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Lets look at some of the uses people have for some of our Log Cabins.

A DF Log Cabin 4m x 3m Wellington is great place store your garden tools, your lawn mover, tables and chairs, a BBQ kit, hose pipes, ladders, boxes.

This amazing little cabin comes available in bespoke designs, so you could add a solid door, and then this little cabin in 44mm is a strong little storage unit.

Our DF Log Cabin Biddulph 3.5m x 3.0m is a fantastic cabin in 44mm log.

We designed this cabin to be incredibly aesthetic, with plenty of light, with enough room to sit, drink a beer in the evening, and even watch the box with your feet up!

If you are looking for a fantastic cabin, this is definitely a cabin to be looked at if you are short of space and want a marvelous little log cabin in your garden!

Our 80mm Murcia Twin Skin Glulam Log Cabin can be used for residential use, or have an amazing office space. Glulam log cabins are the future when it comes to log cabins in general. Glulam is incredibly strong, will out last solid timber 5 years to 1.

Our Log Cabin Garages are designed for beside the house, at the back and in the front, we can offer all garages in 7 different log built types, also we are able to offer all our garage designs in insulated timber frame. Our Log Cabins garages also have tool sheds attached, and handyman rooms.

We do not just design fantastic log cabins (which are copied by all), we also manufacture incredible buildings, which sadly is not plagiarized by all.

We find that if 99.9% of people research log cabins before they purchase, they will only purchase their cabin from one our dealer network. Our log cabins cost only pennies more than the cheap mass produced cabins.

Which are now awash in mass in the UK and Europe, these cabins are poorly manufactured, poorly packed and sold at excessively high prices.

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