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Today we are going to talk about our range of log cabins.

Log Cabins LV has the largest range of log cabins and timber buildings than any other company on the planet, the reason for this is choice.

99.9% of companies on the internet have a very small range of log cabins on offer. The reason for this is bulk manufacturing.

Log Cabins LV believe that bulk manufacturing should be illegal?

When bulk manufacturing occurs the quality of the log cabin itself normally is incredibly low. It’s easy to spot a bulk manufactured log cabin.

How to spot a mass manufactured cabin, look for “For Sale” signs, “reduced pricing”, “winter sales”, “while stocks last” etc.

At Log Cabins LV we never have sales, we never reduce pricing, and we never have sitting stock. The reason we never have sales is because our log cabins and timber buildings are the best they can be at the lowest prices they can be. We never have sitting stock because we believe every log cabin should be tailor made for each and every customer’s requirements and sitting stock means bulk manufacturing and if the company that is offering mass produced buildings / log cabins means they are manufacturing through out the whole of the winter, which means that your newly purchased log cabin could be eight months old and have had ten other cabins piled on top of it.

If you are looking for that quality log cabin and you want an honest price first time Log Cabins LV should be your first choice.

We have an amazing jaw dropping 45 ranges most log cabin companies have a maximum of 3 – 5, we offer glulam, solid timber, round log, timber frame, camping pods, log cabins that are under 2.5m high to full residential building compliance family homes.


Log Cabins LV do not settle for less!!

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