DF 08 3.5m by 3.0m in 44mm Log Cabin

DF 08 3.5m by 3.0m in 44mm Log Cabin

DF 08 3.5m by 3.0m in 44mm Log Cabin

Today we would like to introduce you to another beautiful log cabin from our Amazing DF log cabin range.

Our DF 08 3.5m by 3.0m in 44mm wall thickness interlocking solid log cabin (https://www.logcabinslv.co.uk/logcabins/product-range/df-range/log-cabin-biddulph-3-5m-x-3-0m.html) is a perfect edition to anyone’s garden..

Our DF 08 Biddulph log cabin is great in 44mm.

The DF 08 Biddulph log cabin has on its left wall a very generous large opening double glazed CE Hand made tilt and turn window (from 44mm, 1520mm x 710mm), there is a CE certified double glazed double door with two big CE certified windows on each side, this cabin has generous amounts of natural light flooding in.

.Any cabin from Log Cabins LV that is 44mm and above comes with superb quality tilt and turn window mechanisms and handles. Our 34mm cabins come with budget double-glazing.

Please remember that from 44mm and above we fit quality tilt and turn windows and quality hand made doors.

Double glazing in 44mm abd above in our DF log cabins is a standard feature. So please when looking around the web and you try and compare, please remember from us you get high end product as a standard, no added charge.

In every other cabin from this range the windows and doors are made from very quality seasoned  and graded Joinery Baltic Pine, which is very precisely milled on our state of an art CNC machinery and finishing off by hand!

All our DF log cabin’s floors are very hard Pine 28mm thickness T&G boards, which are supported by tanalized timber floor bearers. The DF cabin roofs are made from 19mm Baltic . (Quality at every level)

If you are looking for a quality log cabin, please send us an email or give us a call.

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