claims from property review website allAgents that 70% of their reviews could be fake.[35][36]

In May 2020, an episode of Joe Lycett‘s Got Your Back ran an experiment in which a fake company was created on Trust pilot, demonstrating the various ways of manipulating reviews on the site.[37] Trust pilot published an online response, noting the value of the show’s experiment in highlighting fraud on the site, and promising to implement changes to tackle the problem better.[38]

crooked review parasite like trust pilot these words are used by a 20 veteran in IT trust pilot has a lot to answer for……..

I’d be more inclined to trust the bad reviews and a good although those can also be fake by militias competitors wanting to sabotage I would say that the current data quality makes trust pilot next to useless…… So eloquently said by Kevin Mills

more to come……..

there were 20 million people a day that look at this platform trust pilot and live by it and by what they say that’s almost as bad as all of the Hare Krishnas don’t be a robot and read the reviews from trust pilot they are absolutely false and this company is only about money it is not about looking after you your family your business or anything to do with your life it’s all a lie I’ve put down today on this blog quite a few different members of the public who do different things in different ways and they all say the same thing trust pilot is full of shit.

Trust Pilot does not stick to its guide lines, which is criminal.

This is an awful review….. of a company… And they want to review me, and allow stalkers onto my businesses.

Trustpilot announced in November that it was generating more than $100m (£72.2m) in annual sales for the first time.

Reports in the financial press followed that it was planning to float its shares.

But one potential hurdle is the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority’s launch of a probe into whether major websites are doing enough to crack down on fake reviews.

The watchdog has not mentioned Trustpilot by name, but given the firm’s size and influence many expect its activities will come under review.

And there may be suspicion that, by charging businesses to send out review invitations and reminders, it might be helping them skew their scores.

“Infuriated customers find Trustpilot and write a scathing review. Satisfied customers, if not prompted, will not bother,” said Francois Godard from Enders Analysis.

“The underlying problem is, specialised sites like Trustpilot… are stuck in a conflict of interest: to generate audiences they need to host critical, credible voices; to keep clients they need positive reviews and ratings.”

This was the link attached to this rating, as you can see if you do not use trust pilot they just put poor, or in this case, BAD! which as we know is trust pilots way of trying to get Mercedes UK to put trust Pilot on their website, but!!! we all know Mercs are the best, and why pay 2500 pounds to get a rip off review.Trust Pilot this is going to be the longest review and most amount of bad reviews about you that has ever been published, you stand for nothing, you can not be trusted, your company is a con…100%…

More to come……… Whoops, a Bad for LinkedIn, John????? wow…

How many daily active users does Snapchat have?

 As of the fourth quarter of 2021, photo and video sharing app Snapchat had 319 million daily active users worldwide, up from 306 million global DAU in previous quarter of 2021. So 319 Million users a day are Poor!!!!

Poor, how can you say , or rate Poor???? This plate form has helped many victims in Ukraine! Disgusting Company!

Poor???? Really???

So 1.93 billion people use face book and Trust Pilot reviews it as Poor??? Jokers..

Facebook audience reach

During the fourth quarter of 2021, the number of daily active users on Facebook reached 1.93 billion, a very minor decrease on the previous quarter. When compared with the number of daily active users by the final quarter of 2020, the platform gained around 84 million users. The number of monthly active users by the end of 2021 was 2.9 billionFacebook’s penetration rate for the United States in 2021 was 70.59 percent, up from 67.4 percent in 2020. The social network’s audience reach is projected to be 76.84 by 2026.

As of May 2021, Facebook was the most used social media site in the United States, accounting for 71.8 percent of all social media visits. Ranking in second place was Pinterest with 12.4 percent, followed by Twitter and Instagram, with 9.15 percent and 3.82 percent, respectively. Although other sites remain popular, Facebook’s number of visits made it undoubtably the leading social media platform in terms of social media site visits.

For Generation Z and Millennials in the United States, Facebook was one of the least popular platforms used to connect with others. Gen Z and Millennials preferred video sharing platforms, specifically Snapchat, TikTok and YouTube.

Meta’s revenue

Facebook Inc was renamed as Meta in 2021, in a strategic step toward the metaverse. Meta Platforms is now the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp amongst others, together being known as Meta’s Family of Apps. Meta’s annual revenue for 2021 was 117.92 billion U.S. dollars, up from 85.97 billion in 2020. Within a decade, the company has increased its annual revenue by approximately 114 billion U.S. dollars. In the most recent fiscal year, Meta’s Family of Apps were responsible for over 115 billion U.S. dollars’ worth of Meta’s revenue.

Here are a few people offering false reviews....