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The Observer wrote a very hard-hitting report in 2013 regarding the bullying and unscrupulous sales techniques used by park home operators.

This is not synonymous to all Park Home Operators, however the way that the actual mobile units, park homes are sold is rather brutish and imposing on the vulnerable pensioners, elderly who are conned into believing that releasing equity from their property and purchasing a retirement home a Park Home is a life time investment. It is either their way (Park Operators) or the highway!

This is why champion the new style of park homes operators that now want a better building on site, offer freehold, allow individualism, and shun any building that even remotely is built under the dreaded BS3632 (2005).

Residential Homes, be them Park Living, or domestic Caravan Parks, should stop firstly pollution the planet with the hunger for new mobile/ park home units-caravans yearly!

Most caravans, mobile units, park homes manufactured under the BS 3632 (2005), are worthless after 20 years, park home owners want to attract new investment, also part of their profit yearly comes from the sale of new homes. It is a win, win for the Park Operators, and loose, loose for our retiring population.

If you see, a building that has been manufactured to the BS3632 with the wording “compliant”, with a 10 year Gold Shield structural guarantee, you need to question this build quality aggressively. You need to understand exactly what you are purchasing!


I am often told that the BS3632 is a cheap mans build, but I must say that if you are purchasing a Mobile-Park Home-or a Unique Lodge for £60.000 to £125.000 and up to £250.000, where is the cheap in these prices?

Logcabins.LV believe that all mobile units, static park homes, park living dwellings, static caravans should be built to last, and that every unit should be subjected to building regulation, and to that we also mean structural calculations.

To manufacture a unit that conforms to building regulations and that is moveable is clearly an art in its self, but we think it should go even further, we believe that all park homes, should have more green credentials, we also think that Park Homes should last a minimum 60 years.

This obviously would increase the price of the park homes, as the manufactures would have to not just up their game, they would have to start manufacturing honestly, responsibly, reliably, and green.

Yet, when we looked at our sums, and calculated a U value of 0.1, with triple glazing under floor heating, full structural calculations. we saw that for all of this a price increase was not necessary.

Also our new panel, which is clad in Northern Siberian Larch, and has a heap of different insulation, which does not just conform to build regulations, but jumps through that 3 times over, giving our version of what a Park Home should be, and is still under the price range 2015 of the dreaded BS 3632.

We have been working extremely hard over the last year to design a park home that does not just say hay look at me, it quite clearly says to the industry, your time is up!

Our passion and dedication to this project has brought to light quite clearly the incredible greed of all concerned who at present supply these ridiculously over priced BS 3632 units to the market.….Do not settle for less!!

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