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Camping Pods

Log cabins LV manufactures massive variety of timber buildings. On our range we’ve got garden log cabins timber frame buildings, residential log cabins, glulam building designs etc.

We categorize those buildings by their structural features, building technologies or quality ranges but in each category, you will find timber buildings that can be attributed to the mix of functionalities and purposes.

Some of them are exceptionally for living in, some work best as the offices; some are ideal holiday log cabins, while some are truly multipurpose.


One of our ranges is unique in all respects. It is very exceptional in design, building technology and purpose… We at Logcabins LV are driven by innovations and we continuously work hard to innovate new and exciting building designs 24/7/365 days a year!.


We have looked at holidays and camping industries, and we saw a huge gap in the lower end of market, but still trying to offer quality accommodation with in the boarders of affordability for the Holiday Parks and Camping sites that were looking to expand into this market.


It’s a hard act to follow, quality and price, and also what we have found is that a very small but hard core cottage industry that has started crudely manufacturing Camping Pods at around the £6000 mark, which is a reasonable price, however, the materials used, and the quality of the windows and doors, also the durability, sadly has turned the camping pod market into an almost cheap shed market! (And sadly camp sites who really do not know good/bad are buying them and putting the public at risk)


When people go out on camping trips they usually chose to stay in either a tent, a recreational vehicle (RV) or caravan, or one of our Holiday Park Residential Log Cabins.


What was lacking was a space that offered comfort, security, and regardless of what Mother Nature decided to offer up, it would keep the occupants warm and dry!

Our Camping Pods are the best of the best, there is nothing on the market that touches our quality, and price!


From there, our creativity led us to designing a separate department for timber frame fully insulated holiday buildings- Cabins- Mobiles-Chalets – And Quality Insulated Camping Pods.


So the camping pod as the name suggests is a relatively little timber (Womb) which blends in well with forests, lawns, beach environments, holiday parks, great for children, great for temporary accommodation, and is exceptionally eco-friendly while at the same time providing very comfortable accommodation for the camp site visitors. We call it The Pod because of its shape, size, mobility (fork lift sleeves built in) and ease of upgrading.


A basic model camping pod, when looked at from the end, is arch shaped. The metal-shingled roof with has a 40-year guarantee spans all the way from the ridge to the ground covering and seamlessly transitioning into sidewalls. It has a double glazed door on one end and a double glazed window on another.


The structural arches and inside paneling is Siberian pine graded timber and the outside cladding is superb Grade A Northern Siberian larch. Doors and windows are all of residential grade, double-glazed, and argon filled, with very strong 5 point locking system stainless steel hinges and tilt and turn hardware. All our camping pod windows are made with micro ventilation openings.


Materials we use in building our pods are hand selected to meet our top standards and give luxurious look and feel as in most of our products.


All camping pod designs in our range are simply derived from this basic camping pod design idea by adding some features but sticking to the original conception. Our camping pods differ amongst each other in floor sizes, windows and entrance door sizes and positions. Bigger camping pods are often wanted with entrance on the side and skylight windows in the roof or standard windows on the sidewall.

This was a short introduction to our range of fully insulated camping pods, for more on this please send us an email or give us a call., do not settle for less!

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