Log Cabins And Cutting Corners 2015

Log Cabins And Cutting Corners


Bulk Log cabin manufacturers are always trying to find ways to make log cabins cheaper. It is easy to spot these cabins.

Firstly look at the windows and doors, you will see the framework is very thin, the hardware is cheep and the glass is very thin. The floorboards normally are 19mm and the roof boards are also normally 19mm and the purlings are sat normally at 45 degrees not 90 in the apex. This is done because it is a cheaper way to manufacture the cabin.

Purchasing a cheap log cabin means that you will have to purchase another one four years down the road they are not meant for longevity they are not meant to stand harsh winters they are literally a throw away.

This is a real shame as the timber used to manufacture these log cabins is quite good, however saying that profit comes before quality normally from bulk log cabin manufacturers so looking after timber supplies is not foremost on their mind.

What’s quite funny is that we have manufacturers that brag they manufacture 5000 – 10000 buildings a year which works out at if you take the middle ground 20.5 buildings a day including weekends and we are made to believe that quality from these mills is amazing (pull the other one John).

Mass manufactured log cabins are a blight to all that buy them, as we are filling our gardens with rubbish once again.

Purchasing a quality log cabin would only cost possibly 20% more yet you get a building that is hand made with quality double glazed tilt and turn windows and doors all of which are designed to last.

LogCabins.LV has over many years designed some of the most iconic garden buildings for the UK – Europe – world.

We are the only log cabin manufacturer with quality of design and fare pricing structure, which puts us on top of many companies’ lists as their preferred supplier.

Over the last 8 years, we have seen our business grow and grow which is down to our personal customer service, great pricing, fantastic quality and addressing all issues.

LogCabins.LV has been offering the public log cabins, timber buildings, camping pods, park homes, residential buildings, timber frame housing and so much more for over 15 years which makes us the longest supplier / manufacturer in the UK and Ireland.

Unlike most companies that have 3 to 5 ranges we have an amazing 45, starting with a small 3m x 3m in 35 mm going all the way up to a 500sqm fully insulated timber frame house.

If we can help you with bespoke designs or any other queries please do not hesitate to give us a call!

Logcabins.lv. do not settle for less!

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