Log Cabins..Good and Bad!


Log cabins LV has over many years tried to offer the public quality log cabins at affordable pricing.


Sadly, most customers do not know the difference between a quality log cabin and a pile of rubbish.

Most images, photos look the same, from Website to Website. Therefore, the only way the public can try to distinguish what is quality and what is the bottom end of the market, is by the pricing!


This is where there is a grey area in the market as we price our cabins fairly, which means keeping prices down but quality high, and this actually hurts our business model, as the lower end of the market copy our designs- product info-imagery- and also pricing!


99.9% of log cabin manufacturers manufacture simply rubbish! Their brochures tell another story about, quality, amazing durability, fantastic windows and doors, great value for money, buy now, sale on etc etc.


Sadly it is just talk, we say sadly as these companies are wasting valuable timber resources. Moreover, at the same time increasing timber pricing. which increases over all pricing with in the market!


So how can you spot a quality log cabin from a pile of rubbish? Well!  Its quite difficult till you have it in your garden, and unpacked, then you start to build and you realize that they are forgotten to send you the quality garden cabin, and in replace they have sent a pile of knotty timber planks! I know this sounds harsh, but quite honestly, someone needs to write about the pit falls of European Log Cabin market and the mills that produce rubbish which tarnishes our market and is conning the British-European public.


Logcabins.lv has with out question the best log cabins, on offer in Europe! We also have the largest range of unique designs of log cabins and timber buildings in the market place.


We have more timber build construction types on our website on offer than any other manufacturer in the world! Fact.


We have been offering-designing-manufacturing log cabins to the trade in the UK and Ireland longer than any other company. FACT!


Our Glulam Log Cabins have the highest grade, Fact!

There is not another company in Europe that can offer such a high grade of C32 for their glulam log cabins, its an incredibly high grade, a strong grade, that is meant for construction, not living, yet we offer this dense, pliable, amazing engineered timber for dwelling homes, at an incredibly low rate.

We were the first to offer the UK/Irish market quality log cabins, and we can honestly say we have seen a dramatic change in the market over 14 years. The market is now full of here today gone tomorrow characters, where 5 year guarantees mean nothing.

Also we have seen a huge waste of timber, as most cheap log cabins have an average life span of 3 years.

The procedure of manufacturing a log cabin, starts from felling government controlled FSC-PFC trees, and then these logs are transported to the mill where the logs are cut to required size.

From then the timber is moulded, and notched, sized and checked for quality.

Log Cabins LV checks each and every log, plank, roof-floor board, and with our hand made windows and doors from joinery graded timber, you can be sure your log cabin, from us, is the best it can be!

So what makes log cabins LV the Number one choice?

It may have something to do with the fact that nearly all designs on the internet, stem from us, we were the first to design and manufacturer the Clock House, The Aurora, The Twin Skin System, The Garden office, and many, many more!!

We were the First company to offer tilt and turn Windows, also 28mm flooring.

If you are looking for a quality log cabin, and really do not want to take a chance loosing your hard-earned money and purchasing rubbish, then logcabinslv.co.uk is the brand for you!

Do not settle for less! Logcabins.lv the number one in timber cabins!

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