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Glued laminated timber, or better known as glulam timber, is an engineered quality timber, a natural structural material manufactured by gluing-bonding together large pieces of graded and seasoned timber which is lighter to handle than the alternatives i.e. Steel, Iron, glulam has also has intrinsic beauty, and is incredibly environmentally friendly.

Glulam technology was introduced in the early 20th century in Germany. The material plays a significant role structurally and aesthetically. Glulam members are manufactured out of quality C24 graded timber that is specifically selected, the timber is performance graded, seasoned and uniformed. The sized lumber is then bonded together with durable, moisture-resistant, eco-friendly adhesives, which is great for residential buildings. (Many companies do not offer this).

There has been a great deal of research into glulam logs, beams, timber over the past 30 years, and it is now accepted around the world as a much needed alternative material to steel, which has the same structural properties, yet in a fire, Glulam-Laminated timber smolders, and takes a very long time to fail, unlike steel in heat!

Glulam structures add warmth and beauty to a building when exposed and unlike most other structural building materials, Glulam is commonly used as the finished product.

The laminates are typically finger-jointed into continuous lengths. This lamination stock comes in 40mm thickness hence our Glulam log thickness starts from 80mm and increments by 40mm.The height of our logs is normally 200mm.

Prior to gluing, the laminate timber is sent through our huge production line , all timber is uniformed into 40mm x 200mm x 13m lengths.

Then after applying eco-bonding adhesives they are pressed together on our CNC line until the bonding agent has cured, after that the 13m lengths again are cut to desired lengths.

At Log Cabins LV Glulam timber is available in several species of wood. Baltic Pine, Baltic Spruce and our favorite Northern Siberian Larch.

We can manufacture Glulam timber in a variety of straight and curved configurations, which offers us artistic freedom without sacrificing structural requirements. Wood has two times the tensile strength to weight ratio relative to steel.  Moreover, wood has greater compressive resistance strength than concrete. At the same time remains cost competitive with structural steel.

At we like to offer quality, price and above all else choice! has the largest choice of log cabins in the world. We also have the largest choice of glulam log cabins, in many different thicknesses, and with engineering timber to back it up, we have the best quality glulam log cabins for sale to date on the web!

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