Log Cabins- Buy Cheap Buy Twice!

Buy Cheap, Buy Twice, this expression is just so true when it comes to purchasing a 19mm log cabin.

Log Cabins come in all shapes and sizes, they also come in many different thicknesses, and cheap in the cabin industry starts in a 19mm (board) log.

We have for many years resisted selling 19mm log cabins to the public as we see this size timber only useful for a roof board. Also we honestly believe that the structure has no strength at all, and is very much a waste of good roof boards!

19mm log cabins are in the industry seen as mass produced crap, and when you buy a 19mm log cabin, the expression Buy Cheap Buy Twice is a great saying for this type of log cabin. Actually calling it a log cabin is laughable, as 19mm is not a log, it’s a thin board, which does not have any qualities attached to it, it has zero build strength (GOOD FOR ROOF BOARDS) , U values, longevity, but what is does do is earn the company selling them, mass profits.

If you are thinking of buying a 19mm flimsy board flimsy hut, then be prepared for it to leak,  and last a maximum of 3 years, if you are very blessed,  Buy Cheap Buy Twice.

The minimum thickness of a log for a log cabin you should ever consider purchasing is 28mm.

We also believe any Log Cabin in 28mm with a footprint greater than 20 sq. meters should not be sold in the market place. A 28mm are what we use for flooring. You can make low budget cabins from these, but they do have their limitations.

A 28mm log cabin also has issues and limits in its weight bearing capacity.(Great for flooring)

35mm Log Cabins were bought to market due to public demand.

35mm log cabins are a great value, a great budget cabin, and a cabin that will no doubt last its time in the garden market!

44mm log cabins are always great value, a 44mm log is robust, and if treated with quality stain, will last for many years.

Our 44mm log cabins are with out doubt the best in the industry, and you cannot go wrong with a 44mm garden office, but a 44mm log, are not suitable for a residential unit! Too many companies sell cabins in 44mm log thickness and use the words like, residential, to live in etc, 44mm logs are for a single great garage, home office, garden workshop, etc, but not a dwelling.

So, when you are thinking of purchasing a log cabin, steer clear of 19mm log cabins, and do not settle for less. logcabinslv.co.uk.

Log cabins- Buy Cheap Buy Twice- Timber Frame Buildings

Log cabins- Buy Cheap Buy Twice LV

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