Timber Frame Park Homes

timber frame park homes

timber frame park homes

Europe has been gripped by winter, heating costs sore, utility companies smile and our wallets, purses empty rapidly.


If you are thinking of a Timber Frame Park Home  self-build or would like a full turnkey solution, Log Cabins LV can offer exceptional quality at amazing prices.

Log Cabins LV can offer highly insulated timber frame Park Homes that are designed to stand up to mother nature, keep your running costs to a minimum but still keeping esthetics and purity of design in the forefront of usability.

Our Timber Frame Park Homes are with out doubt the best to be had on the market for quality, design and Price!

We are able to offer a full-bespoke service and manufacture from your architects plans.

Timber Frame Residential Housing- Or a timber frame Park Home is now the chosen choice of build type, due to price, speed and superb insulation qualities.

Please give us a call today. logcabinslv.co.uk the number one for price and service.

We are able to offer.

Timber Frame Park Homes directly to site, Park Home Operators are able to purchace at Ex Work Prices.


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