Log Cabins LV Deluxe Range 2016

log cabins uk deluxe range 2016

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Over the last 14 years log cabins have changed the way our gardens look, but are the log cabins offered good quality, how do you tell a great quality log cabin from a cheap and nasty massed produced one?


Simple if its not manufactured by us, its mass-produced.


In Jan 2016 Log Cabins LV will be offering our new Range of Deluxe Log Cabins.

Yes, I keep on harping on about the best quality windows and doors, and that we professionally spray them to any colour you wish!


Or that the manufacturing of these new deluxe log cabins are with out doubt top notch!

In addition, it has nothing to do with our timber quality; it’s the best of the best!

And that all the hardware is better than anything on a standard range of log cabins anywhere on the web!

What really makes these cabins amazing is the pricing!


There are German companies in the UK that sell very high quality log cabins, almost as good as ours but their pricing is ridiculously high.


If you want to purchase a log cabin that really does have the best windows and doors, engineered by skilled craftsman, and timber that really is a notch above the rest, then our Deluxe Range is worth waiting for.

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