Log Cabins

log cabins

log cabins

What is the difference between a quality log cabin, and a massed produced log cabin?

Yep! Price.

They say, you get what you pay for, and this is very true where log cabins are concerned.


Firstly, if a company is boasting of being the largest log cabin seller in the UK- Europe and claims of selling 15.000 log cabins – timber buildings a year and so on, then you can be sure that their timber is not hand picked, but bought in bulk. Log Cabins should be manufactured from slow grown spruce or pine, its important to hand pick logs, and make sure that each plank is perfect for the job at hand, this can not be done on a bulk basis.

Also it is important to pick the logs for each structural part of the cabin, some logs are suitable for floor boards, 28mm, other logs are suitable for wall logs, and others are suitable for floor bearers, and so on!


Massed produced cabins come with massed produced windows and doors, which as we all know, will fall apart as quickly as they were manufactured.


When purchasing your log cabin you should make sure that your cabin comes with quality windows and doors, as quality windows and doors are imperative to having a dry, secure cabin.


Price should not be the reason for purchasing any log cabin, as a cheap cabin comes with all manner of dangerous issues.


Problems that occur with cheap cabins.


They always come with ultra thin purlins. If a heavy roof is applied, the roof could collapse.

They always come with thin floorboards. Adding heavy loads could break the floor.

They come with cheap window and doors. These can fall off. Break and fail.

They always have missing parts in the packs. Frustration.

They are made from fast grown timber. Leaking and splits.

The companies normally have awful customer service. More Frustration,

The hardware with windows and doors is normally cheap and breaks easily.


If you are looking for a quality log cabin, logcabinslv.co.uk has the largest range available in the world. We are also able to bespoke all cabins to fit your needs.


Our Windows and doors are hand made, slowly, precisely and we are able to offer as standard in our 44mm log cabins and above tilt and turn windows and a solid double glazed double or single doors, all our tilt and turn windows come as standard with a 24mm argon, filled pane/s.


Our Range of solid timber log cabins are with out doubt the best on the market, and even if they cost a few pounds more, you get hundreds free in quality!


Logcabins.lv the number one in Log Cabins.


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