Log Cabins in Ireland 2016


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Its really funny when I read a blog on facebook from a ex-bankrupt log cabin dealer in Ireland telling customers how he is going to bring the price of supply only off the self log cabins down!


Is this the same dealer who ran away from a customer last year, went bankrupt rather than sort out the problems, and left a poor woman with a log cabin not fit for purpose! If anyone would like to know who she is, please just ask me for her number!


This industry is truly full of nasty, evil, crooked scum that sees a trick and a flaw and capitalizes on it!

Who run away from problems and would rather bankrupt their company and start afresh than pay-fix problems which were caused by their shoddy workmanship.

Actually, I blame the government for allowing this kind of disgusting behavior. However, if you pay your taxes, well! They look the other way!


The moral of this story is always check up on Google about companies, the simple way is just put into search.. Bad review of__________ company.

Also ask if the company has ever been bankrupt.


What tends to happen in Ireland is that they open a company in the south, and if it all goes Pete Tong, they bankrupt the company and then open up one in the North.

We have dealers in Ireland that are family run companies, have been operating for years, and have a great reputation.


I am pleased to announce also that we have 2 new dealers coming on board with us from the north and the south this year. So Ireland is going to have a new range of amazing buildings, with superb quality, and at amazing prices.


I hate pushing the point, as really it’s up to the customer to do the homework, but there are a few companies in Ireland, that are dangerous to say the least to give money to. Never pay fully for a building if it’s costing you 50,000 Euros, keep the fitting work money back till the job is done, then go to each and every wall, door, window, roof etc and make sure it’s all done correctly, also make sure the foundations are correct, then pay!

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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